08 Dec 2011 @ 7:59 AM 

Muller wins his first as Canes line-dance on Oilers’ bitch asses — N&O

Woohoo! That game was about the same level of effort as Tuesday night, but with a much better result. Shots finally went in, everything finally started clicking, and the frustration pretty much melted away.

Yes, it was bound to happen. And it happened despite the best efforts of Theo Peckham (who had a lovely little two-handed chop on Jeff Skinner) and serial recidivist Andy Sutton, who is looking at a suspension for his flying elbow on Alexei Ponikarovsky and a questionable hit on Jeff Skinner.

Come ON, you can’t tell me that Sutton wasn’t looking to cause injury with that hit on Skinner–did you see how his elbow went flying out IMMEDIATELY after Skinner started moving back down toward the ice? Sutton is a punk! He was a punk in Atlanta, he was a punk on the Island, he was a punk in Ottawa, and he’s STILL a bitch-ass little punk. His last suspension was five games–any bets on whether he’ll get more for that flying elbow on Ponikarovsky and his questionable hit on Skinner?

Anyone? Bueller?

On to Friday vs. the Thrashers. Hopefully the Hurricanes can get on a very nice little roll.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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