08 Jun 2008 @ 2:12 PM 

I write a post congratulating the Red Wings on winning the Cup. I was–so I thought, anyway–quite complimentary, laudatory even. I went out of my way to praise them, even. The Chief links it, showing the contrast between my post and the rather venomous screeds that were posted by a few Avs and Blues fans.

As you see from the comments, I wound up getting blasted by some of the Chief’s regulars anyway.


That’s what I get for trying to show a modicum of good sportsmanship, I guess.

(I had some less-complimentary things I was going to say as part of the above, but I decided to follow the example set by–of all people–the Red Wings’ current and previous Captains and stay classy)

Moving on:

A guy on X Random Messageboard seriously suggested that Bret of the Gimpy Hip’s jersey be retired…only to immediately backtrack and say “I was really just stirring the pot” after being challenged by a couple people. Of course you were just stirring the pot, dude–that’s why, when you were originally challenged, you said “Oh, I want to see him recognized for all he’s done for the team”.

Dude, srsly. Give Gimpy a nice gift when he comes back with whatever team he signs with in the offseason or something–that’s what the Hurricanes that made it through the Greensboro years all got together and did for Kevin Dineen. Have an alumni night some years from now where our first Cup team gets recognized (perhaps when the Warchief’s jersey gets retired). But retiring his jersey? Hell no. No way has he done anything to warrant that.

Just being “a leader” is not enough. Just winning a Cup is not enough. Getting a jersey retired is and should be a singular and rare honour that is given only to those people whose career with the team stands out far above anyone else’s. It’s why I don’t think Ray Bourque’s jersey should have been retired by Colorado. Yes, he won a Cup with them–but he was there for a season and a freaking half. He totally deserved having his jersey retired by the Bruins…but the Avs? That was a freakin’ joke right there.

Just sayin’, of course.

 31 May 2007 @ 12:12 PM 

I go away for a couple weeks cos of work and other non-hockey stuff, and what do I find?

Chris Cheli-ass was named the Mark Messier Leader Of The Year.  Yeah, there’s a match made in Nastrond–I know I’d consider a whining cheap-shotting classless hotel-room trasher who refuses to shake hands with his opponents a real leader, there. Why not just call it the “Mark Messier Aging Asshat Award” if all Mess is going to do is pick the oldest assiest player in the League every season?

Bite me, Chief.


Cam Ward: Hot off a World Champeenships win, 3 years, 8 bills. Here’s hoping he earns that cash.

Now that the Sabres got blasted off the “BOO HOO CAROLINA STOLE OUR CUP” Bus O’ Bulldada by the Sens, I am back to loathing the Red Wings in full effect. Punks.

And speaking of the Sens: These Finals are, so far, showing the value of Finals-veteran leadership. The Ducks have plenty right now–the Sens will have plenty after this is all over. I’m still barracking for the Sens, but they have got to start burying those chances they’re getting and fast.

BTW, TSN: Going an hour away to Newport Beach and talking to a Red Wings fan who says “Durrrr, Sens in three!” != accurate gauge of fan interest in hockey.  And Reuters?  WTF was up with going to Disneyland and asking people about the Finals?  EVERYBODY THERE IS FROM OUT OF TOWN, YOU MORONS.  That’s like asking Roger from Medicine Hat if he knows who’s playing for the North Carolina 4-AAA Pop Warner title.

Fuck you very much, you elitist pricks. Just cos I’m cheering for the Sens, that doesn’t mean I gotta put up with that kind of elitist bulldada. Hockey will never grow in the southern States like I and others want it to as long as we have to deal with elitist garbage from asshats like that.

And speaking of asshats, I see that Jim Ballsillie has finally found a victim. I’m sure the Chief is wetting himself with glee at the thought of Nashville losing its team, but hopefully the fans will give Ballsillie a big middle-finger and get more than 14,000 per game–which, of course, means that Captain Patent Infringer will have to Karmanos his way out of Nashville to bring the team to Hamilton.

But it’ll be OK, of course, because the team will be going North instead of South. Yeah.

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