18 Oct 2008 @ 2:10 PM 

As of this writing, I could still theoretically return to the job (I have a feeling that situation might change after I publish this) but that brings me to the second reason for this: I’m pretty much done with the Oilers organization in any capacity for the foreseeable future. Up until this point, I was nothing but cooperative and apologetic for what happened, and was met with nothing but irrational hostility at worst and condescending patronization at best. They did finally show some understanding, but that was only after I had pointed out that they were either making it up as they went along, applying an obvious double standard or too stupid to read the blogs of two fairly well established media people to look for this kind of egregious violation of their sacred media pass. And even after that, they threw in some condescending patronization, just in case I might want to chalk up their change of heart to magnanimity. I hope most of you will understand exactly why I’m no longer interested in writing about an organization that has decided to dump on me for having the temerity to care about them and treat their wishes with respect.

From DMFB’s (hopefully not) final post to Covered In Oil.

To sum up: DMFB got a press cred from the Oilers. While he was cooling his heels in the pressbox (he was waiting to collect some quotes for another media outlet post-game), he decided to pop the laptop open and do a liveblog. At some point during the third period, the Oilers flipped their shit and threw him out after saying that his press cred was yanked because he abused the privilege; this despite the fact that two media-bloggers had engaged in similar abuse of their press creds…and didn’t get their creds yanked (nor did they even get a talking-to).

Of note: Did anyone from the Oilers tell D what he could and couldn’t do with his cred?  Only ex post facto.

ex post facto. After the fact. I can’t be the only one that sees how wrong that is.  My larger issue is not with the fact that the Oilers told D to knock off all his bloggish evil. My larger issue is with the way the guy was treated–being told that he’d be thrown out the building and not allowed back, and generally treated like the scum of the earth because he happens to be a blogger that isn’t employed by the org.

I would say that that’s something I’d expect from the Hurricanes (given the lack of forethought shown by a few of their droids), but Mike Sundheim and Kyle Hanlin are better than that.

If an organization wants to be so backwards as to deny pressbox access to bloggers that aren’t directly employed by them (or that won’t kiss the org’s collective ass), that’s one thing–it’s their prerogative and their loss. But acting in that manner toward anyone, blogger or no, is just unconscionable.

Don’t let the bastards drive you away, dude.

(glovetap to Charlie from Rutherfordton for the original link)

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