23 Sep 2011 @ 11:53 AM 

Gann Matsuda posted a very powerful commentary on racism in America, in light of a disgusting incident that marred a preseason shootout.

To sum up: A “fan” chucked banana peels at Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds during a preseason game between the Flyers and the Focus of Evil in the Hockey World Detroit Red Wings. One peel hit the ice, the other one didn’t make it to the ice. The miscreant was never caught, and it’s unconfirmed which fanbase he represented–but it’s a pretty sure bet that the peel-tosser is a complete and total coward and a piece of dog mess on the sole of society’s shoe.

If you think the incident was “no big deal” and nothing worthy of outrage, then you’re either stupid or delusional or both. And if you’re a Hurricanes fan and think that this incident is just a laugh and a half, then I cordially invite you to GTFO the fanbase and go find another team to cheer for–because if I find you engaging in that kind of crap at the RBC Center, I swear to Tyr that I will quite gleefully catch a charge for beating your dumb ass down. I’ll even toss in a bonus dick-punch or ten, for forgetting the ugliness of 2002, when some Habs fans in MTL threw bananas (and death threats) at Kevin Weekes after Game 3 and during Game 4 of that year’s ECSF.

Incidents like this are horrible and ugly (no matter how “harmless” they seem), and they only serve to tarnish the image of hockey and its fans. We as fans need to come down hard on asstards like the ‘nanner-chucking clown in London, ON, and state as one that racism has no place in hockey–not because it’s “PC”, not because it’s “suddenly en vogue”, because it’s basic human decency and the right frickin’ thing to do.

Just sayin’.

 08 Sep 2011 @ 6:55 AM 

Yesterday, two things happened in the hockey world. One was of great world-shaking importance, and the other was Sid Crosby’s presser about the progress of his recovery.

Predictably, Sid got major heat for it from people who accused him of being classless and not caring about the dead.

I’m sorry, what? I had no idea the whole world had to stop turning when there was a tragic event. I wept yesterday (and woke up this morning asking the gods to please make today better than yesterday) like many other hockey fans, but you know what? I’m right up there with Adam Proteau of the Hockey News (for once) and David Staples of the Edmonton Journal: That press conference didn’t need delaying or cancelling, and people are just being too damn sensitive. I really fail to see where the insensitivity was–it wasn’t like he cracked jokes about Yaroslavl Lokomotiv being wiped out. He held a simple press conference.

Get over yourselves, people. Sidney Crosby reminded us all yesterday that life goes on, even in the wake of great loss. You don’t have to like it, but you should damn well respect it.


 25 Sep 2007 @ 7:41 PM 


I am off from work tonight (will wonders never cease), so I decided to liveblog tonight’s festivities at the Phone Booth in DC, courtesy of Center Ice online.

Please, control your enthusiasm.

The teams are using the “reverse-jersey rules” tonight, which means that the ‘Canes are in red and the Caps are in their snappy whites. The last shot from the Phone Booth showed Chris Bourque–yeah, I know I really wanted to see the son of the man who made my team his personal bitch throughout his career. Whoopie-ding.

This is going through the Capitals, of course, so everything is going to be very Caps-centric. Oh, won’t that be fun. And away we go!

7:00 PM Oh look! Donut Don is working tonight! We are so screwed. Donald Brashear is also playing (for the Caps), so this should be some serious kinda fun. And we’d better have some kinda sound, or I will be pissed–the only radio I have is in my car.

…wait a second. There’s this dusty ol’ boombox here….

*presses power button*

*presses power button again*

Well, balls.



And there was much rejoicing throughout the land.

7:07 PM Oh cool, Cam is in goal–and so is Olie. Ray has a groin issue–wonderful. This should be fun. This radio is whack-ass staticy and I’m missing everything, yo. That’s what I get for not having an antenna on the clock-radio-phone, I guess.

Goddamn, we’re getting the jumbotron cameras–which means we get the gratuitous crowd-shots.

7:14 PM ‘Caps win faceoff, barely. Goddamn this radio is pissing me off. *adjusts* There, MUCH better. Nice shot, Cully. Good to see you back.

7:15 PM Oooh, My Man Ryan Bayda is with Ladd, looks like.

7:16 PM Goddamn, Caps score. Mike Green out of the damn penalty box. C R A P CRAPS CRAPS CRAPS. Bastards.

*runs to get pizza out of oven and refresh the beer*

7:21 PM Heh, Green Eggs and Hamilton got a delay-of-game penalty. Bah. My soul-brother, Bret of the Gimpy Hip, is with Tim Gleason? Wow.

7:24 PM WTF? Hey people, stop putting the puck in the stands will you? This is getting frickin’ old.

7:25 PM OMFG CAM * WAR! Way to make the pinwheel save on Aleksandr Balshoii!

Heh–hubby just called (he’s working at my store tonight) to tell me that somebody just tried to pass a fake bill at Stop-n-Rob and got all ill when Hubby called the cops.

C’mon Cam, control those rebounds please.

Wonder if CapsChick is at the game? I’m sure Eric is. Hope he’s having a good time.

Man, Casey Borer is all over the place. Making some good decisions, and looks like he’s settling in well with….is that Nicky? There’s the 7–that’s our Nicky. Tim Gleason isn’t having a very good game. Poor sod. :(

RIGHT! Who was that rockin’ the old-skool Whale jersey? Good on yer, whoever you are.

Miz B has the cheap-ass wine, and I’ve got the Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat–mmmm….alcohol, gift of the gods.

7:40 PM OK, can we PLEASE stay the hells out of the box? That was such a cheap-ass hook, Cory–you should know better.

Remo has broken his stick–somebody get him one quick, plz!

Oh wait–might want to post this. Duh.

7:43 PM So, at intermission the score is 1-0 Crapitals. The jerseys look goofy, but what do you expect? ChuckandtheletterK has Cam Ward as his guest during first intermission, while the Craps have Human Sled Races….Human Sled Races? Man, no wonder the ice at the Phone Booth is teh shitz0r tonight. But it’s kids and their parental units, so I can’t bitch too much.

(This blog brought to you by Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat and Apis 4-year old Bernardynski. Mmmm…..)

BTW, it’s spelled “immediately”, not “immediatley”. Just sayin’.

And apparently the one beer that I’ve had so far has made me parse “G A M E” as “C A M P”. Sorry Timmy.

Do I want another beer? Maybe. I’ll think about it.



Kind of a wussy faceoff. Casey Borer and Bret of the Gimpy Hip are paired up right now–that amuses me, because the day we drafted Borer (Me: “DEFENCE!” JimR: “The Hurricanes select, from St. Cloud State of the WCHA, Defenceman Casey Borer.” Me: “THANK YOU!”), Bret called like the whole team to gush about the ‘Canes drafting a fellow Husky.



8:05 PM My Man Ryan Bayda came outta da box and took a shot on Kolzig–but Kolzig, of course, blocked it. Bah.

Huh, they have Brandon Sutter teamed up with Letowski and Ladd? Interesting.


IM from d-lee: “you really wanted malik, huh?” And that was when I suddenly remembered that my fantasy team draft is going on! Whoops.

8:15 PM OK, WTF is up with the penalties? I gotta go to practice tomorrow to see how many guys get bagskated. Srsly.


And that’s where the radio AND video crapped out on me. Bah.

 20 Sep 2007 @ 2:40 PM 

So my dear old Radeon 9800 Pro went tits-up last week. It wasn’t that old, really–so why, pray tell, were parts falling off of it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Through the magic of eBay, I now have a new video card…just in time for me to miss the start of the season because of my yob. I can only entertain myself by tormenting NCSU freshmen and high-school students for so long before it gets old, kids. Another UFinishIt.com POS? Gods I hate September.

OK, so Chris The Penalty Killer and Bubba were on 850 the Buzz earlier this week. Bubba opines that Chris looks kinda like Scott “Remo Williams” Walker, but I beg to differ–I’ve met Chris. He looks nothing at all like Remo. Just sayin’.

And the BoG finally got the hint that fans were tired of not being able to see teams from the opposing conference more than once in a blue moon, so the schedule’s going back to the way it used to be…sort of. Guess people will have to find a new excuse when a SE Division team wins the Cup, huh? The only bad thing about this? I have to put up with the assiest members of the Red Wings Bandwagon Nation at the RBC again, as well as having to deal with the SlugThugs twice a season. But, you kinda gotta take the bad with the good I guess.

And speaking of Bubbalo, not only did the Sabres show their collective class by suspending Teppo Numminen without pay because the guy has a heart condition and they can’t count on that insurance money to line Golisano’s pockets, but Blue Jays, Bills, and (of ALL people) Maple Leafs season ticket holders got to jump the queue on ticket sales for the Blizzard Bowl err Winter Classic. Dowhatnow?  Last I checked, neither T-O-R-O-N-T-O M-A-P-L-E L-E-A-F-S nor T-O-R-O-N-T-O B-L-U-E J-A-Y-S spelled “Pittsburgh Penguins” or “Buffalo Sabres”–so why were the Leafs STHs allowed to buy tickets ahead of Pens and Sabres STHs? For that matter, why are Blue Jays (or for that matter, Bills) STHs even allowed to be involved in the ticket-buying privileges?  It’s not even the same gods-damned sport! Somebody explain it to me, please, because I am wicked confused.

And finally–’Canes training camp continues apace, as 15 players get assigned to Albany. Friday night, the Hurricanes take on the Nashville Predators at the RBC Center. Doors open at 6ish, Puck drops at 7. Get there early and tailgate.

Go Canes.

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 31 Aug 2007 @ 4:51 PM 

So mi hombre Bubba posted t’other day about my soul-brother Bret of the Gimpy Hip. A commenter who is apparently a friend of a friend of Kristi Yamaguchi’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate said that Bret’s fixin’ to retire, and that it’s all done but the press conference.

(So I’m late–I HAD TO WORK, OKAY?)

It all reeks of smoke and mirrors to me and to Miz Mer, who is a little more forceful on the subject than I.

I was going to call it out-and-out bulldada, but now that I think about it, it is a little suspicious that Bret didn’t come down here for Camp Brind’amour. Colour me guarded about this whole thing.

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 23 Sep 2006 @ 1:44 PM 

Man, let me tell you. There were some highs and lows from last night’s preseason game between the Preds and the ‘Canes.

In a nutshell:

Cale Hulse didn’t impress me at all–and paired with Oleg Tverdovskii, he scared the piss out of me. Wooley, though, I think I could warm up to. I didn’t notice him at all, which is a good thing for a defenseman. Rookie Harrison Reed (for whom I shall have to devise a clever nickname) was fairly impressive, and it warmed my heart to see Shane Willis in the Sightless Eye again (the other fans thought so too–when he scored you’d have thought the place was sold out to the doors, the roar was so loud).

Got some nasty looks when I applauded Joe, Lord of Evil’s two goals (one the game-winner, the other the shootout-winner), and I wanted to throttle this one toolbag who sat in front of me during first period and yelled all kinds of idiotic stuff at Cam Ward when he wasn’t staring at the spandex-clad booties of the Storm Squad members in front of him (and I wanted to slap his wife, who snapped at me “we have to listen to you, so you have to listen to us!” when I said “you DO realize this is only preseason right? Relax already”.

One VERY funny thing I noticed on the jumbotron: an appeal to the fans to not heckle the opponent. Excuse me? Don’t heckle opposing players?

I realize where they’re coming from with this–they don’t want people climbing the glass to rain trash and/or obscenities down into the penalty box or bench area (as one woman did during the 2002 SCF run–the only time I have ever applauded Brendan Shanahan was when he gave the shit right back to that woman during Game 3); but really, the way they worded it was kinda bogus and….well, anti-fun.

Just some quick impressions and observations from last night.

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