22 Feb 2008 @ 12:03 PM 

Couple things:

First–the ‘Canes win a wild one at the RBC last night v. the Thrashers. Actually, it was wild only in that the entire first period was the Hurricanes throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Kari Lehtonen. In the second, they finally threw the sink at the guy and wound up winning 5-3. It was ONLY because Lehtonen was so on that first period that the score wasn’t something freaky like 15-3. The excuse given by the Thrashers’ broadcast team on Turner South was that the team is “distracted” by the whole Marian Hossa thing.

Bitch please! That’s not a distraction. Losing your Captain for the season? Now that is a distraction.

And speaking of the Warchief–Greatfather Bob is in town visiting his boy and grandkids (he was holding court at the RBC last night, according to several fans who stopped by to deliver their well-wishes), and had a little rap with Luke DeCock. Yes kids, the Warchief doesn’t want to take his recovery lying down; not a day after surgery, the man was already back to pumping some Fe:

“He’s struggling right now,” Bob Brind’Amour said. “He wants to do more than he should and he doesn’t realize it’s the healing process. The knee, when he ices it, it almost looks perfect. But then he walks and the blood gets in there and the fluid and it blows up.

“He got operated Friday afternoon. Saturday morning at 7:30, he’s lying on the floor in his bedroom and he’s lifting 55-pound weights. He’s got his leg up on a chair. I went up there and said, ‘You idiot. What are you doing?’ He’s so dedicated. He knows his body, but in this case he’s got to tone it down a bit.”

Our Warchief, ladies and gents. You can’t keep him down. Tomorrow, the Hurricanes take on the Capitals at the RBC–Puck drops at 5 PM, and the game is pretty close to sold-out according to Ticketbastard; so hurry up and get your tickets before the Caps Road Crew takes ‘em all up. ;)

 15 Feb 2008 @ 10:36 AM 

So Tuesday night, the Hurricanes celebrate the arrival of their new comrades-in-arms by almost choking a three-goal lead to the Boston Bruins.

Last night, they celebrated my anniversary by beating the Pens down 4-2 and making Evgeni Malkin cry like a little bitch. Well OK, a big bitch.

In a development that has half the ASBOs in Western New York rejoicing in their MD20/20 (and has the more class-free members of the Pens Nation clapping for glee as well–my wife, OTOH, is none too happy), the Warchief is out for the season with a torn ACL. Was it a cheap hit? No. It was a “shit happens” thing–I didn’t see anything deliberate on the part of the Pens (as opposed, of course, to Brooks Orpik piledriving Erik Cole into the boards and breaking his neck–you still can’t convince me that it wasn’t deliberate).

Yes, I have a wife. Two of them! And a husband, and a husband-in-law too. Deal.

So yeah, anyway. The power play finally woke up last night, which was encouraging. It was very encouraging, but I won’t be fully encouraged until I see them keep it up.

Tomorrow night the ‘Canes will play the Panthers at the RBC. Wonder how long it’ll take before they get Vokoun to have another of his very entertaining meltdowns?

 06 Sep 2007 @ 12:20 AM 

Players don’t want to go there. Blonde bimbettes with bad spray-tans don’t want their husbands playing there. Kevin Lowe hangs tenuously to his last thread of sanity, and the farm system can best be termed as “itinerant” and “nickel-and-dimed”.

As if things couldn’t get any more disheartening for the Oilers fans, fan favourite Fernando Pisani was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and will be out indefinitely.

Would whoever laid the curse on my friends in Edmonton please come forward and tell me what can be done to lift it? Thank you.

Discussion on Covered in Oil (where some nutbag neo-hippy subscriber of Dr. Mercola’s Mailing List O’ Quackery is asserting that Fernando’s problems are the result of eating his mom’s fine Italian cuisine*), Lowetide, and Battle of Alberta.

Get better soon, San Fernando. Oilers Nation needs you.

*:on behalf of my many Italian ancestors, I hope that toolbox drowns in a giant puddle of marinara sauce.

 27 Aug 2007 @ 3:10 PM 

I tellya what; it’s not a Hurricanes training camp without SOMETHING happening.

According to Luke DeCock at the N&O, Frankie Kaberle is once again going to have surgery right before training camp. And, of course, he’s expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

Wow, can we cut it any finer please?  Seriously. Top that off with the big fat questionmark over the head of Bret of the Gimpy Hip, and really?  Our defense is kinda in trouble. Glen Wesley can’t do it all himself, kids. And Tim Gleason needs some work. Well OK, he needs a lot of work.  Seidenberg I’m still out on–since I didn’t get to watch any games after the KAdams trade because I had to work during all but like five games last season, I don’t have an opinion.

Should we just bend over and lube up now?

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