18 Oct 2007 @ 1:09 PM 

Yanno, normally I don’t feel the need to say “hey, you need to get out to a game” because we don’t have huge issues with attendance here (despite what some continue to think).

But this coming Monday is different. Monday is “Hockey Fights Cancer Night” at the RBC, and the Hurricanes are offering a special incentive for the fans.

Buy a ticket to Monday’s game and get up to $10 off the gate price.  Even I can afford that. But more importantly, up to $5 a ticket will be donated to one of the following cancer-related charities as part of the “Hockey Fights Cancer” initiative:

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

American Cancer Society

V Foundation for Cancer Research

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Come to the game and get your mind off a Blue Monday for a while–and more importantly, help support a most worthy cause.

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 09 Sep 2007 @ 12:49 PM 


 The Red Wings aren’t selling out and are having trouble keeping their bandwagon STHs. I have two words to say to that:

Boo. Hoo.

You heard me: Boo hoo, the poor Red Wings are having attendance issues. My heart really bleeds for them–not.

What kills me is that there are excuses being made by one of the Deep Diggers: It’s the economy. The economy!  The old double-standard is hard at work in Wings Nation, kids: It’s OK for a northern team like Detoilet to make excuses for falling attendance, but heaven forfend a southern team doesn’t sell out every game!  Oh noez, we have to contract all those southern teams because they don’t sell out–but it’s OK for Detroit to have issues, because they’re Detroit.

Fuck Detroit, and fuck their excusemaking fans. All through Ragnarok, I had to put up with ar-tards like “Josh from MI” heaping scorn on the Hurricanes and calling for their contraction (along with the contraction of every other team south of Chicago and not named St. Louis or Washington) because they didn’t sell out every game–and the local economy taking a hit because of the dot-bomb bust just wasn’t acceptable, because those teams were down South where we clearly don’t know shit about shit that doesn’t involve constant high-speed left turns…and therefore we just don’t deserve to have the NHL.

If the Red Wings can’t sell out every game, then contract them. If it’s a good enough argument to be used on the Southerners, then it’s damn sure good enough to be used on the Yanquis and to hell with them and their excuses.

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