19 Oct 2011 @ 6:32 PM 

I was going to take advantage of today to advocate for the ouster of Chairman Mo (again), and then I got sidetracked by, well, this.

As you can see from this picture here (thank you Deadspin), the fans at the TD Gahden threw garbage on the ice when the Bruins were losing to the Hurricanes again. I’m sure that anybody wearing Hurricanes or Whalers gear in the crowd probably got stuff tossed at them too (including fisticuffs), but of course that is just an educated guess on my part. The Bruins themselves also started gooning it up, but that’s nothing new so eh.

What gets me is that a liquor bottle got chucked on the ice with the rest of the crap. Not only that, but it looks like a Thunderbird bottle. T-bird? Really? And how the hell did that bottle get into the Gahden to begin with? Isn’t there supposed to be security that keeps that kind of shit from getting in? Did that drunken idiot even think about what could have happened and what risk would have been caused if that bottle had shattered when it hit the ice?

No, wait. Of course he didn’t think about it. He was drunk. And stupid.

So what’s the point of my rantlet? DON’T THROW SHIT ON THE ICE, YOU SHITHEADS. Fans that throw stuff on the ice are stupid, and they’re putting their own team at risk with their shenanigans–not just risk of getting hurt, but (as we saw the other night) risk of getting dinged for a penalty. I don’t want to hear any blithering about “tradition”, or that I’m somehow not a “real” fan–Eff that. Throwing crap onto the ice is complete and total douchebaggery, it’s an embarrassment, and it’s Just Plain Uncool.

I’m still pondering that Mo-post, but I think it’ll be better to wait until halfway through the season.

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 15 May 2009 @ 7:51 PM 

I had this eulogy all set to write about the ‘Canes season, and then Scott Walker as much as grabbed my keyboard, bonked me on the head with it, and said “Told you we’d win.”

So, now we get the Pens. This team really doesn’t make it easy, but I like our chances regardless. Unlike the Caps, we actually have some semblance of a defence. And we have Cam Ward, who (unlike Mr. Minoxidil up in Washington) is actually able to win in the playoffs.

Of course, it’s the Pens. Which means that the Orpik incident will be rehashed for the eleventy-billionth time and all the tools are going to come out crying that Orpik is a great guy and would never deliberate piledrive anyone into the boards (despite the fact that he was suspended 10 games for doing the EXACT SAME THING in the AHL). And we’ll get yet more trolls on our blogs and boards and chat rooms–this time though, the trolls will bray about King Sid and the Archangel Marc-Andre and Sergei Gonchar, and we’re not going to win a single game, and whatever other mindless effluvium bubbles up from the depths of their pea-brains and crumb-laden keyboards.

Fuck ‘em. It’s all about the Vengeance, baby. Vengeance for Cole’s broken neck, vengeance for Eddie Johnston deliberately hamstringing the Whale in 1991, whatever. It’s all about the Vengeance.

Game 1 starts Monday night in the Igloo.

 11 May 2009 @ 9:21 AM 

What the hell was up with that last night?

The Canes played…well, let’s be honest. They played like ass.  The general attitude was pretty slacktastic, the team acted like they already had the series in the bag–but as we all know, the series isn’t in the bag until that fourth game is won.

The officiating was pretty crappy, as it has been for every team throughout the playoffs, but last night was particularly asstacular. The Bruins were allowed to be cheap and take liberties, and the ‘Canes couldn’t do anything about it. But that’s not why they lost. The Hurricanes lost because they didn’t play like they gave a damn. They didn’t lose because Lucic lined up Dennis Seidenberg from clear out in Ohio and flagrantly charged him right in front of Tim Peel, they lost because they couldn’t be arsed to play the game that got them to 3-1. They didn’t lose because Scott Walker finally got so pissed off that he sucker-punched Aaron Ward in retaliation for a cheap shot on Matt Cullen or because Jussi Jokinen “slashed” Zdeno Chara on the ankle, they lost because they just pretty much coasted for the bulk of the game until it was far too late to do anything.

That’s a fucking 50 DKP minus–and a suspension for Walks, who (and let’s be honest here) really does deserve it.

See y’all Tuesday night.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
Last Edit: 11 May 2009 @ 09:21 AM

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