01 Dec 2011 @ 11:14 PM 

New category for Admiral Kirk.

So, it’s been four days since Mo went for the second time, and Kirk Muller was brought in as his replacement. John Maclean was added as another assistant coach (holy crap this team has a shitload of assistant coaches).

What do I think so far? WELL NOW.


There is a definite bump in the energy level. The players are definitely displaying what can best be described as optimism–which of course is a plus–and it’s very apparent that Eric Staal feels a fuck of a lot less pressure now (isn’t it amazing what can happen when the coach actually talks to you?) I also like that players are allowed to stick up for each other–when Jeff Skinner was run into the boards during the third period, Anthony Stewart immediately stepped to Brian Boyle in an attempt to exact some rough justice. Under Mo? That never would have happened.

The most important change, however, is that the team is not giving up. Under Mo, if the team was down at the end of the second period that was pretty much it. Now, they keep fighting and slogging and trying to gut it out. But for the love of the gods, they show up for the game now.

The fans are slowly starting to trickle back in, which is very good, but it’ll take a win or three to really start to bring confidence back into the fanbase.


We’re going to have to slog through pry another month or two of annoying WTFery, friends. Passes that go nowhere, suspect defence, and scoring that’s reminiscent of the scene in John Carpenter’s version of “The Thing” where the genestealer is gleefully kicking the ass of all of Kurt Russell’s buddies while poor Kurt’s trying like hell to get his flamethrower restarted so he can roast the thing.

For those who aren’t down with 1980s alien movies, here’s the scene in question.


The Tomas Kaberle experiment needs to end, now. Buy him out, waive him and send his ass to Charlotte, call the aliens that swapped Cup Run Frankie out for Atlanta Frankie to come and get him, whatever. He just needs to freakin’ GO.

Alex Ponikarovsky needs to go too–or at least to be put on a VERY short leash. I see some potential in him, and he may yet have a place in this org. But for reals, it’s not looking too good right now. It’s pretty clear that dudeman was brought in here just for Chairman Mo, for whatever insane reason, but now he needs to prove himself. If Admiral Kirk can make something of him, great. Otherwise, it’s the door for him.

That said:

I’m looking forward to the next few games to get a better picture of what’s going on and whether the team is still going onward and upward.

Go Canes.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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  1. jane says:

    Unfortunately, attendance was down again tonight. I heard 12,000. I get that people are pissed and its hard to get behind a losing team…..but jeez, folks, this is well on our way to an ATL redux.

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