24 Jan 2012 @ 10:57 AM 

Can’t I leave you kids alone for five weeks (while I melt my brains playing Star Wars: The Old Republic)?!

I go off on a gamer’s holiday, and when I come back the whole gods-damned Internet is up in arms because Tim Thomas decided to not go visit the President.

What. Ever.

I try not to mix politics with my hockey, but for reals–Thomas exercised his rights as a free man to not be seen as endorsing a government that he feels is too big for its britches. Is this like Muhammad Ali refusing to report for service in the 60s? Well no–Thomas isn’t risking prison (thank the gods). But even so, despite the best efforts of ALEC the Koch Brothers and their lackeys the banksters and their lackeys certain groups that have bought both major parties and are taking a big healthy dump on the middle and lower classes, this is still a free country.

Do I think Tim Thomas is clue-free? Well yes. But he’s got the right to be clue-free, and I support him even though I don’t care for his politics.

(and shame on the morons that are calling him a racist just because he’s a Teabagger–he may keep very poor company IMO, but unless he says something racially-charged then y’all need to keep a lid on that kind of talk)

Fire away.

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 30 Jul 2008 @ 1:09 PM 

Conspiracy. or Incompetence? You be the judge — Tennessean.com

Well isn’t this a fine kettle of fish? The NHL is so hell-bent on not allowing Jim Balsillie to have a team, that they’re willing to give a team to the second coming of John Spano.

Yep, it turns out that “Boots” DelBiaggio (who makes me ashamed as hell to be Italian) is…well, let’s be blunt: he’s a full-force foursquare fraud. Does he have money? NO. So what’d he do? Borrow money from the outgoing owner of the Predators (one Craig Leipold, who now owns the Minnesota Wild) and the owners of the Los Angeles Kings (that would be Peter Anschutz’s Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)). Not only that, but the League decided not to perform the “required” due diligence to make sure that the unctuous little bastard actually had the cash to hand to be able to run the team.

As much as I dislike the smarmy git, I am starting to get in line with NHLPA boss Paul Kelly: give Jim Balsillie a team. Seriously. He may be a douche, but at least he’s been up front about wanting to buy an existing team, gut it, drive away all the fans and drive down the team’s value so that he can yank it up and put it in freakin’ Hamilton. We know that’s what his game is, because he’s made no secret of it. But the owners–not the Commissioner, but the owners who put him in charge and keep him in charge–are so against this guy getting involved that they’re willing to approve sales to people of questionable financial stature just to keep him away.

Let’s just avoid future dramaz–just give Jim Balsillie any team without a Cup under its belt and let’s just get it the hell over with, because in the long run he’ll be a far better owner than “Boots”.

 06 May 2008 @ 10:43 AM 

Today is Primary Day in North Carolina, and voters are heading to the polls to pick who they want to be their party’s nominee for this November’s Presidential election.

Miz Mer, however, is so very (understandably) cheesed off by all the robocalls that she’s received in the last month that she’s chosing to stay home today. I don’t totally agree with her decision, and I feel that there are possibly better ways to complain about robocalling (which, as far as I’m concerned, is a blight on the landscape much like inbound telemarketing calls and spam), but I respect her decision and support her in it…which, sadly, is more than can be said for one of my fellow Obama supporters–who decided to self-righteously lecture her about her civic duty (and got all kinds of butthurt when he got a hammer ‘twixt the peepers from yours truly).

So…yeah. I encourage you to please go exercise your vital powers as a citizen and vote today (and, more importantly, in November), if you’re eligible to. If you decide not to, I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll respect it.


Posted By: The Acid Queen
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