12 Dec 2011 @ 9:36 PM 

Andy Sutton gets 8 games for his flagrant charge on Alexei Ponikarovsky

And, in a move that came as no surprise to me, the Hurricanes said about a day or two later that Jeff Skinner was out with “the flu”–but almost immediately reversed themselves and said that he had an undisclosed upper-body injury.

Gee, I dunno–Sutton checks him in open ice, follows through what WAS a clean hit with a Scott Stevens-style stealth-elbow, and…nothing happens.

If I said I wasn’t irate, I’d be lying out my ass. Officially, no concussion is involved, but I have my suspicions about it. Don’t be surprised if Skinner comes back on Thursday, after a week has passed (the required “concussion minimum”.

But in Shanahan’s defence, the penalty that was levied was levied specifically for the incident involving Ponikarovsky and only that incident–so I can’t be too irritated, I guess.

(as an aside: I apologize for the slim pickings on the blog of late. Fibro Fog ftl)

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 07 Oct 2011 @ 5:51 AM 

So a while back, I chummed the waters on Kukla’s Korner by quipping that new NHL Disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan would let the Red Wings off easy, because he used to play for them and won Cups with them. Predictably, I got a few of the Juggalos up in a tizzy.

Ha ha, very funny, I trolled the Juggalos (which, let’s be honest, isn’t much of an accomplishment given that they’re collectively pretty dim bulbs, and therefore ridiculously easy to troll). But let’s be real here. Let’s set aside the team bias and get serious about something:

Brendan Shanahan’s apparently decided that he’s going to try to be what Clownshoe Colin wasn’t: somebody who actually lays down the freakin’ law. Somebody who LARTs the lusers, as it were. And he’s going to show what the player did to deserve the LARTing with


Oh wait, not science. Video. He’s going to do it with video. Like this one here.

People’s Exhibit A, your honour: Serial recidivist Jody Shelley gets the rest of preseason and five regular-season games for intent to injure. Shanahan explains why, and clearly states that Shelley’s record as a career recidivist factored into the decision.

General consensus is that Shanahan is doing a good job–and I’ll agree that he’s trying. But in my opinion dudeman doesn’t go far enough, especially if he’s trying to send a message to players that engage in cheap shots and try to dish out season-ending (if not career-ending, in the case of Marc Savard) injuries.

He’s got to exercise the Nuclear Option.

Preseason is nothing when it comes to a suspension–I’d have given Shelley the first 15 games of the regular season at least. Why? He’s a career recidivist. Matt Cooke even so much as farts in another player’s direction, BAM! Go play in the KHL son, cos you are done in the NHL. Todd Bertuzzi tries anything (again)? SEEYA! My Golden Bitch? He needs to sit his ass down for a nice chunk of the season the next time he throws an elbow at somebody’s head or tries to take out somebody’s knees. Ovechkin? Same thing. Yes he’s skilled, yes he’s got personality in spades–hell, I LIKE him even though he drives me stark raving mad six times a season–but if you throw cheap shots, Ovie, it’s time for you to go hang out with GMGM in the press box for a while. Hell, any Hurricane that gives out a cheap shot and gets a suspension needs to get a serious suspension just like anyone else. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

The NHLPA wants to grievance it? Let them file a grievance. Seriously, let them cry! There has to be a very clear and very decisive message sent that deliberately injuring another player is UNACCEPTABLE–and giving out heavy suspension action (with accompanying financial hit to the player) is the only way that it’s going to happen.


Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 04 Apr 2010 @ 7:18 PM 

Graham James pardoned 3 years ago, nobody was told — TSN

I want to know why this bastard was pardoned. I want to know what was going through the heads of the National Parole Board when they approved this fuck’s pardon request. I want answers. We all want–we all deserve–answers. And we deserve them NOW.

When DaveG sent me the text about this at work, I wanted to kill somebody. I still want to kill somebody, but I’ll be quite content with Graham James being trapped in a universe of pain for the rest of his life. I am not kidding. People who prey on children do not deserve any mercy. They do not deserve any “understanding” or pity or forgiveness. They deserve to suffer like their victims did, and to have that suffering last as long as possible.

Whenever this bastard’s location is discovered, it needs to be broadcast far and wide. There needs to be no rest given to Graham James, not now and not ever. He needs to be mercilessly hounded to all the four corners of the earth for the rest of his life. Pierre Dion, the man who signed off on this pardon, needs to have his licence revoked. Anyone who has ever protected, sheltered, or given any sort of aid and comfort to Graham James needs to be publicly shamed.

Don’t talk to me about forgiveness or understanding. Don’t anyone dare drop the “how would you feel if he was your relative?” line on me. I’ve already covered this. Don’t you dare lecture me. I have a right to my anger. I have a right to my wrath. I and every other survivor of sexual abuse has that right.

I hope that piece of shit suffers for a good long time.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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Categories: Crime and Punishment
 22 May 2009 @ 8:10 PM 

….that there is no Vast Anti-Hurricanes Conspiracy in the ECF:

Ryan Bayda gets lucky, only fined for cheap high-stick to Kris Letang’s grill — WRALSportsFan.com

Yeah fellow Caniacs, you heard me. My Man Ryan Bayda, the dude that I called as a Hurricanes draft pick in ’01, got lucky. He should have been suspended. Scott Walker should have been suspended for his antics in Game 5 of the ECSF–though in fairness, I suspect that the reason he didn’t get suspendered is because AWard just stood there and deliberately took the punch, hoping to draw the penalty.

Either way, they were both cheap. Whether to a lesser or greater degree, they were both just as cheap as Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit on Erik Cole and they both deserved to get LARTed for it.

Game 3 tomorrow night at the RBC–I’ll be camping the internet-radio and listening to ChuckandtheletterK as usual.

Go Canes.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 14 Mar 2008 @ 1:21 PM 

WELL. The big topic today is an article in the N&O about the stupidity of the NHL when it comes to handing out suspensions. Luke has also blogged a followup, and of course there are comments.

I don’t know that I totally agree with Luke’s math, but the main thrust of the article is that there is a gross discrepancy/inequality in the way that the NHL hands out suspensions. I fired off an e-maul to Don LeGreca and EJ Hradek (the guys who make NHL Live such fun to listen to), with my comments (not all of which were read on the air, partly because of the length and–well, you’ll see):

Don and EJ,

Luke DeCock (yes that really is his name) has a rather interesting article in this morning’s News and Observer (Raleigh’s fishwrap).

http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/story/999555.html (So EJ can pull it up while this gets read)

Specifically, Luke talks about suspensions and the apparently random manner in which they are handed out.

For example: A guy who received two suspensions in the AHL for piledriving guys head-first at speed into the boards breaks an opponent’s neck by–surprise surprise–piledriving that opponent head-first at speed into the boards, is unrepentant about it…and gets a mere three games.

Another guy headshots an opponent in a critical playoff game, gets suspended one game–and then goes on to repeat his performance in the next round, knowing that at worst he’ll have to sit out the next game while the guy he headhunted is out for the rest of the playoffs and facing the possibility of having to retire early as a result of the hit.

Yet another player stomps on an opponent’s skate-boot, and gets only thirty games even though he has a rather lengthy history of being cheaper than a working girl from Newark. (For the record, I have been to Newark on several occasions. I stand by the jab–AQ)

And then we have the toolbox who deliberately piledrove the opposing team’s leading scorer head-first into the boards, and got nothing except a five-minute boarding major–and coaches just get told to keep their yaps shut and not say anything, for fear that their team may wind up becoming a target for some kind of retributive action.

I don’t get it–maybe I missed a memo or something, but perhaps you, illuminated scholars that you are, can explain to me the gross discrepancy in the (quote-unquote) “justice” that is meted out by the clownshoe who sits in the Discipline Czar’s seat to the 29 teams that his son doesn’t play for.



So there you have it–my comments, which got mangled in hilarious fashion by Don “Tee hee Del Greco”*. The first incident I cited in my example is officially dispensed with in my book, since the aggressor and aggressed threw down with each other and honour was satisfied. But still, only three games? Sorry, but that deserved more than the absolutely penurious suspension that was given.

Chris Pronger has almost as much of a history as Chris Simon, yet he gets dinky-doo for headhunting in two successive playoff rounds and nothing (at least, until the publication of Luke’s article) for his latest shenanigans–while Simon actually gets something approximating (in the Colin Campbell bizarre-world) a just and proper suspension.

It’s well past time for Colin Campbell to either step down or grow a pair and start giving out proper suspensions for cheap and dirty play. Hopefully this happens soon…and hopefully the Hurricanes don’t wind up suffering for the work of Luke and his compadres at the N&O.

*: An e-mailer playfully teased Don by ending her e-mail with “Tee Hee, Del Greco”–a reference to a retort John Davidson had to Don’s calling him the biggest homer in the NHL: “Why should I care what an ex-placekicker thinks?”

 28 Jan 2008 @ 1:52 PM 

The one year I take only the most peripheral of interest in the ASG weekend, Eric Staal wins the Whalercanes’ first-ever MVP honours. According to what little I saw on Versus, the game was actually fun to watch–I did see Ovechkin’s attempt at a “trick shot”, though. OK, and I saw Nabokov keep messing up Martin St. Louis’ attempts to be cute with an occasional pokecheck. That was actually pretty funny. And I also felt the disturbance in the force that was the collective angst of Islanders Nation when DiPietro was caught on audio saying “FUCK! My hip!” 15 years, huh?  Egad.

Former Carolina Hurricanes’ prospect Nate Hagemo is currently sitting in the Hennepin County lockup on drug charges after getting busted with paraphernalia in a low-rent part of Minneapolis. From this mugshot here, I am betting that he’s a tweaker–which is not a good thing. The ‘Canes helped him once before when he had issues with addiction, but now?  He’s on his own, and his “comeback” attempt is pretty much hosed.

Shortly before the weekend, Luke DeCock made a very good argument for the Triangle finally getting the ASG.  The NHL made a promise to us some years ago, and they have yet to deliver on it while we’ve been busting our asses to do whatever it takes to get the ASG in our town–including busting ass to get to 12,309 season tickets before the start of the 2001-2002 season (whether the numbers were fudged by people no longer with the org or not is another issue–but the League agreed that the effort was sufficient and vowed to deliver on their end of the bargain…which, of course, never happened).  Want five-star hotel accomodations?  We got it (wish I could afford to spend the night there).  Want stuff to do?  We got it. We even have a pretty good hockey team here. C’mon Gary, it’s time to finally man up and deliver on that oath.

Tomorrow the Hurricanes take on the Rangers at the RBC. I’ll be heading right over from work, which should be fun. “Hello RBC parkbots, here’s $8 so that you don’t call somebody to tow my car that’s been parked there since 9 AM.”

 27 Dec 2007 @ 12:47 PM 

Colton Orr used his forearm and elbow to give Matt Cullen a nice concussion (and a busted snoot) last night.

In return, the Hurricanes gave the Rangers the game. You’re welcome.

The game was a blur to me, really. It was just a long nightmare of gaffes and goofs and a complete lack of physicality whatsoever. Lavi was clearly upset, I’m upset, the TSB Goon Squad is clamouring for the return of Jesse Boulerice (whose usefulness is long spent), and it was really not a fun way to come out of the X-istmas break.

And then we have the psycho freakshow known as Sean Avery, who decided to wait until the linesmen were holding Andrew Ladd (who stepped into the scrum to defend his teammate) to get some punches in on Ladd. Yeah, that really shows your manhood there Sean-o. And don’t get me going on the hilarity that would have been a Malik-Nolan tussle.

Tomorrow the horror continues when the Bahstan Broons come to the RBC Center for some good old-fashioned southern hospitality and probably two free points. Just cos we’re so giving like that, yanno.

 19 Dec 2007 @ 11:39 PM 


In the midst of all the hubbub last night, those of us who couldn’t make the game and don’t have Centre Ice missed this gem:

It’s a don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it move, but Craig Adams high-sticked Alexander Steen…and then followed it up with a bonk on Steen’s head with the butt-end of his stick.

He got a 2-minute high sticking penalty, but nothing else–until today, when he got slapped with just as many games as Randy Jones got for almost ending Patrice Bergeron’s career.

Do whatnow? OK, I can see wanting to send a message on hits to the head–but how is this the equivalent of lining up a dude and plowing his face into the boards at speed, ending his season and putting the rest of his career in question?

A game and a hefty fine, sure. CAdams was totally in the wrong and deserved to get a good swift kick in the ass. But equivocating it with a deliberate attempt to injure is complete codswallop.

Good job, Clownshoe Colin.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 16 Dec 2007 @ 2:30 PM 

Let’s go to the videotape:

As you see in this clip, Jarkko Ruutu is standing by the bench jawing at an Islander (Looked like Andy Sutton, but I could be wrong). Officials intervene as Chris Simon skates up to the bench. Suddenly, Ruutu collapses as Simon stomps down on his ankle with his skate–not once, but TWICE, hard–and takes a seat on the bench.

Simon received a match penalty for intent to injure, and the Pens went on to win. The incident, according to the talking heads on On The Fly, will go under review.

Now, I’m sorry–but one has to look at past history (Simon came off a 25-game joke-suspension–”Bad boy, no preseason for you!”–for cross-checking the Rangers’ Ryan Hollweg in the face last season, and has a reputation as a cheap-shot artist) and the potential severity of the situation. Ruutu may be a smack-talking little bastard, and he may be a little on the sly-cheap himself–but his history of agitation doesn’t warrant what would have been a career-ending injury had his foot and ankle not been encased in the hard leather-and-plastic siding of a hockey skate.

Of course, this is Colin Campbell we’re talking about–so I am betting Simon gets three games and a letter in the mail saying “you are a bad boy, don’t do that again.”

Bet on it.

 27 Nov 2007 @ 3:50 PM 

You have got to be kidding me.

Here’s a better view of the hit. You see in that video that Hartnell was coming from somewhere out around Harrisburg, had plenty of time to let up, and didn’t. His two games must be because Albert was lucky enough to not get injured. Either that or Bobby Clarke called Colin Campbell’s house and threatened his dog or something.

In other news, the NHLPA is looking at lobbying for an end to the instigator rule. I’m sure that the fans in Boston and a few other places are eagerly hoping for this so that the Flyers can get their just desserts.

 27 Nov 2007 @ 12:47 AM 

Let’s go to the videotape. The hit itself is at the 1:30 mark or so.

This is getting out of hand. Correction: it’s already out of hand with this team. This is the third time this season (fourth if you count Steve Downie’s preseason attempt to impress his coaches) that a Flyer has been involved in an incident like this…not only that, but the players involved aren’t guys with long rap sheets (though Wings fans would disagree with me about Hartnell, I’m sure).

The team’s gotta be punished, if this garbage is to stop. The only thing that Hartnell didn’t do on that play was leave his feet–and that’s only because Alberts was on his knees (and, as Jack Edwards pointed out in that videoclip, unable to defend himself). Hartnell came from clear across the rink, he didn’t slow down, and he didn’t make any attempt to mitigate the outcome when he saw Alberts on his knees. If that doesn’t scream “intent to injure”, I don’t know what does.

I said before that there is a team-level issue here. I’m more sure of it now than ever. Something or someone is giving the Flyers the impression that it’s OK to be a bunch of cheap-shotting thugs, and that is unacceptable.

Colin Campbell has a chance to take a stand and actually exert the discipline that he’s shied away from. He has a chance to send a message to the Flyers that they had better knock off all their evil…but since we all know that he’s just a giant clownshoe, I am betting Hartnell gets five games at most.

Wednesday night’s game is going to be very interesting. Bad Craziness, Soon Come.

 29 Oct 2007 @ 6:58 PM 

Randy Jones Orpiks Patrice Bergeron, gets only two games — TSN

And, of course, excuses are being made for Jones: he’s a n00b, it’s his first major, it’s Bergeron’s fault cos Grapes said so, blah blah fricking blah de blah.

So of course he should be excused for not letting up and barrelling right into the back of a guy who doesn’t even have the puck anymore, piledriving him headfirst into the glass, and putting him into the hospital. It’s just “part of the game”, right?


All that Randy Jones saw the whole time was Bergeron’s numbers, and should have let up cos Bergeron had gotten rid of the puck already–Jones’ teammate peeled off when he saw that, so what the hells was Jones’ issue? And leaving his feet?  How is that not intent to injure?

I said it before and I’ll say it again: There is something rotten in the Flyers’ organization, and people will continue to get injured by those toolboxes in orange and black until the NHL finally finds their bollocks and does something about it.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
Last Edit: 29 Oct 2007 @ 06:58 PM

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 12 Oct 2007 @ 10:04 AM 

I sat down to watch the Sens and Your Carolina Hurricanes last night–the Sens were on a hot streak, and the ‘Canes were still feeling their oats (and coming off a game with the Leafs).

Haven’t we seen this before?

Anyway, the star of the game was definitely little Chad LaRose. Rosie was all over the place, getting three assists and drawing some key penalties. Tripp was his usual insane self, we had the Ray Mojo during warmups, and all was right with the world.

Well, for me anyway.

And, of course, everyone is piling on Jesse Boulerice today–my favorite? Bringing up a 10-year old incident as if it’s a lifelong pattern of behaviour. Am I defending Jesse’s act of gross stupidity? Of course not–his career is more than likely over, as it damn well should be. What he did was inexcusable (and he recognizes that, now that the adrenalin has worn off), and anyone who attempts to defend it even peripherally (as one Flyers fan did in Mirtle’s commentbox) is a complete and total moron.

But please–it’s not as if he’s a convicted rapist and career recidivist (whose dirtbaggery is a lifelong pattern of behaviour). He’s a guy who has done two idiotic things that will hang over his head for the rest of his life, and he knows it and is prepared to live with it rather than make excuses. I can respect that, because he’s not playing “blame the victim”. So can we please stop treating the guy like he’s some kind of ogre? Two incidents / ten years = dumbass (≠ outlaw)1.

I’m just sayin’.

As for the Flyers….don’t be surprised if we see more of this kind of dirty play from them this season–because, of course, if you can’t beat ‘em then you might as well injure ‘em amirite? Clearly, the Flyers have to send a message that they “won’t be pushed around”, and if that means that people wind up getting put on the IR or sent to the hospital then clearly that’s just what’s going to have to happen.

See AQ. See AQ be completely and totally unimpressed by the size of the Flyers’ e-peen.

Next up for the ‘Canes: Saturday night v. the Godless Habominations at the Bell Centre. Here’s hoping we spoil the hell out of their home opener.

Go Canes.

1: Math isn’t my specialty, so I might have gotten that notation wrong. I was going for “Two incidents in ten years makes him a dumbass, not an outlaw.”

 11 Oct 2007 @ 3:04 AM 

Jesse, you dumbass.

Didn’t you learn anything from ten years ago (well, nine years ago)? Enjoy your suspension, and be grateful that your outburst didn’t cause the guy grievous injury.

Not the way I wanted to start the work day.

 17 Aug 2007 @ 12:56 PM 

Winnipeg Sun — Brandon Nolan denied entry into own country; asserts that guards belittled him for being Native

I shook my head when I read this, because to me it’s just the Same Old Shit. I grew up a stone’s throw from a Reservation, and all through my formative years I heard plenty of nasty comments from “upstanding” members of my community about “The People Out West”…and my mother and I were the only ones that ever had an issue with it, which always made for lots of fun.

Of course, we were the only ones in our town that had an issue with people dropping the N-bomb too…so there you go.

I hope that the individuals responsible for this get a legal horsewhipping, because that kind of conduct is and always will be completely and totally unacceptable in a modern society.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
Last Edit: 17 Aug 2007 @ 12:56 PM

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 05 Aug 2007 @ 2:28 PM 


Some induhvidual by the name of K. D. Wade has written a letter to the News and Observer decrying the fact that the Hurricanes haven’t done anything to Eric Staal in the wake of his arrest other than say “He wasn’t the one hassling motorists and he was asleep when the cops came to kick his group out, so to us it’s a non-issue”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Citizen Wade for his letter.

Apparently, since Eric Staal was asleep when the police arrived to toss his noisy group from his hotel, and since he was part of a group that was arrested by a couple of bored Barney Fifes when a handful of them started acting the fool and hollering at passing cars as they were walking down the road, he needs to be IMMEDIATELY suspended by the Hurricanes and the NHL lest the message be sent to young people that it’s OK to drink and be an idiot.

Because of course, being walking along the side of the road while drunk is exactly like shooting steroids to hit lots of home runs, running dogfighting rings, and generally living the thug life. And clearly, no young people in this community have parents to tell them that it’s not cool to have a few beers and then just go to bed. I wonder, would Citizen Wade have preferred that the group got behind the wheel? I guess that would be better than walking down the road after being tossed from a resort hotel because of a couple of drunken morons that wouldn’t listen to instructions while their host was asleep in bed, hmm?

Be that as it may; I would like to thank Citizen Wade for publicly offering me his seat at the RBC Center this season–I’ll be sure put it to good use, attending more games this season than Citizen Wade has likely attended the entire time the Hurricanes have been in Raleigh. I’m sure that while I’m happily cheering for my beloved Hurricanes, Citizen Wade will be “more constructively” spending his time polishing the saddle on his high horse.

I just hope he doesn’t pass out and fall off the ladder–I hear that the air is a little rare up there.


 15 Apr 2007 @ 7:54 PM 


This season’s playoff whipping boy is, apparently, none other than the Nashville Predators–because Alexander Radulov got suspended (and rightly so) for a hit that even most Preds fans on the net agree was totally unnecessary, and because Scott Hartnell got a game misconduct in Game 1 for laying out Jonathan Cheechoo (a hit that I personally think was pretty foolish).

All of a sudden, the Predators are a bunch of dirty no-good thugs, Nashville doesn’t deserve a team, their fans are morons….

Oh wait, various fuckheads on the Net have been saying those last two things for ages. FlyersTV Comcast OLN Versus has been harping on the first one, however, and making the Sharks out to be innocent martyrs.

How conveniently we forget that the Sharks are not nearly so innocent as Clement Clement Hands of Cement and his little friends would have us believe. At least the Preds didn’t do the double-team thing right off the faceoff in the last five minutes of the game. But since the Preds are south of the Mason-Dixon Line, I guess it’s fashionable to bash them left right and center (and, if you’re a Wings fan, to make fat jokes and drop redneck smack on anyone who dares defend them–I’m betting that if the Wings get punted again, at least a few of ‘em will be hopping on the Sabres bus so they can hang with kindred spirits).

The more things change….

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