27 Sep 2011 @ 10:28 PM 

“I didn’t see anything. Did you see anything? That video doesn’t prove anything.” — Colin Campbell

Ironic, really. Not even a week after some jackwagon in London, ON threw a banana peel at Pflyers forward Wayne Simmonds, the man’s back in the news–and this time for something not very sympathetic.

Of course, it’s also ironic that I defend Sean Avery, given the wonderfully misogynist things he’s said in the past about an ex-girlfriend, his general on-ice jackassery (like the Morris Dance he did in front of Marty Brodeur during a playoff game in 2007), and my own “Sean Avery is gay” post category (which is there because, seriously, dudeman needs to come out the damn closet already).

The scenario: Rangers/Pflyers preseason game, in Philly. Sean Avery claims that Simmonds called him a “faggot”, which is considered an anti-gay slur. It’s captured on video, and yet Clownshoe Colin–the same guy who, in an e-mail that was publicized in November 2010, called Marc Savard a “whiner” and a “little fake-artist”, and then refused to even so much as give a suspension after Savard sustained a possible career-ending concussion–is saying “I didn’t see anything happen, so I won’t do anything.”

That shit ain’t cool, kids. Racism and homophobia are doubleplusuncool, and any so-called “fan” who thinks they’re OK has rocks in his head, in my opinion.

Come at me, bro!

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 22 May 2009 @ 8:10 PM 

….that there is no Vast Anti-Hurricanes Conspiracy in the ECF:

Ryan Bayda gets lucky, only fined for cheap high-stick to Kris Letang’s grill — WRALSportsFan.com

Yeah fellow Caniacs, you heard me. My Man Ryan Bayda, the dude that I called as a Hurricanes draft pick in ’01, got lucky. He should have been suspended. Scott Walker should have been suspended for his antics in Game 5 of the ECSF–though in fairness, I suspect that the reason he didn’t get suspendered is because AWard just stood there and deliberately took the punch, hoping to draw the penalty.

Either way, they were both cheap. Whether to a lesser or greater degree, they were both just as cheap as Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit on Erik Cole and they both deserved to get LARTed for it.

Game 3 tomorrow night at the RBC–I’ll be camping the internet-radio and listening to ChuckandtheletterK as usual.

Go Canes.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 20 May 2009 @ 5:05 PM 

There has been a great hue and cry raised in various areas about the Vast NHL Conspiracy to keep the Hurricanes and the Blackhawks (especially the Hurricanes) from advancing to the SCF–after only one game.

Wow. That’s all I can say, just “wow”.

Kids, really; there is no conspiracy. This is the NHL–they can’t even schedule a playoff series right, much less come up with some grand conspiracy to fix games in favour of this or that team!

OK, so Matt Cooke is a dirty cheap-ass piece of crap who deserved to get suspended after his accidentally-on-purpose knee on knee hit to Erik Cole. Scott Walker deserved a suspension after punching Aaron Ward, and he didn’t get one. Alex Ovechkin deserved a suspension after HIS accidentally-on-purpose knee on knee hit to Sergei Gonchar, and he didn’t get one.

Suspensions just aren’t happening in these playoffs. We need to suck it up and get over it…praying for better officials and for Colin Campbell to be replaced with somebody who can actually do what needs to be done, however, is always a good idea.

p.s. Luke DeCock agrees with me. And thanks to the Pens fans who down-voted the previous few posts. That made me laugh.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 14 Mar 2008 @ 1:21 PM 

WELL. The big topic today is an article in the N&O about the stupidity of the NHL when it comes to handing out suspensions. Luke has also blogged a followup, and of course there are comments.

I don’t know that I totally agree with Luke’s math, but the main thrust of the article is that there is a gross discrepancy/inequality in the way that the NHL hands out suspensions. I fired off an e-maul to Don LeGreca and EJ Hradek (the guys who make NHL Live such fun to listen to), with my comments (not all of which were read on the air, partly because of the length and–well, you’ll see):

Don and EJ,

Luke DeCock (yes that really is his name) has a rather interesting article in this morning’s News and Observer (Raleigh’s fishwrap).

http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/story/999555.html (So EJ can pull it up while this gets read)

Specifically, Luke talks about suspensions and the apparently random manner in which they are handed out.

For example: A guy who received two suspensions in the AHL for piledriving guys head-first at speed into the boards breaks an opponent’s neck by–surprise surprise–piledriving that opponent head-first at speed into the boards, is unrepentant about it…and gets a mere three games.

Another guy headshots an opponent in a critical playoff game, gets suspended one game–and then goes on to repeat his performance in the next round, knowing that at worst he’ll have to sit out the next game while the guy he headhunted is out for the rest of the playoffs and facing the possibility of having to retire early as a result of the hit.

Yet another player stomps on an opponent’s skate-boot, and gets only thirty games even though he has a rather lengthy history of being cheaper than a working girl from Newark. (For the record, I have been to Newark on several occasions. I stand by the jab–AQ)

And then we have the toolbox who deliberately piledrove the opposing team’s leading scorer head-first into the boards, and got nothing except a five-minute boarding major–and coaches just get told to keep their yaps shut and not say anything, for fear that their team may wind up becoming a target for some kind of retributive action.

I don’t get it–maybe I missed a memo or something, but perhaps you, illuminated scholars that you are, can explain to me the gross discrepancy in the (quote-unquote) “justice” that is meted out by the clownshoe who sits in the Discipline Czar’s seat to the 29 teams that his son doesn’t play for.



So there you have it–my comments, which got mangled in hilarious fashion by Don “Tee hee Del Greco”*. The first incident I cited in my example is officially dispensed with in my book, since the aggressor and aggressed threw down with each other and honour was satisfied. But still, only three games? Sorry, but that deserved more than the absolutely penurious suspension that was given.

Chris Pronger has almost as much of a history as Chris Simon, yet he gets dinky-doo for headhunting in two successive playoff rounds and nothing (at least, until the publication of Luke’s article) for his latest shenanigans–while Simon actually gets something approximating (in the Colin Campbell bizarre-world) a just and proper suspension.

It’s well past time for Colin Campbell to either step down or grow a pair and start giving out proper suspensions for cheap and dirty play. Hopefully this happens soon…and hopefully the Hurricanes don’t wind up suffering for the work of Luke and his compadres at the N&O.

*: An e-mailer playfully teased Don by ending her e-mail with “Tee Hee, Del Greco”–a reference to a retort John Davidson had to Don’s calling him the biggest homer in the NHL: “Why should I care what an ex-placekicker thinks?”

 27 Dec 2007 @ 12:47 PM 

Colton Orr used his forearm and elbow to give Matt Cullen a nice concussion (and a busted snoot) last night.

In return, the Hurricanes gave the Rangers the game. You’re welcome.

The game was a blur to me, really. It was just a long nightmare of gaffes and goofs and a complete lack of physicality whatsoever. Lavi was clearly upset, I’m upset, the TSB Goon Squad is clamouring for the return of Jesse Boulerice (whose usefulness is long spent), and it was really not a fun way to come out of the X-istmas break.

And then we have the psycho freakshow known as Sean Avery, who decided to wait until the linesmen were holding Andrew Ladd (who stepped into the scrum to defend his teammate) to get some punches in on Ladd. Yeah, that really shows your manhood there Sean-o. And don’t get me going on the hilarity that would have been a Malik-Nolan tussle.

Tomorrow the horror continues when the Bahstan Broons come to the RBC Center for some good old-fashioned southern hospitality and probably two free points. Just cos we’re so giving like that, yanno.

 19 Dec 2007 @ 11:39 PM 


In the midst of all the hubbub last night, those of us who couldn’t make the game and don’t have Centre Ice missed this gem:

It’s a don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it move, but Craig Adams high-sticked Alexander Steen…and then followed it up with a bonk on Steen’s head with the butt-end of his stick.

He got a 2-minute high sticking penalty, but nothing else–until today, when he got slapped with just as many games as Randy Jones got for almost ending Patrice Bergeron’s career.

Do whatnow? OK, I can see wanting to send a message on hits to the head–but how is this the equivalent of lining up a dude and plowing his face into the boards at speed, ending his season and putting the rest of his career in question?

A game and a hefty fine, sure. CAdams was totally in the wrong and deserved to get a good swift kick in the ass. But equivocating it with a deliberate attempt to injure is complete codswallop.

Good job, Clownshoe Colin.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 16 Dec 2007 @ 2:30 PM 

Let’s go to the videotape:

As you see in this clip, Jarkko Ruutu is standing by the bench jawing at an Islander (Looked like Andy Sutton, but I could be wrong). Officials intervene as Chris Simon skates up to the bench. Suddenly, Ruutu collapses as Simon stomps down on his ankle with his skate–not once, but TWICE, hard–and takes a seat on the bench.

Simon received a match penalty for intent to injure, and the Pens went on to win. The incident, according to the talking heads on On The Fly, will go under review.

Now, I’m sorry–but one has to look at past history (Simon came off a 25-game joke-suspension–”Bad boy, no preseason for you!”–for cross-checking the Rangers’ Ryan Hollweg in the face last season, and has a reputation as a cheap-shot artist) and the potential severity of the situation. Ruutu may be a smack-talking little bastard, and he may be a little on the sly-cheap himself–but his history of agitation doesn’t warrant what would have been a career-ending injury had his foot and ankle not been encased in the hard leather-and-plastic siding of a hockey skate.

Of course, this is Colin Campbell we’re talking about–so I am betting Simon gets three games and a letter in the mail saying “you are a bad boy, don’t do that again.”

Bet on it.

 27 Nov 2007 @ 3:50 PM 

You have got to be kidding me.

Here’s a better view of the hit. You see in that video that Hartnell was coming from somewhere out around Harrisburg, had plenty of time to let up, and didn’t. His two games must be because Albert was lucky enough to not get injured. Either that or Bobby Clarke called Colin Campbell’s house and threatened his dog or something.

In other news, the NHLPA is looking at lobbying for an end to the instigator rule. I’m sure that the fans in Boston and a few other places are eagerly hoping for this so that the Flyers can get their just desserts.

 29 Oct 2007 @ 6:58 PM 

Randy Jones Orpiks Patrice Bergeron, gets only two games — TSN

And, of course, excuses are being made for Jones: he’s a n00b, it’s his first major, it’s Bergeron’s fault cos Grapes said so, blah blah fricking blah de blah.

So of course he should be excused for not letting up and barrelling right into the back of a guy who doesn’t even have the puck anymore, piledriving him headfirst into the glass, and putting him into the hospital. It’s just “part of the game”, right?


All that Randy Jones saw the whole time was Bergeron’s numbers, and should have let up cos Bergeron had gotten rid of the puck already–Jones’ teammate peeled off when he saw that, so what the hells was Jones’ issue? And leaving his feet?  How is that not intent to injure?

I said it before and I’ll say it again: There is something rotten in the Flyers’ organization, and people will continue to get injured by those toolboxes in orange and black until the NHL finally finds their bollocks and does something about it.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 18 Mar 2007 @ 3:02 PM 

Another weekend in the NHL, and another couple hits to the head.

Let’s go to the videotape.

People’s Exhibit A: Feeling invulnerable after getting what amounts to no suspension for his elbow on Tomas Kaberle, Cam Janssen decides to launch an elbow at Chad LaRose’s head in retaliation for little Rosie hanging two goals on whiny bitch Marty Brodeur and helping chase Brodeur from the net in yesterday’s 7-1 Romp in the Swamp.

People’s Exhibit B: Jordin Tootoo lays out Mike Modano fair and square (and gets slashed for it–with, of course, no call–by Modano), then does the foolish thing and turns to sucker-punch Stephane Robidas and lay him flat out on the ice at the Litter Box. I understand defending oneself, I really do–but there’s a very fine line between self defense and a sucker-punch, and Toots crossed that line.

Be that as it may:

This shit has got to stop. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what some knuckledragger thinks about crap like this. Nobody–and I mean nobody–deserves that. This isn’t part of “The Code”. This isn’t part of “hard-hitting hockey”. This is complete and utter bulldada, it’s a danger to the health of the players, it’s a complete and utter lack of respect, it’s been allowed to go on for far too long, and Clownshoe Colin Campbell needs to do one of two things:

1) Step up to the plate and start levying some meaningful suspensions and fines on a consistent basis any time a hit gets delivered to a player’s head–whether that player is a first-liner or an ECHL callup.

2) Step aside and let somebody come in who has the bollocks to step up and do 1).

That’s the way it’s gotta be.

 09 Mar 2007 @ 8:36 AM 

I got home from work about half an hour ago, and was greeted by the above link.

What I saw made me pretty ill–and this is nothing new for Chris Simon, either. He pulled the same kind of shit on little Sami Kapanen a few years back (when Sami still wore the Sightless Eye), but of course nobody cared because 1) Sami was just a dirty Hurricane at the time and 2) it was preseason.

Pattern of behaviour, hello?

If Simon gets any kind of suspension that lasts more than three games, I’ll be surprised.

The Instigator Rule in action, kids.

 05 Mar 2007 @ 9:03 AM 

A: When you lead with the shoulder.

We’ve all seen the video and read the reports (and a few message board posts, and a few other blog posts), so we know what happened. On a night when Hall of Fame cheapshot artist Scott Stevens was in the Swamp, Devils thug Cam Janssen decided to line up Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle behind the play and level him with a Stevens-style “lead with the shoulder, leave your feet, and follow through with the elbow” hit.

Let’s go to the videotape.

As you can see, Kaberle did not have the puck–it having left his stick a full second before (as opposed to the Neil hit on Briere–which, though iffy, was close enough to the play to be considered a late-stage part of the play*). Janssen left his feet when delivering his check, and you see the elbow come up for the follow-through. Gee, I wonder: where have we seen stuff like this before? At least the dirty little shitbag didn’t stand over the guy gloating.

What galls me is this:

1) No penalty, even though there were officials looking RIGHT THE HELL AT THE HIT. Let’s hear it for referee incompetence! *I* could make a better referee than 90% of the current crop in the NHL….and I can’t even skate!

I quote from Rule 47: Charging (a penalty that never seems to get called, even when it needs to be–like the other night):

Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner. A “Charge” may be the result of a check into the boards, into the goal frame or in open ice.

  1. A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent in any manner.
  2. When a major penalty is imposed under this Rule for a foul resulting in an injury to the face or head of an opponent, a game misconduct shall be imposed, and an automatic fine of one hundred dollars ($100).

Yeah, hello? Some gutless puke lines up a guy behind the play to take him out with a 100-point shoulder-and-elbow combo, and leaves his feet while doing it (for the Devils fans reading-impaired: That’s called “jumping into somebody”)…and there’s no penalty? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Do these guys even read their own damn rulebook?

No wonder the NHL is seen as clownshoes by non-fans–the officials are a bunch of Keystone Kops who are too busy tripping over their skatelaces and showing off their leet non-reffing skillz for the fans that they can’t be bothered to actually enforce the blasted rules.

2) A measly 3-game suspension. Is the “3″ button the only button that Clownshoe Colin knows how to push? Not that I’m still irate over Erik Cole’s broken neck or anything, but hello? WTF was that, Colin? A chicken-bone for the dog? What would it have been if Kaberle’s neck had been broken–five games? Four and a required viewing of a video about workplace injuries?

It’s garbage like this that leaves the NHL relegated to being the fifth of the Big Four Sports–and I don’t see it getting any better while fuckheads like Clownshoe Colin and Gary the Magical Talking Ass are in charge.

(BTW Leafs fans, don’t be surprised at your team’s non-response to this. It’s one of the hallmarks of a Mo-coached team.)

 01 Jan 2007 @ 4:06 PM 

OK, so let’s reheat the whole brouhaha surrounding my alleged assertion that result should factor into suspensions.

The Capitals faced off against the Rangers the other night, and Colton Orr got himself five games for running across the ice and cross-checking Alex Ovechkin in the grill (an act that undoubtedly pleased more than a few drunken losers). When the Flyers-Canes game wound down last night, Derian Hatcher charged across the ice and cross-checked Justin Williams in the back (an act that undoubtedly pleased a few more drunken losers)–and he’ll get no suspension for it.
Donald Brashear, meanwhile, got only one game for sucker-punching Aaron Ward–because there was no injury.

If that’s why Brashear only got one game for his antics, then can somebody who is not a Sabres fan please explain to me why it’s OK that Scott Nichol got nine games for doing the same thing to Jaroslav Spacek?

When is intent to injure not intent to injure, and what are Clownshoe Colin’s parameters for handing out suspensions?  That’s what I’d like to know.

 27 Dec 2006 @ 9:46 AM 


To put this video into its proper context (which the maker of that video apparently wasn’t willing to do): The fans had been booing Ovechkin (and hollering a few death threats at him as well, no doubt) from the moment the puck dropped. Briere flagrantly speared Ovechkin in the nards–and naturally, there was no call–and Ovechkin of course stood up for himself…which got the crowd even angrier, because how dare somebody stand up for himself when he gets speared by one of The Glorious Buffalo Sabres?! So Ovechkin went and scored, and performed the gesture you see in that video there.

Good on Ovechkin. Too bad the Capitals weren’t winning at the time, because that would have made it even better–and considering the fact that more than a few fans on various Sabres message boards were calling for the death (or at least the career-ending injury) of Aleksandr Balshoii, I really consider their calling that gesture “classless” to be quite ironic. Kinda like Da Chief asking Wings fans not to boo Sergei Fedorov when the Smoking Jackets come to play at the Nexus of Evil.

And to reheat a previous post;

Scott Nichol received a hip injury in the Predators’ game vs. the Sabres–you know, the one where he got nine games for sucker-punching Jaroslav Spacek after Spacek (who apparently hasn’t changed a bit from when he was cheap-shotting guys as a Florida Panther) rode him hard into the side of the net. So Spacek gets off scot-free for a flagrant attempt to injure, and Nichol gets painted as Todd Bertuzzi v2.0 by SabresNation. Must be nice, huh?


 22 Dec 2006 @ 3:00 PM 

Scott Nichol gets nine games for sucker-punching Jaro Spacek, Erik Cole rolls eyes. Film at 11.

OK, I can see one game, more if there was injury involved. But Spacek wasn’t hurt–so where the fuck did Clownshoe Campbell come up with NINE GAMES?  It wasn’t like anyone’s neck was broken or anything.

Don’t tell me–this was to make up for serial killer Alex Ovechkin’s willful and deliberate attempt to decapitate emo-boy Briere, right?

*shakes head and walks away*

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