08 Nov 2007 @ 11:38 PM 

I didn’t watch the game tonight.

I mean, I did watch it–but not like I normally would have…and I have a good reason, too:

I was counting shots.

It’s a thing with me. When something is just “off” and I can’t reconcile it, it drives me up the wall. And so it was tonight with our defense (ICE, lasst mein Verteidiger los!) as well as the shot-count. So, I was sitting there in 304 right after the game started. The ‘Canes had a shot on goal–and the Lightning had about four–and I noticed that the Hurricanes’ one shot wasn’t counted.

Do whatnow?

The Hurricanes had another shot, which also wasn’t counted. The Lightning had a shot that wasn’t counted, either. So I whipped out my phone and activated the memo function, and started counting. As was explained to me by an NHL official back during the first season in Raleigh, a Shot On Goal is generally defined as a shot that would have gone in the net had the goalie not been there to stop it. It has to be an actual attempt to score, not some Mizerakian bing-bang trick bounce that winds up going in the general direction of the net after bouncing off a board–unless it actually goes in the net. Then it is by default counted as a SOG.

The total I came up with was:

Hurricanes 44 (official total 41)

Lightning 29 (official total 31)

There were two Hurricanes shots that I didn’t count, because even though Holmqvist deflected them the puck was above net level and not at an angle where it would have gone in. So, there you go. Now I’m back to where I was the first season in Raleigh, and I’m going to feel the urge to count shots every time I go to a game because I want to see how out shot-counters are doing and if there is once again some heavy drinking going on in the stat booth.

ON TO THE GAME ITSELF–what I paid attention to anyway.

This was a real stinker of a game, which means that the Thrashers will probably get murdered on Saturday. But be that as it may, tonight was pretty bad. The ‘Canes were tripping over each other, passing into skates and to Lightning players, and they just were not on their game at all. And poor Snuggles Tanabe–I mean, really. Dudeman just looked totally lost out there, and the rest of the defense kinda went along with him–the whole gestalt of the defense just wasn’t there, which brings me to another guy: Dennis Seidenberg.

Setting aside (for a moment) the fact that I have been a fangirl for the man since he was a rookie in Philadelphia–Dennis is not flashy, he’s not going to be the super-heavy hitter. But he has shown a good level of consistency in his play this season, and the defense just “feels” right when he’s in the lineup. He’s Aaron Ward junior, one of those guys that can really set the tone for the game with a good hit at the right time and consistent physical play.

He’s the anti-Snuggles, and I hope that his visa issue gets resolved so he and his T-blades get back in the lineup ASAP.

(Now watch, poor Dennis gets traded. That would so be my luck.)

So. Short, dirty, a rough recap of what I was doing at the game tonight. With luck, I’ll be at it again on the 16th.


Posted By: The Acid Queen
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