30 Apr 2008 @ 4:55 AM 

Great Leader to take more of a hand in day-to-day running of Hurricanes — N&O

I see nothing good coming of this, to be honest. What’s he going to do, get a team of “advisors” together to tell him how he should run the team?

Actually, that’s a little unfair–unlike Richard Gordon, the Great Leader does know something about hockey, so I don’t think that he’ll be getting tennis players and futbol stars around him to help him run the team into the ground. But this whole thing just has a strong (indeed, distressing) air of Bad Craziness. Not a move (sorry to disappoint you, the 13th of April Movement), but definitely problems.

Every time that Pete Karmanos has meddled (and to me, it’s meddling when an owner gets involved in day-to-day ops like this) in the affairs of the Hurricanes, it has either not gone well OR a bad and distracting situation has just been dragged out even longer than it needed to be (see “Holdout: Primeau, Keith”) because of the man’s tendency to let his temper get the better of him and his equally upsetting (to me) tendency to run his mouth without regard for the wisdom (or lack thereof) of such things. I forsee little if any good coming of this, and that does not make me a happy camper at all. If he were more an easygoing big-picture Ted Leonsis kinda guy, then I wouldn’t have a problem. But PK?  Umm…no.

Colour me the Loyal Opposition…of course, when have I ever pretended to be anything but?

In other news:

Jim Rutherford was named to the NHL’s new goaltender equipment working group, along with fellow GMs Doug Risebrough, Garth Snow, and (of ALL people) Brett Hull.

I can’t be the only one that sees the double-shot of irony in this. I mean, really.

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 13 May 2007 @ 11:16 AM 

(lit points to anyone who gets the reference)

And again, in a move that surprised no one, the NHLPA has given Ted Saskin the boot. I am not exactly fond of the ringleaders of the rebellion, but as a trade unionist myself I do think it’s good that the players have decided to finally take control of their union.

Bristolero Scott Burnside weighs in with his opinion on the matter.

Burnside (as usual) doesn’t say much that hasn’t already been said in other places, but one thing he says bears repeating:

Saskin’s replacement is going to have to be somebody different.

Note that I said different. Not a dirtbag like pension-fund pluderer Alan Eagleson, David Frost’s good buddy and agents’ shill Bob Goodenow, or that little weasel Ted Saskin. It’s going to have to be somebody that the players can trust, somebody who will want to actually do right by the players rather than line his own pockets or try to make as much jack as possible for the agents.

There also needs to be a serious top-to-bottom housecleaning in the NHLPA to get rid of anyone who has been in any sort of power there in the last 30 years.

Burn it down and start over, gentlemen.  And give Bobby Orr a shout, too–I have a feeling that he’d be glad to help rebuild the union and do things right.

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 10 May 2007 @ 8:12 AM 

According to Bristol:

Union reportedly to fire Saskin with cause

ESPN.com news services

Ted Saskin, the long-embattled executive director of the NHL Players Association, is expected to be fired with cause Thursday when NHL player representatives meet by conference call, Toronto media outlets are reporting.

If player reps decide to fire Saskin with cause, it means Saskin will not be paid the estimated $6 million remaining on his contract.

In March, union representatives from the 30 NHL teams voted to have Saskin and NHLPA senior director Ken Kim placed on paid leaves of absence, effective immediately. The vote was prompted by allegations that Saskin ordered the monitoring of NHLPA player e-mails. The e-mail system the players use is administered by the union.

In the ensuing months, the union’s executive board retained outside counsel to address the allegations made against Saskin and Kim to determine whether they have grounds to dismiss them from future compensation.

Saskin has said no illegal activity has gone on at the NHLPA.

Saskin first joined the NHLPA in 1992. He replaced Bob Goodenow as executive director on July 28, 2005, a move that brought protests from player representatives Chris Chelios and former executive committee member Trent Klatt, now retired as a player.

Well, this is really not a surprise–you do wrong, you get pwnt by the heavy hand of rough justice. But my question, my burning question is:

Did the Commissioner know about any of this chicanery?  What did Gary Bettman know, and when did he know it?  This heinous mess is nowhere near done, kids.

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 08 Mar 2007 @ 1:29 PM 

The end of Ted Saskin? I sure as Hel hope so!

There’s some kind of amusing irony in all of this–the lawsuits and posturing, the recriminations and anger….and what may well wind up bringing down Ted Saskin is something like this.

Really, Ted–reading your constituents’ e-mail? How bush-league can you get?

Of course, the question now is: who do they get to replace him?

Personally, I’d much rather not have anyone in charge that was connected with agents’ tool Bully Bob Godenow–get rid of Saskin, Kim, anyone else that was in any kind of power position during the reign of David Frost‘s good buddy Bob, and just start over.

And that, of course, is just my opinion.

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 03 Oct 2006 @ 4:42 AM 

Player Alliance involves court system, claims Emperor Saskatine took leadership through deception.

Can’t say I’m really surprised. The way I see it, there are separate issues at work, and Chelios and his buddies (including Dwayne Roloson, who can’t even spell the word “communism” much less explain it) are trying to roll them all up into one neat little package.

Item number one: The Election of Ted Saskin.

This is an interesting one, and the main reason for the rebellion in the first place–Saskin’s election reeks of….oh, what’s the word I’m thinking of here?  Convenience, I guess. It was just a little too pat, a little too quick, a little too simple for the liking of Trent Klatt and a few like-minded players (and, to be honest, for my liking as well). I can understand that, but then I’ve hated that oily little wankstain Saskin ever since his dismissive and patronizing “fans don’t understand what this is all about” comment during the 2004 ASG. The hell I didn’t understand what it was all about, you assclown.

Anyway–the pertinent issue regarding this item is simple: Saskin’s election wasn’t done through proper channels. There was no formal nomination, there was no actual election–just a quick and dirty conference call. So yeah, I can understand people crying foul. I didn’t like Goodenow at all (especially because of his association with accused paedophile (and known dirtbag) David Frost), but getting rid of a scuzzwipe like him was something that had to be done the right way. Avoiding the slightest hint of impropriety in 2005 would have spared a lot of grief down the line.
But then we have Item number two, which was deftly rolled into the suit: The salary cap.

Ah yes, the salary cap. The owners’ attempt to save themselves from themselves–and a lot of good it did ‘em, too. Now, Chelios and a handful of other players managed to intimidate the union’s membership into rejecting a salary cap–and it worked for a while, too. But eventually, the rank-and-file guys–the Jesse Boulerices and Eric Boultons and Randy Robitailles that don’t make $texas/season–told the Bully Brigade where to go and what to do when they got there, and they accepted the salary cap. It’s all pretty well-documented; the guys that make up the bulk of the membership said “you know what?  This bulldada has gone on long enough” and they ended it after two days of meetings in Toronto during which Chelios and several of the big fish tried unsuccessfully to cajole, exhort, threaten, entice, and otherwise persuade the small fish to reject the salary cap and keep the flames of Ragnarok burning.

It’s not hard to figure out that the Bully Brigade has decided to enter into a convenient partnership with Trent Klatt and those players who are genuinely upset over the chicanery that was Saskin’s election–don’t be surprised if this suit winds up exploding into a flagrant attempt to get the CBA rejected, with the idea of Saskin’s removal becoming an afterthought.

Bad Craziness, soon come.

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 13 Jul 2006 @ 5:03 AM 

Los Jugadores Unidos elect “interim” Executive Committee

This is certainly an interesting development–and really quite amusing, when you think about Goodenow’s bully-boy Chris Chelios being “conciliatory”.

That this came one year after the end of Ragnarok is interesting (and strangely fitting, when you think about it). TSN’s article calls the move an attempt to quiet the Goodenistas’ continued bitching about Saskin’s “election”–bitching that I really can’t say I blame them for, because Saskin’s appointment as Executive Director really was a little too pat and convenient to be a real election.

My gut tells me that even if the vote goes to all the players, Saskin will still be ED despite the efforts of Chelios and his compadres to exert some influence for one simple reason: the players just don’t want to go through more pain. Do I think they’re totally happy with the current CBA? No. But if it means that they’ll be able to play in the NHL and still be able to make some cash, they’ll take it rather than face the possibility of another season doing nothing but hitting the gym and driving their significant others up the wall.

But that’s just my gut.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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