12 Apr 2008 @ 2:35 PM 

Let’s go to the videotape:

As we see here, Patrick Thoresen took a slapshot to the neuticles and collapsed in obvious pain. The contortion of his face suggests that he was also making unpleasant noises indicative of being in a great deal of pain.

There should have been a whistle, but there wasn’t for reasons that aren’t important right now, and the Capitals scored on the play.

The non-whistle doesn’t bother me so much–it was a discretionary call, and the officials didn’t, from what I see, notice what had happened. What bothers me was the veiled assertion by Bristol North mediot Glen Healy that Thoresen had taken a dive–an assertion that he reiterated after the goal was scored when the poor bastard was being helped to the bench, still doubled over.

Did Healy know at the time that Patrick Thoresen may wind up losing his left nut?  No. But not knowing the severity of a guy’s injury does NOT, in my humble opinion, give one a free pass to make a stupid comment like “they better be doing leg surgery on him” and then follow it up with more excoriation while the poor bastard is STILL doubled over and barely able to make it to the locker room without assistance from two teammates and the trainers. You don’t go down like that and STAY DOWN if you are not having a serious issue. Not even a gutless diving puke like Darcy Tucker is stupid enough to pull that stunt.

Of course, this is the same asshat that cried and whined on the air over my boy’s epic shootout goal back in 05-06, so I guess something like this should come as no surprise.

Fuck you, Glen Healy. Fuck you right in your ear.

 09 Dec 2007 @ 8:45 PM 

I was rather expecting that loss, given two things:

1) The WhalerCanes’ record at the Nexus of Evil (winless streak going back to 1989)

2) The continuation of the win-lose-win-lose-win-lose pattern that goes back about a month and a half.

I didn’t bother watching the video stream of the game–thanks, I already know that Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond are under a standing order to never say anything nice about my team as long as Pete Karmanos owns them. I don’t need to have it shoved in my face, and monitors (not to mention ER visits for gashed-up fists) are expensive to replace anyway. Of course, that little factoid didn’t stop other Hurricanes fans from watching it and commenting on the aforementioned never-saying-anything-nice. Really Mickey, bringing up Eric Staal’s bachelor party escapade? Can we be a little more bush league, please? Seriously, I’m wondering here.

So, I listened to ChuckandtheletterK while playing some World of Warcraft. Vented a little to my guildmates (who are mostly Sens and Oilers fans, for the record), went on a couple Shadow Labyrinth runs, and I felt better. Marginally.

And the Wings fans are still pretending they know me better than I do. Quelle grande surprise–at least they’re one up on the average fans of the Buffalo ASBOs in that most of them understand hyperbole when they encounter it.

And at least on Wednesday we’ll be playing a team with civilized fans.

 29 Nov 2005 @ 3:26 PM 

I was so beat on Saturday night that when I got home from work, I just went right to bed.

Oh, what I missed.

I swear, I must be like the only person on the whole planet who was NOT surprised by Marek Malik’s shootout-winner the other night. I just laugh whenever I watch that highlight, because it’s just so him. I’ve been watching the guy for years, kids, and I’ve known for ages that he’s capable of pulling some crazy move out of thin air at any moment. It’s just the way he is.

Of course, not everyone thinks it’s so great. Kelly Hrudey, obviously bitter that the Leafs have sucked on toast in shootouts so far (or bitter that a Leaf didn’t score like that in a shootout–take your pick), has decided that he’s going to keep whining on the Ceeb (until somebody decides to take the goal away, apparently) that the Serene Master’s goal shouldn’t have counted because he looped the puck back around his left ankle before shooting it over Kolzig’s shoulder.

The bug that Hrudey has up his ass is the following clause from NHL Rule 30a (Penalty Shots):

The puck must be kept in motion towards the opponent’s goal line and once it is shot, the play shall be considered complete.

The argument presented is that the puck must always maintain forward motion, and that by bringing it back a bit, His Serenity negated that and the shot should not have counted.


I think that it’s time for what I like to call “Physics for Whiny Ex-goalies”. Let’s say that I am on a cruise ship that is sailing toward the Cayman Islands. I am running as fast as I can toward the stern of the ship. The ship is still moving toward the Cayman Islands, even though I’m running astern. It doesn’t matter that I’m technically running AWAY from the Cayman Islands; I am still on the ship, the ship is in control of me, therefore I am moving toward the Cayman Islands whether I want to be or not. The only way for me to NOT be moving toward the Cayman Islands would be to jump overboard.

By the same token, the only way for that shot not to have counted would be if Malik had lost control of the puck. If that had happened, THEN and ONLY then would the rule have applied. Since the Serene Master was still in control of the puck and still moving toward the goal, the puck was still moving toward the goal (i.e. forward) and therefore the shot counts.

Memo to Kelly Hrudey: The laws of physics say “Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and stop trying to play rules-lawyer because you suck even more at that than you did as a goalie!”

Just sayin’.

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