23 Nov 2011 @ 11:51 AM 

Now watch, I get like fifty million hits from people googling Monty Python.

ANYway. The Hurricanes are riding a two-game winning streak into the RBC Center, where they’ll be facing off against the Habs (who SUCK…I’m just sayin’!) and prodigal son Erik Cole.

Love you Colesy, but you’re the enemy now. No hard feelings.

So–despite that little win streak, which I hope will be extended to three games tonight, the Hurricanes are right at the bottom of the Division along with the usual suspects err Atlanta Thrashers. At the top of the division? ?Florida.

You heard me–the Florida bloody Panthers are at the top of the Southeast and tied with the Pflyers for third-on-points in the East. This is a team that was at third-from-the-bottom of the league last season (having been in roughly that position the whole time), and now they’re riding the wave and looking like a team that could do some damage in the playoffs (assuming, of course, that they make it in–it’s not even to the halfway mark of the season yet, and there is of course plenty of time for a collapse).

So…what changed? The coach. During the offseason, rather than keep Peter DeBoer on and just swap out pieces and parts, the Panthers also went out and hired The First One* (Kevin Dineen) as coach. The day that hiring was announced, I was at work AND on a call–so all I could do was flail in rage at my seat and cause my co-workers to look at me like I’d lost what’s left of my mind again. The Panthers go out and hire a guy that’s proven he’s got coaching chops and that can get his guys to play for him, and we’re stuck with Chairman Mo.

Really? ?Really? ?Oh wait, this is the org that showed their gratitude to Deener (who kept the team together as best he could during the tumultuous Greensboro years) by not making him an offer during the offseason. Of all the guys that had moved down with the team from Hartford, Kevin Dineen should have been allowed to come to Raleigh with the team. It was absolutely criminal that the org wouldn’t even give him that, and it was just as criminal that this nickel-and-dime outfit wouldn’t even consider bringing him back into the fold as coach.

Anyway, the game is tonight at 7:00. I’ll have the schnapps bottle at the ready, just in case everything goes pear-shaped. Regardless of result, Mo Must Go Again.


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