21 Nov 2011 @ 9:15 PM 

I’m sitting here watching the Hurricanes try not to collapse?after going up 3-1?(hubby’s computer has a TV tuner card in it, so I can watch and blog at the same time tonight, and it’s now 4-2). They get three goals, and immediately go into a defensive shell. Watching?the Hurricanes?reminds me of a tactic that noob Magic: The Gathering players use:

The Glass Box.

This strategy involves playing Circles of Protection, cards that block damage from certain sources. You throw down CoPs for all sources of damage–the five colours, and artifacts. So you’re in a little glass box, and in theory you can cast all the offensive spells and creatures that you want, thus easily winning. Yeah yeah, more info than you needed–but this strategy?is outdated, because there are far better protective cards to play.

It’s also easily defeated by various means, with stuff like Tranquility and other anti-enchantment cards that are cheap as chips to play.

If I’m being a little too subtle with my point, allow me to put it another way:

The?defensive shell sucks, and is the oldest trick in the hockey book. It’s easily shattered, it’s like the Nickel D–everybody’s wise to it, few people use it anymore, and it’s only effective against teams that are not overly offensive. Scoring is rare, and a savvy coach can easily overcome it 9 times out of 10. It drives me insane to see something like this still being used in the NHL, especially with a team that’s supposedly as talented as the Hurricanes are supposed to be.

Is it any wonder that poor Cam gets hung out to dry on a regular basis?



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