28 Jan 2008 @ 1:52 PM 

The one year I take only the most peripheral of interest in the ASG weekend, Eric Staal wins the Whalercanes’ first-ever MVP honours. According to what little I saw on Versus, the game was actually fun to watch–I did see Ovechkin’s attempt at a “trick shot”, though. OK, and I saw Nabokov keep messing up Martin St. Louis’ attempts to be cute with an occasional pokecheck. That was actually pretty funny. And I also felt the disturbance in the force that was the collective angst of Islanders Nation when DiPietro was caught on audio saying “FUCK! My hip!” 15 years, huh?  Egad.

Former Carolina Hurricanes’ prospect Nate Hagemo is currently sitting in the Hennepin County lockup on drug charges after getting busted with paraphernalia in a low-rent part of Minneapolis. From this mugshot here, I am betting that he’s a tweaker–which is not a good thing. The ‘Canes helped him once before when he had issues with addiction, but now?  He’s on his own, and his “comeback” attempt is pretty much hosed.

Shortly before the weekend, Luke DeCock made a very good argument for the Triangle finally getting the ASG.  The NHL made a promise to us some years ago, and they have yet to deliver on it while we’ve been busting our asses to do whatever it takes to get the ASG in our town–including busting ass to get to 12,309 season tickets before the start of the 2001-2002 season (whether the numbers were fudged by people no longer with the org or not is another issue–but the League agreed that the effort was sufficient and vowed to deliver on their end of the bargain…which, of course, never happened).  Want five-star hotel accomodations?  We got it (wish I could afford to spend the night there).  Want stuff to do?  We got it. We even have a pretty good hockey team here. C’mon Gary, it’s time to finally man up and deliver on that oath.

Tomorrow the Hurricanes take on the Rangers at the RBC. I’ll be heading right over from work, which should be fun. “Hello RBC parkbots, here’s $8 so that you don’t call somebody to tow my car that’s been parked there since 9 AM.”

 24 Jan 2008 @ 10:33 AM 

Yay, everyone gets a week off in observance of the annual train wreck high-school popularity contest that is the All-Star Game–and in honour of the event Versus has put together this nice little video for us.

I really shouldn’t watch because I think that letting the fans vote is a complete crock, and I’ll undoubtedly bitch about the beer-league level of play come Monday, but I’ll watch anyway because by Sunday at 6 I’ll be so hockey-starved that I’ll even watch boring-ass no-check women’s hockey on Oxygen (Memo to the IIHF: We’re not made of porcelain, it’s OK to let us hit each other).

Well that and I want to see if anyone will finally beat Al Iafrate’s slapshot record on Saturday night. Cos that’ll be cool, even if the puck will have to be moving so fast that it’ll be well on its way out of our galaxy by the end of the night after having created its own gravity well and sucking all of the Atlanta metro area into a singularity.

So it’ll be cool right up until the world ends about five minutes later and the solar system becomes a feeder for a black hole. Which in itself would be kinda cool.

Just sayin’.

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