15 May 2007 @ 1:31 PM 

The Chief, as those who read his blog well know, rarely spares his snarktasticity (and unlike some of his regular Wings-fan commenters (like the borderline-racist fuckhead “dougie”), he actually does a good job of bringing the funny)–and this post (wherein he skewers my fellow Caniac WufPirate) is no exception.

And really, I kinda gotta agree with him. Hey, I got the message–declaring that one is a True Anything because of a hatred of one particular team is kinda foolish. I’ve hated the Red Wings since I was 10, does that mean I was a True Whalerfan<tm> before I was a True Caniac<tm>?

Of course not.

It takes neither courage nor intelligence to cheer for a team only when that team wins. The true test of a fan’s mettle is the same as it is for a player: Were you there when you were needed?

–Ian Wilson (proprietor of Boston Bruins Legends, a great site that sadly is no longer extant)

For the pithy-quote-impaired, let me translate: Are you a fan of your team? Did you stick with your team when they blew more chunks than a drunken fratboy after eating a Huge Cheddar-Style (with double extra onion) from Cook-Out and drew low quadruple digits on a Tuesday night against Calgary? Yes? Then you’re a true fan. Get your ass on the bus.

Unless you’re a sports bigamist. Then you need to damn pick a lane and drive in it. Or you need to die in a fire. One of the two.

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