29 Apr 2008 @ 9:57 AM 

So this morning I pull up the N&O to see if Luke’s come back from his vacation with anything new.

And I see this.

OK, I can see Glen Wesley coming back. But Bret of the Gimpy Hip?  WHY, for the love of Tyr, is he even mentioned?  Dude needs to RETIRE.

As we no doubt have already heard, the Warchief skated with the Hurricanes who were picked for their respective national teams for the World Championships in Quebec City–he’ll be back in time for next season, which is a plus.

Also: Luke comments in Lord Stanley’s Blog about the kick-ass job Versus is doing covering the playoffs–and they are doing a very good job (but Brian Engblom has got to get a new hairdo–the mullet is starting to look rather like a headcrab). Normally I take shots at Versus for the way they cover the NHL, but they’re doing a good job this season.

Now, if only Versus was more widely carried and didn’t show the same 5 or 6 teams over and over again during the regular season….

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 25 Apr 2008 @ 12:22 PM 

OK, so.

OK, let me see if I have this right:

Canadiens fans boo another country’s anthem before home games in the playoffs–and have to be told by the PA dude not to do so.

They torch police cars, loot stores, and cause general mayhem after winning the first freaking round.

One of them chucks a beer into the penalty box, to cheers from his seatmates (and nothing was done by Bell Centre staff, from what I saw–except of course to clean the glass off after the game).

Six years ago, several of them tossed ‘nanners and sling racial slurs at a black player after an OT win during the second round–and the rest of that lot claimed that it was really the opposing team’s fans in disguise, just trying to make the Canadiens look bad.

And then of course we have Jack Todd. I’ll stop myself before I go off on that jackass again.

And they have the nerve to call us rednecks?

WE didn’t riot after winning the first round. We didn’t even riot after winning the Finals in 2006. The ONE time I heard some asshat in the stands refer to a black player with a racist epithet, everyone sitting around him threatened to throw the toolbag over the glass so he could call the player that again to his face–and when toolbag demurred, he was told to STFU and stop embarrassing all the rest of us.

I’m sure some Habs troll will show up and say “I won’t be back, but I wanted to say GO HABS and we are more passionate than you are because we do all these things”, but you know what?  Fuck y’all in your ears. I’d rather be classy than “passionate”, if “passionate” means “being on a level with the drunken thugs that invaded the RBC during the 2006 ECF.”

I was cheering for the 10-megaton surface burst in this series (because I have no love for Montreal or Philly), but I may have to rethink my position.

Actually…no. I’m still barracking for the 10MT surface burst.

And the Rangers take on the Pens (and the Sharks throw down with the Stars) in their respective Game 1s tonight. Give ‘em Hell, Harry.

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 21 Apr 2008 @ 3:16 PM 

…I’ll be planted in front of the t00b watching the Habs (who SUCK…just sayin’) take on the Bruins in a Game Seven. Why?  Because it’s a Game Seven, and because I want to see the Habs fans’ heads implode if Carey Price can’t steal the game. Either way, it will be a barn-burner.

And I’ll be checking on the score of the Capitals game, to see if they manage to take their series to a seventh game or if they choke it like a chicken (which is what I think will happen).

I suspect that if the Caps pull it out tonight, that moronic little twerp capsfan88 will be back like a bad yeast infection to try trolling it up again.

Meanwhile, over in the Western Conference, everything that has happened before will happen again. And that’s all I’m saying about that.


 04 Oct 2007 @ 8:46 AM 

So last night at work, I had a chance to take advantage of the quiet of the graveyard shift and ponder the game. These thoughts are very distilled, as I am pretty much running on fumes at the moment.

Yes, we lost our fifth straight season opener since 2001. Deal.

Yes, we’re 0-f0r-banner-raisings. Deal.

The officiating was of the “huh wha?” persuasion–I’m still wondering where Gord Dwyer saw a cross-check in OT, because I sure as funk didn’t see one and I was right freakin’ there–and the offense couldn’t convert to save their lives half the time, but that is the least of my issues right now.

I’m worried about our defense. The last time I saw a Hurricanes defense collapse into a shell like that, it was 2003 and Paul Maurice was still our coach. Yeah, that’s not a good thing.

edit 11:49 PM: So let’s talk about the defense. Oh man, the defense. None of the defensemen looked particularly spectacular out there last night, really. None of them even looked better than mildly serviceable, except for Glen Wesley and Bret of the Gimpy Hip. Nicky Wallin is getting roasted alive on some of the message boards this morning for that cross-check in OT, which I don’t think is at all fair because I still don’t believe he did that. Did he take dumb penalties? Yes he did. But I still didn’t see him cross-check anyone in OT like Dwyer said he did. Good to see that Mike Ribiero is still in Montreal in spirit, I guess.

Oh yeah, and some pictures from game day–these were taken with my craptacular Olympus D360-L (which isn’t even made or supported by Olympus anymore–that should tell yer something), so I apologize for not-so-great quality.

(Duh AQ, add the pictures)

The scalpers, I’ll do first. I’m going to take pictures of these clowns every game I go to, because 1) it’s funny to laugh at their pathetic attempts to hit the same people up for tickets 15 times in a row and 2) I get ill at the ones that think that they can blithely ignore RBC Center policy and go strolling the lots asking people “Got tickets? Need tickets?” and copping ‘tude with people that tell them to pike off and get their asses back across the road.

Dumb Scalper 1

Now this dude is in right place–across the road at the Carter-Finley1 lot–but he hit up the same people like four or five times (including the cat on the left in the red polo shirt), which I found amusing. So I snapped his picture.

I’d have gotten a better picture, but I wanted to be surreptitious–as surreptitious as I can be with a camera the size of Vermont, anyway. The cat on the left is a scalper, but he’s new to the gig…at least, I didn’t see him last season or the season before. The dude on the right, though, I’ve seen at the RBC since it freaking opened. Ever since they implemented the rule that scalpers had to keep their lawbreaking2 asses across the street at Carter-Finley Stadium, this guy and several other scalpers have kept right on patrolling the lots.

So now I’m going to start taking pictures and posting ‘em so that any RBC securebots that find this site will know who they need to keep a lookout for.

These are the “best of the rest”–which isn’t saying much, given the quality of my camera. But here goes:

Mark Roberts

Mark was also the PA announcer for the Raleigh Icecaps (now the Augusta Lynx) of the ECHL.

“The Icecaps are on the Pepsi Power Play!”

Click Me For Full Size

Warmups--click for full-size

I’ll be at Friday’s game in Section 332, so I’ll have some more (and hopefully better) pictures then.

Go Canes.

1:Carter-Finley Stadium is where NCSU plays its futbol games.
2: scalping is illegal in NC. My apologies to the Toronto fans that came down here in 2002 and wound up having to give their life savings to those scuzzwipes.

 03 Oct 2007 @ 10:01 AM 

For those who are local and heading to the RBC tonight, I’ll be Section 123 so come say hey. Game recap and so forth will be posted on the morrow, after I get home from work.

Let’s hear it for rockin’ the graveyard shift.  Go Canes.

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 06 Aug 2007 @ 9:08 PM 

NASCAR towns just don’t deserve hockey.

Luke DeCock: My ShorDurPerSav since…how long has he written for the ‘Canes now?

(Note: I suggest actually clicking on the link and reading what Luke wrote before popping off a response.)

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