30 Oct 2011 @ 5:19 PM 

OK, so let’s get right to the point:

Mo Must Go, Again.

I’ve been saying it ever since he came back like a bad rash, I’ll keep saying it until he’s gone again. I say it every time I see a promising callup like Zach Boychuk or Zac Dalpe be relegated to the fourth line for five minutes a night rather than getting a proper shot, while somebody like Chad LaRose is in the Top 6. I love LaRose, I do–but he’s not Top 6 material.

(In fairness, as of this writing Rosie is no longer in the Top 6.)

I say it every time I see Musical Lines being played in the middle of a game. I say it every time I see evidence that the team is essentially being left to their own devices during a game. I say it despite being called a “bad fan” or a “fake fan” by the motards that flock to the Hurricanes’ facebook page. I say it every time I hear excuses after a loss, every time I see the defensive shell (which SUCKS), and every time I see players floating lazily around the ice and playing not to lose while Old One-Eye (and I am NOT talking about Odin, thank you) just stands there cracking his Big Red.

Is Dave Lewis allowed to do anything? Dudeman has way more coaching chops than Mo does, and it seems all he’s allowed to do is just stand there and watch. And the Warchief? Where is he when he’s not standing behind the bench looking stoic? Is he only allowed to coach faceoffs at practice? I find it absolutely incredible that they brought Mo back to save money, gave him two assistants to ostensibly prop him up….and the team is still functioning the way it did before the Interregnum.

The more things change, the more they stay the frelling same. Welcome to the Carolina Hurricanes, the best self-coached team in the NHL.


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 22 Oct 2011 @ 12:48 PM 

OK, time to take a short break from hockey for a moment and talk about my second-favourite thing: cooking.

(Hey, the blog’s name does reference sweet tea and barbecue after all)

I got a wild hair yesterday when Genghis and I went to the store–it’s fall, the weather is getting colder (even here in NC), and it’s time to migrate from the light salads of summer to something more fortifying. So I grabbed a few ingredients, and got up way early this morning to put them all together–and this is what I got:

Winternights Stew

1 5# pork loin, trimmed and cubed
6-7 ribs celery, sliced
1 yellow onion, diced
6-7 carrots, sliced (you can also use 6oz. baby carrots)
5 medium redskin potatoes, cut into chunks
1 24oz bottle Guinness Extra Stout
2tsp each salt and pepper
3tbsp each ground mustard and ground ginger
4tbsp Montreal Steak Seasoning
1/4c dark brown sugar

(Top Tip: stick the loin in the freezer for a couple hours before cubing it–it’ll make it easier to cut)

Add the cubed pork to a slow-cooker, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pour the beer over the pork, and braise on low for 4 hours. After 4 hours, add the aromatics, the potatoes, and the remaining spices, then cook for another 3 hours before cranking the slow-cooker to high for 6 hours. Serve with your favourite ale and a nice hunk of crusty bread, and enjoy–preferably with friends.

 19 Oct 2011 @ 6:32 PM 

I was going to take advantage of today to advocate for the ouster of Chairman Mo (again), and then I got sidetracked by, well, this.

As you can see from this picture here (thank you Deadspin), the fans at the TD Gahden threw garbage on the ice when the Bruins were losing to the Hurricanes again. I’m sure that anybody wearing Hurricanes or Whalers gear in the crowd probably got stuff tossed at them too (including fisticuffs), but of course that is just an educated guess on my part. The Bruins themselves also started gooning it up, but that’s nothing new so eh.

What gets me is that a liquor bottle got chucked on the ice with the rest of the crap. Not only that, but it looks like a Thunderbird bottle. T-bird? Really? And how the hell did that bottle get into the Gahden to begin with? Isn’t there supposed to be security that keeps that kind of shit from getting in? Did that drunken idiot even think about what could have happened and what risk would have been caused if that bottle had shattered when it hit the ice?

No, wait. Of course he didn’t think about it. He was drunk. And stupid.

So what’s the point of my rantlet? DON’T THROW SHIT ON THE ICE, YOU SHITHEADS. Fans that throw stuff on the ice are stupid, and they’re putting their own team at risk with their shenanigans–not just risk of getting hurt, but (as we saw the other night) risk of getting dinged for a penalty. I don’t want to hear any blithering about “tradition”, or that I’m somehow not a “real” fan–Eff that. Throwing crap onto the ice is complete and total douchebaggery, it’s an embarrassment, and it’s Just Plain Uncool.

I’m still pondering that Mo-post, but I think it’ll be better to wait until halfway through the season.

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 10 Oct 2011 @ 10:52 AM 

I’ve sat here for the last hour or so, trying to figure out how to start this post.

Y’see, the whole summer I’ve nursed a sympathetic anger toward a lot of people–fans mostly, but also a city and an organization.

Yeah, I’m mad that the Thrashers left Atlanta. I’m even more angry that the fans are being blamed for it by morons, and that the former owners of the Thrashers are a bunch of tools that couldn’t even get the fuck out of their own collective way.

See, I’m going to dish out some education to you twatwaffles that have been sackdancing on the heads of the fans in Atlanta: the team didn’t leave because the fans stopped going. The fans only did the same thing that fans on Long Island and in Boston, Vancouver, Chicago, Edmonton, Calgary, Detroit, and a bunch of other “real hockey towns” have done in the past:

They refused to support ownership that didn’t have the slightest interest in winning anything. Real funny how that happens–ownership makes clear they don’t want to win, fans say “F U” and stop giving them money. Hmmm, gee, I dunno. Apparently it’s only acceptable to you arsebiscuits if fans of a Northern team vote with their feet and wallets. If we do it here in the Dirty South, then we’re just a bunch of dumb hicks who don’t deserve a team.

Let me tell you what happened, why the NHL busted their asses to not move Phoenix and to not move Pittsburgh:

Their owners give a damn. Atlanta Spirit couldn’t say the same thing. They’re a bunch of incompetent fools (and I’ll gladly say that to their faces) who not only couldn’t be arsed to try putting together a competitive team, but they also deliberately torpedoed attempts by Tom Glavine to get an ownership group together to buy the Thrashers by saying “If you want the Thrashers, you have to buy the Hawks from us too”–knowing full well that nobody at all would agree to invest if they had to accept a two-fer.

Then along comes True North, and Atlanta Spirit says “SURE, WE’LL SELL YOU JUSTTHE THRASHERS!” And in so doing, they give the middle finger to the fans in Atlanta. And idiots in Winnipeg and elsewhere do their little sackdances and agitate for all southern teams to be contracted, because…well, because they’re idiots.

Fuck y’all haters, and fuck all y’all’s double standards. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it.

I will never call the Thrashers what the rest of the League is calling them. They are, and will always be called in this space, the Atlanta Thrashers. I hope they win even less than they won in Atlanta. I hope the fans leave the MTS Centre miserable every night because the other 29 teams in the NHL have come into their house and run the score up on their team. And I hope that the Hurricanes, the Lightning, the Predators, the Panthers (of ALL teams!) and the Capitals win about 5 Cups each before the Thrashers make the playoffs again, just as an extra little “F U” to the Moron Brigade. And I hope they all beat the Sabres to do it, too–just because it will amuse me to hear the more unhinged Sabres fans crying “DEY TOOK OUR CURRRRRPS!!“.

In conclusion, I’d just like to say:

Fuck the ‘Peg. I’ve been there, it’s got nothing but Ukes and a Mint.

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 08 Oct 2011 @ 8:08 AM 

OK, so I started the evening off with a trip to my local ABC store to get a fifth of my favourite schnapps. I figured I would have some fun and play a Tripp Tracy drinking game.

A Robert Burns quote about the best-laid plans of mice and men comes to mind right now, but I’ll get to that further down.

My setup:

Sun Tzu and my drinking setup

Yes, I channeled my inner redneck by drinking from a Mason jar. What can I say? The little kitty in the picture is Sun Tzu Liao–he just got done inspecting everything to make sure it was OK, because that’s what he does.

So I’m here getting started watching the game, when my large orange cat Terrence decided to come over and ask me to give him some love:

Mr. Camera-Shy

Yes Terrence, you’re a handsome cat–but Mommy wants to watch the Hurricanes game.

That game. Man. I took my first drink when Tripp called us “Toronto South”. Which is fair, but still damn wrong. Finished off the mini, and cracked the seal on the big bottle. I commenced to drinkin’ and spamming facebook with crazy updates. Steve Downie got up to his usual bitch-ass punk cheapshotting, but sadly the linesmen saved him from the furious fists of Jay Harrison. And, of course, no call. The refs are clownshoes. Tripp said that the game had reached a “pivotal point”, and I took yet another drink.

Bob Harwood had a chat with Great Leader–and I had this horrible sense of impending doom. Every time Pete Karmanos opens his yap to a mediot, bad things happen. He’s like a magnet for trouble. I mean, I’m just pointing this out here.

Then that little bastard Marty St. Louis scored in the second, just after Bob Harwood spoke to Pete Karmanos–breaking the defensive shell that the Hurricanes collapsed into just after Skinner scored. I just knew at that point that the game was about to go (in the words of Denis Leary) “STRAIGHT to fuckin’ hell!”


And it was time to pour some more schnapps, because clearly I wasn’t misspelling things enough:

Yep, that be schnapps in thurr

So I drank more. And the Lightning scored more. I do not think there was a correlation in either direction–it just kinda worked out that way. Somewhere along the line, the Tripp drinking game got lost in the shuffle of suck that was the Hurricanes after the score got to 3-1. I didn’t get piss-drunk, though–I got a little sleepy, and decided it was a good idea to just stop and go to bed as soon as the game was over. Really people, who’s going to think poorly of somebody who wants to keep at least some of her wits about her?

My penultimate facebook update of the night was: Yzerman just called. He told #jimrutherford “now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!” And of course, I followed it up with Mo must go, again!.

For serious–I really don’t think the problem is the players here. It’s Mo Hockey. It’s the defensive shell, which STILL sucks. It’s the 3-2 forecheck and the Musical Lines and the excusemaking, which we’ve had to put up with for years. You’d think that it would have become that much more apparent to everyone when Toronto went through the same thing with Chairman Mo behind the bench. But nooooo, Great Leader would rather keep nickel-and-diming everything while the fans get ready for yet another season of Mo-diocrity.

Mo Must Go, Again–and I’ll have another game night post after tonight’s game agin the Capitals.

 07 Oct 2011 @ 5:51 AM 

So a while back, I chummed the waters on Kukla’s Korner by quipping that new NHL Disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan would let the Red Wings off easy, because he used to play for them and won Cups with them. Predictably, I got a few of the Juggalos up in a tizzy.

Ha ha, very funny, I trolled the Juggalos (which, let’s be honest, isn’t much of an accomplishment given that they’re collectively pretty dim bulbs, and therefore ridiculously easy to troll). But let’s be real here. Let’s set aside the team bias and get serious about something:

Brendan Shanahan’s apparently decided that he’s going to try to be what Clownshoe Colin wasn’t: somebody who actually lays down the freakin’ law. Somebody who LARTs the lusers, as it were. And he’s going to show what the player did to deserve the LARTing with


Oh wait, not science. Video. He’s going to do it with video. Like this one here.

People’s Exhibit A, your honour: Serial recidivist Jody Shelley gets the rest of preseason and five regular-season games for intent to injure. Shanahan explains why, and clearly states that Shelley’s record as a career recidivist factored into the decision.

General consensus is that Shanahan is doing a good job–and I’ll agree that he’s trying. But in my opinion dudeman doesn’t go far enough, especially if he’s trying to send a message to players that engage in cheap shots and try to dish out season-ending (if not career-ending, in the case of Marc Savard) injuries.

He’s got to exercise the Nuclear Option.

Preseason is nothing when it comes to a suspension–I’d have given Shelley the first 15 games of the regular season at least. Why? He’s a career recidivist. Matt Cooke even so much as farts in another player’s direction, BAM! Go play in the KHL son, cos you are done in the NHL. Todd Bertuzzi tries anything (again)? SEEYA! My Golden Bitch? He needs to sit his ass down for a nice chunk of the season the next time he throws an elbow at somebody’s head or tries to take out somebody’s knees. Ovechkin? Same thing. Yes he’s skilled, yes he’s got personality in spades–hell, I LIKE him even though he drives me stark raving mad six times a season–but if you throw cheap shots, Ovie, it’s time for you to go hang out with GMGM in the press box for a while. Hell, any Hurricane that gives out a cheap shot and gets a suspension needs to get a serious suspension just like anyone else. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

The NHLPA wants to grievance it? Let them file a grievance. Seriously, let them cry! There has to be a very clear and very decisive message sent that deliberately injuring another player is UNACCEPTABLE–and giving out heavy suspension action (with accompanying financial hit to the player) is the only way that it’s going to happen.


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 04 Oct 2011 @ 8:40 PM 

Oh, I can just see how much fun this will be. Earlier today, I got into it with some noob on Facebook who seems to feel Sean Avery (who is on waivers) is an enforcer and that the Hurricanes need him. When I pointed out his noobery, he got all upset (predictably), and told me to STFU because he’s “always been a canes fan” and “played hockey all my life”.

Yeah. Right. He needs to go hang out with the Juggalos of the NHL, they’re about his speed.


As much as I admire his bollocks in being up-front about supporting equality, Sean Avery is NOT, repeat NOT an enforcer in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

He turtles when challenged by somebody who gets tired of the little fuckhead running his yap or taking cheapshots. He has to wait until another player is restrained by the linesmen and unable to respond in order to get a punch in. His idea of “enforcing” is to be a one-man Morris dancing side in front of Marty Brodeur during a playoff game.

Anyone who thinks that’s “enforcing” is a moron or a noob or both.

Bob Probert (rest his soul) was an enforcer. The late Messrs. Rypien, Boogaard, and Belak were enforcers. Joe Kocur and Darren McCarty were enforcers. STUUUUUU Grimson, Esq. is an enforcer (and I’d be happy to have him represent me in court, too. Very smart fellow). Clark fucking Gillies was an enforcer. Dave bloody Semenko was an enforcer. Riley Cote, Dan Carcillo, Inglourious Backes, Eric Godard, and Zack Stortini are all enforcers.

Sean Avery, bless his little turtling heart, is not an enforcer any more than I am the King of Siam. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I’ll open the floor up to the five people that are reading this blog at any one time: Please, explain to me if you can how Sean Avery is an enforcer. (comment moderation should be turned off now, btw–I’m trusting all y’all to play somewhat nice, here)

 27 Sep 2011 @ 10:28 PM 

“I didn’t see anything. Did you see anything? That video doesn’t prove anything.” — Colin Campbell

Ironic, really. Not even a week after some jackwagon in London, ON threw a banana peel at Pflyers forward Wayne Simmonds, the man’s back in the news–and this time for something not very sympathetic.

Of course, it’s also ironic that I defend Sean Avery, given the wonderfully misogynist things he’s said in the past about an ex-girlfriend, his general on-ice jackassery (like the Morris Dance he did in front of Marty Brodeur during a playoff game in 2007), and my own “Sean Avery is gay” post category (which is there because, seriously, dudeman needs to come out the damn closet already).

The scenario: Rangers/Pflyers preseason game, in Philly. Sean Avery claims that Simmonds called him a “faggot”, which is considered an anti-gay slur. It’s captured on video, and yet Clownshoe Colin–the same guy who, in an e-mail that was publicized in November 2010, called Marc Savard a “whiner” and a “little fake-artist”, and then refused to even so much as give a suspension after Savard sustained a possible career-ending concussion–is saying “I didn’t see anything happen, so I won’t do anything.”

That shit ain’t cool, kids. Racism and homophobia are doubleplusuncool, and any so-called “fan” who thinks they’re OK has rocks in his head, in my opinion.

Come at me, bro!

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 23 Sep 2011 @ 11:53 AM 

Gann Matsuda posted a very powerful commentary on racism in America, in light of a disgusting incident that marred a preseason shootout.

To sum up: A “fan” chucked banana peels at Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds during a preseason game between the Flyers and the Focus of Evil in the Hockey World Detroit Red Wings. One peel hit the ice, the other one didn’t make it to the ice. The miscreant was never caught, and it’s unconfirmed which fanbase he represented–but it’s a pretty sure bet that the peel-tosser is a complete and total coward and a piece of dog mess on the sole of society’s shoe.

If you think the incident was “no big deal” and nothing worthy of outrage, then you’re either stupid or delusional or both. And if you’re a Hurricanes fan and think that this incident is just a laugh and a half, then I cordially invite you to GTFO the fanbase and go find another team to cheer for–because if I find you engaging in that kind of crap at the RBC Center, I swear to Tyr that I will quite gleefully catch a charge for beating your dumb ass down. I’ll even toss in a bonus dick-punch or ten, for forgetting the ugliness of 2002, when some Habs fans in MTL threw bananas (and death threats) at Kevin Weekes after Game 3 and during Game 4 of that year’s ECSF.

Incidents like this are horrible and ugly (no matter how “harmless” they seem), and they only serve to tarnish the image of hockey and its fans. We as fans need to come down hard on asstards like the ‘nanner-chucking clown in London, ON, and state as one that racism has no place in hockey–not because it’s “PC”, not because it’s “suddenly en vogue”, because it’s basic human decency and the right frickin’ thing to do.

Just sayin’.

 08 Sep 2011 @ 6:55 AM 

Yesterday, two things happened in the hockey world. One was of great world-shaking importance, and the other was Sid Crosby’s presser about the progress of his recovery.

Predictably, Sid got major heat for it from people who accused him of being classless and not caring about the dead.

I’m sorry, what? I had no idea the whole world had to stop turning when there was a tragic event. I wept yesterday (and woke up this morning asking the gods to please make today better than yesterday) like many other hockey fans, but you know what? I’m right up there with Adam Proteau of the Hockey News (for once) and David Staples of the Edmonton Journal: That press conference didn’t need delaying or cancelling, and people are just being too damn sensitive. I really fail to see where the insensitivity was–it wasn’t like he cracked jokes about Yaroslavl Lokomotiv being wiped out. He held a simple press conference.

Get over yourselves, people. Sidney Crosby reminded us all yesterday that life goes on, even in the wake of great loss. You don’t have to like it, but you should damn well respect it.


 07 Sep 2011 @ 4:13 PM 

Ima tell all y’all a little story. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s mine.

Late one night, many years ago when the RBC Center was known as the ESA and the Hurricanes hadn’t yet won more than one playoff round, I and a couple ladies that worked for Adam and Eve were hanging out in back of the RBC Center, waiting for all the players to roll out after a game. I don’t even remember who we were playing–I think it was the Islanders of all teams–and I don’t even remember their names, but I remember this.

It was late (like midnight), it was nippy and a little breezy and a tad damp, but because one of the women had a shirt that she wanted to have signed by all the players, I agreed to wait with her and her friend. One by one, the players came out and I told my two compatriots who each player was and what number he was. And the shirt got signed one player at a time.

Finally this big green Explorer comes rolling out and stops, and the window rolls down. Behind the wheel was a rookie whose English was kinda fair to middlin’ (more middlin’ than fair, really), but he was more than happy to sign the shirt.

“Can you write “She froze her ass off for you” on it?” the lady with the shirt asked. “It’s for my husband, and I want him to know what I went through to get this done for him.

“Sure,” the rookie said. And he wrote it as best he could–but since his English was more middlin’ than fair, it came out as SE FROZ OF AESE. We all thought it was hilarious at the time, and it’s still quite funny and brings a smile to my face.

That rookie was Josef Vasicek–better known in these parts as Joe, Lord of Evil–and he died in a plane crash this morning (US time) along with all but one of his KHL teammates. Of all the fan-moments I remember involving the Lord of Evil, the Night of the Frozen-Ass T-Shirt is the one that makes me smile most.

Rest well in the halls of your ancestors, Joe. Thanks for the memories.

 01 Sep 2011 @ 6:26 PM 

Yes, it’s true, I am ramping up for hockey season and am now free of the corporate fetters that prevented me from blogging.

Not that y’all missed me much–I admit, I lost a lot of what little punch I had after 2006 and before the Great Hiatus. But I’m still me, I’m still opinionated, and I’m going to give ‘er another go.

I want to talk today about Chopper Harrison. Lots of electrons have been spilled over the tragic deaths of Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien, and Wade Belak–may their ancestors welcome them all warmly into their halls.

But nobody really talks about superfans like Chopper. Chopper died on 23 August at his home, after a battle with cancer. He was a year older than my husband, which did kinda hit home for me.

Let me tell you about Chopper–I don’t know that I can do as good a job as Luke DeCock or David Lee, but I’ll try.

Chopper was annoying as hell. He drove everyone up the wall with his antics and blind homerism (the Warchief even called him on it after one particularly bad game, when Chopper said “yeah you guys played great last night!” and the Warchief said “What are you talking about? We played like crap!”), and after one incident where he said “asses” while doing an intermission whatchamadingding (during the 2001-2002 home opener), Great Leader banned him from doing any more on-ice stuff for the team. Of course, that ban lasted about as long as Dan Blackburn’s career, and Chopper was back on the ice about halfway through the season with his trademark “OVER HEEEEERRRRRRREEEEE!” and “THEY CAN HEAR YOU IN THE LOCKER ROOM!” bellowing. He was a hard drinker, a hard partier, scuttlebutt had the team telling Bates Battaglia and Shane Willis to stay the hell away from him, and eventually his antics drove the team away from him. He became the butt of jokes on message boards like thescoreboards.com and on blogs and among the folks at the RBC Center. I found myself apologizing on behalf of North Dakota for him on more than one occasion–as if my own famn damily didn’t make me ashamed enough to be from that state.

But there was no denying one thing: He was a Caniac through and through. He loved this team like he never loved anything else in his entire life–it was obvious to everyone with half a braincell. He braved Acrophobia for this team, by getting up on the canopy above the RBC Center’s box office as part of a season-ticket drive. For an acrophobe, that is a huge step. He stood up for them when few people in this state would, and was unceasing in his evangelizing of hockey and the Hurricanes to the college ball-watching masses.

Even after players eventually stopped talking to him and the org deliberately forgot he existed and Curtis Media Group fired him after a DUI arrest in 2006, he still loved the Hurricanes with his heart and soul and every last breath in his body–and when it was time for him to fight his final battle, he didn’t go back to Fargo, where he grew up and played hockey for the Spartans of North High. He came home to Raleigh, to be near his favourite team. David Martin, known to so many as Chopper Harrison, was, for all his many flaws, One Of Us–The Few, The Proud, The Caniacs–and the Caniac Nation (est. 1997) is greatly lessened by his passing.

Rest well, David Martin. May your ancestors welcome you warmly and may you enjoy a premium ice-side seat at the Eternal Game.

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 20 Aug 2011 @ 7:14 PM 

I’ll be back.

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 04 Apr 2010 @ 7:18 PM 

Graham James pardoned 3 years ago, nobody was told — TSN

I want to know why this bastard was pardoned. I want to know what was going through the heads of the National Parole Board when they approved this fuck’s pardon request. I want answers. We all want–we all deserve–answers. And we deserve them NOW.

When DaveG sent me the text about this at work, I wanted to kill somebody. I still want to kill somebody, but I’ll be quite content with Graham James being trapped in a universe of pain for the rest of his life. I am not kidding. People who prey on children do not deserve any mercy. They do not deserve any “understanding” or pity or forgiveness. They deserve to suffer like their victims did, and to have that suffering last as long as possible.

Whenever this bastard’s location is discovered, it needs to be broadcast far and wide. There needs to be no rest given to Graham James, not now and not ever. He needs to be mercilessly hounded to all the four corners of the earth for the rest of his life. Pierre Dion, the man who signed off on this pardon, needs to have his licence revoked. Anyone who has ever protected, sheltered, or given any sort of aid and comfort to Graham James needs to be publicly shamed.

Don’t talk to me about forgiveness or understanding. Don’t anyone dare drop the “how would you feel if he was your relative?” line on me. I’ve already covered this. Don’t you dare lecture me. I have a right to my anger. I have a right to my wrath. I and every other survivor of sexual abuse has that right.

I hope that piece of shit suffers for a good long time.

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Categories: Crime and Punishment

 05 Mar 2010 @ 8:57 AM 

Call me crazy on this one, but that deadline was more then I could have hoped for. After a bit of despair earlier about the way things were shaping up, especially say in the hour between 2:30 and 3:30 PM on the 3rd before the final 3 trades came through, it couldn’t ahve ended better. Whitney is still a Cane, but I’m OK with that. Corvo was unexpectedly traded, but Pothier in the past has been a good defenseman in his own right and could prove to be worth re-signing if his concussion issues are in the past.

But let’s look at the trades following the Wallin trade.

To Ottawa: Matt Cullen
To Carolina: 2010 2nd round pick, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, USS Enterprise.

Wait… not that Picard? This one’s a defenseman? An offensive defenseman that Ottawa fans maligned quite often this season at that? Yeah I think we’ve heard this one before, that one played out nicely. While I still need to give Alexandre his 10 games to see how I like where he fits in the system, early returns are promising. It definitely sucks to lose Cullen though and the 3rd line center position has been notoriously hard to fill for the Canes historically.

To Anaheim: Aaron Ward
To Carolina: Justin Pogge, 2010 4th round pick

Hey, we get a 4th round pick back! That might be the most important part of the deal. Pogge should help Albany out a good bit though since Peters seems to be here for the long haul until Ward is back. With the Rats apparently running into some injury issues with Murphy and now Mike Morrison out this couldn’t come at a better time for them. Considering the way Ward had been playing earlier this season, I would have said the 4th alone is worth significantly more.

To Washington: Scott Walker
To Carolina: 2010 7th round pick

Meh trade in my books. It sheds some salary and Walker is one of my favorite foot soldier types not just in Canes history but around the league. If there’s anyone I’m OK with moving for absolute scraps to give him another shot at the Cup it’s Scotty. Besides, the 7th has been quality for us of late with selections like Kyle Lawson, Samuel Morneau and Tommi Kivisto in recent years.

To Washington: Joe Corvo
To Carolina: Brian Pothier, Oskar Osala, 2011 2nd round pick

This is the one that came out of left field for me that may in fact prove to be the steal of deadline day. It hurts a bit since I was a big fan of Corvo but fact of the matter is that this isn’t a huge downgrade for us. Pothier was at one point a VERY highly regarded defenseman in his own right with good two-way play. Some injury issues have hurt him though so it may be a little while before I am comfortable with that aspect of this. But Osala, damn if this kid isn’t a stud. He scores, he’s fast as hell, and he hits like a freight train. Not too long ago he was drawing comparisons to a pre-injury Erik Cole. The only issue with him is his inconsistency, which is likely the biggest reason he was traded on both sides of this trade. Washington has plenty in the wings in the pipeline and can chance him never panning out whereas we have the time to give him to sort this out to help him pan out. The 2nd rounder is just icing on this deal.

To Colorado: Stephane Yelle, Harrison Reed
To Carolina: Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll, 2010 6th round pick

Another meh trade, sending Yelle back to the place that put him on the map. Reed was looking like a complete and total bust here. Lalonde-McNicoll I have absolutely no clue about… and neither did anyone from TSN. So take that as a pretty big indication to not expect anything to come of this trade except for whoever we draft with that 6th.

To Vancouver: Andrew Alberts
To Carolina: 2010 3rd round pick

The one trade we made on deadline day that I didn’t care for. Alberts, while his salary goes up to 1.3 mil next season, was a reliable 3rd pairing type for us. He did exactly what he was advertised to do, clear the crease, hit, and provide a decent defensive game. But his upside may be tapped so we shipped him off to Vancouver. I still don’t think we got a good return on this one though.

But here’s how the deadline works for me. Despite trading Cullen and Corvo, the rest of the core of the team that’s been on this insane hot streak is essentially the same. We cleared out some dead weight and made some roster spots open for some younger guys to provide a bit more of a spark.

Here’s our lineup from last night:
Whitney – Staal – Jokinen
LaRose – Sutter – Ruutu
Samsonov – Dwyer – Cole
Boychuk – Brindy – Nonstopoulos

Gleason – Pothier
Pitkanen – Picard
Carson – Harrison

Trading out Ward for Jay Harrison is a wash, both #6 guys. Only Jay is actually paid like a #6 and Ward is paid like a #3/4.

Yelle was the extra forward, and while he’s been good at times this year he wasn’t needed anymore.

Walker was replaced by Boychuk. Why it wasn’t Osala or Blanchard is beyond me but any chance to see Boychuk in the lineup is a positive for me. That kid can just create chances out of nothing. See his forechecking on the TKO goal from last night.

Just as importantly we saved about 2.5 million in remaining salary and will likely be able to make a splash in UFA to pick up a real top 4 defenseman or two this coming offseason.

Posted By: DaveG
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 05 Feb 2010 @ 8:52 PM 

Sorry I couldn’t do the live blogging at the WJCs as planned. Some asshole from Nigeria obviously had different thoughts and rather effectively ruined my chances of bringing the equipment I would need… Hey I barely escaped without it going full body cavity search on me.

Anyway, as we have seen over the past 2 months, this team isn’t looking quite as craptastic as we were looking earlier in the season. But the worst cast scenario has happened on the trade front. The dreaded NTC has struck, hard.

First Ray indicated that he wanted to talk extension with any team that could be interested in picking him up. Oh he talked extension alright. There was a deal on the table that would have had the Hurricanes picking up another very high quality prospect from the 08 draft in defenseman Colton Teubert, who went 1 slot before Boychuk, and the Kings second round pick this year. Not a Kings ransom (ok, my only horrible pun tonight, I promise) but definitely a significant enough return that would have immediately boosted our lineup heading into the 2010-11 season and given us a rather nice asset to use to either trade up for another first or to select a good prospect.

What happened you ask? Ray went nuts. Bob McKenzie, who I trust more then anyone else in the biz, says that Ray wanted a 3 year extension with the Kings. http://tsn.ca/columnists/bob_mckenzie/?id=308689 3 years, for a guy that is going to be 38 at the start of said new contract. Sure thing Ray, how about the keys to the Taj Mahal while we’re at it. Bob speculates that he was simply trying to call his shot, but for the love of god, why do it like this? Instead of just outright not waiving his NTC for the offer he sets off red lights all around the league and a few teams that were interested no longer are. That may change now that Kovy is off the market, but COME ON RAY.

Now Wallin, it’s more of the same. While the return for Wallin is speculated to be a pretty nice package in its own right, if not outright comparable to the Kings package (Dman Derek Josslin and a 2nd) the problem that Nic ran into was in negotiating an extension with Sharks GM Doug Wilson. They were close to reaching a compromise, real close, but it didn’t happen. But I don’t put as much blame on the guy to be perfectly honest. Does it hurt? Yes. Do I expect some backlash at Wallin? Absolutely. But it’s misguided. He didn’t kill any chance of being traded. His demands were far more in line with reality.

And oh yes, we should look at the NTCs too. This isn’t the first time Jimmy has been burnt by NTCs. I’m sure some people will remember Sean Hill in 2003. He rejected a trade to New Jersey at the deadline that would have seen the Canes getting a fairly nice package back there as well. There was also a little something about a trade that would have seen Nic going elsewhere two years back. It wasn’t Philly as speculated though, it was San Jose (sounds familiar) and the reported return at the time was Christian Ehrhoff. The same Ehrhoff that’s currently the #1 defenseman in Vancouver. What is that old saying? Ah yes, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me”. I wonder what they would say about being fooled four times? Maybe it’s time the fans give a nice little chant at the arena next game to give Jimmy the sense that we’re watching and that we most definitely want and deserve answers.

Edit: Looks like we don’t have to blame the NTC either, at least on this one. The trade was approved just this afternoon, Nic and our 5th this year for the Buffalo 2nd round pick from San Jose, which they had acquired in the Rivet trade a while back.

These are the picks we currently have now:

CAR 1st, CAR 2nd, BUF 2nd, CAR 3rd, NSH 5th, CAR 6th, CAR 7th

Posted By: DaveG
Last Edit: 07 Feb 2010 @ 08:51 PM

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 05 Dec 2009 @ 11:24 AM 

Two seemingly unrelated moves this week could have big implications for the Canes down the road.

Firstly, the Hurricanes moved this past drafts #27 overall pick, Philippe Paradis to Toronto for Jiri Tlusty, a top 15 pick from 2006. On the surface this is a real head scratcher. Well, so was the pick of Paradis to begin with. When a guy isn’t regarded as a possible first rounder by any publication or Bob McKenzie, who usually has a pretty good pulse for what scouts are thinking and has a good relationship with our GM, then odds are the guy simply isn’t first round matterial. Most places had him listed as likely mid to late 2nd… painful. One of the guys drafted only a few picks after Paradis, Klingberg, nearly made the NHL out of the Thrashers camp this year. You know, the same Thrashers that are scorching us in the standings this year. Another, O’Reilly, DID make his NHL team out of camp and is a big reason for the Avs huge turnaround this year.

That’s not to say that credit shouldn’t be given for getting rid of Paradis while he still had value. But I have to question the inner workings of this team at the draft table at times. Sometimes it works nicely (Sutter) but others… I don’t think I need to go over the career of one Igor Knyazev as a refresher on this one, do I?

But I’m getting a bad feeling about Tlusty. He’s a Czech born player that is regarded as being supremely talented but has yet to put it all together at the NHL level, meh it happens. He struggles with the defensive aspects of his game and is seen as more of a parimeter player, not good, but that’s not a career killer. His work ethic has been called into question more then a few times and he developed a reputation for partying it up rather then focusing on hockey in Toronto, wait this is starting to sound familiar but I can’t quite place it… He reported to Leafs camp overweight this past year when it was likely he would win a roster spot out of camp… this can’t be good. Tlusty has also threatened to head over to the KHL after this season if he was not given a full time roster spot in Toronto, DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

Yes, the dreaded Pavel Brendl comparison has been made. The scary thing is that the similarities of their stats in the NHL at the point in Brendl’s career that Tlusty is at now is outright frightening. Mind you?Tlusty made the threat and isn’t exactly what would be considered a “Burke Player”, whereas that was the only option for Brendl at this point?in his career. But?truly the biggest difference between the two is skating speed, where your average midget house league player would be able to give Brendl a run for his money. Tlusty has speed to burn and if there is anything that could turn his career around it will be if he learns to properly utilize this to his advantage.

On to the second item of the week:
The Philadelphia Flyers have hired Peter Laviolette and Kevin McCarthy to replace John Stevens and one of their other assistants. All I can say on this is “good, about time Lavi got another shot”. While he’s not the best fit for Philly, personally I was thinking Ted Nolan or even MacTavish, it was obvious to me that John Stevens was the worst coach in the league after Keenan was canned.

How does this effect us? Well, we now no longer have Lavi on the books and?are no longer?hamstrung by that contract should we decide to pursue another coach if we do make a change. Sad to say but personally I think this season is prettymuch a loss and would like to see a real coaching search done in the offseason. About the only short term solution I could live with is putting Tom Rowe in the drivers seat as he’s one of 4 I would really look at for the coaching position. The other three, Kevin Dineen, Willie Desjardins and Scott Arniel, are all under contract at the moment and almost certainly could not be brought in until the season is finished.

Posted By: DaveG
Last Edit: 05 Dec 2009 @ 11:28 AM

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