18 Nov 2011 @ 7:22 PM 

I’m trying out an Android-based blog client tonight, since my computer doesn’t have good LOS to my TV. Any typos amp;c. will get corrected at intermissions and post-game.

So far, the Hurricanes are doing okay. Not great, but okay. Skinner of course showed up, everyone else seems to be going through the motions. Again.

Will update randomly. Mo must go, again!


12:40 gg Juice, way to go with a bad slashing penalty. Hubby playing Maroon 5 in his computer room. Terrence bugging me for playtiemz, had to pause dvr. Pp looking, as usual, like ass.

13:04 BIG SHOCKER, A SLUGS GOAL. Let the pwnage begin, now taking bets on number of Slugfans arrested tonight.

14:03 Husband now playing Average White Band and KC and The Sunshine Band. Terrence distracted by automated laser toy parked on my ve. Sun Tzu joining in. Slugs pwning neutral zone.

16:45 We have a Boychuk sighting! Aaaaand there he goes, back on the bench. gg Mo…putz.


Nice tour of the players’ lounge by The Chosen One. I’ve only had one Alpine, but my face is red already–rosacea for the lose. I skipped over Bob Harwood’s chat with Jay Harrison, because eh–same old same old. “We’re working on the power play.” /SlapShot

Retreating to couch for second period with another Alpine.


3:00 Was that actual offensive pressure from the Canes? No, couldn’t have been.

4:56 Oh gods, can we just decline this penalty?

5:50 Nice try Eric, but…no.

6:15 Ehrhoff has been ausgezeichnet for the Slugs tonight. Very nice play.

Aaaaaand another power play wasted.

8:00 Ponikarovsky in locker room. No great loss, but hope he isn’t hurt.

9:05 Boychuk makes token appearance for the period, and makes a lovely pass that nobody could be arsed to get and…oh I dunno…SCORE A FRELLING GOAL with. Seeya next period, bubba.

10:00 Time for more schnapps? Nah, gotta finish this Alpine first. Mmmmm….Alpines. Terrence now snoozing next to me. Sun Tzu watching you-mans on TV intently.

13:48 The Mighty Forslund flogging tickets. Yeeeeeah, okay.

16:30 Slugs aren’t even trying hard, and they are pwning us. Only Canes who showed tonight are Boosh, Boychuk, Rosie, and of course Skins. Sheesh.


Intermission will be spent playing Angry Birds.


:45 Aaaand the Canes are making Enroth look like a Vezina winner. Staal is snakebit.

OK, no more schnapps. Face feels like I ate a bhut golokia chile.

2:15 Defensive shell and…GO!

5:08 Sheesh…Sun Tzu losing interest, and schnapps hitting me hard. I am a sleepy lightweight.

6:00 Sutter looks like he needs to drive a seedy van and offer candy to random kids, with that stache. #movember

7:00 Tripp and The Mighty Forslund talking about GM meetings and ignoring game for a bit. I dunna blame them one bit.

Wonder if I can make my cranberry dressing for Thanksgiving now, rather than waiting until Monday? Hmmmm…..

90125 err 9:25 Boucher is saving our collective asses. Would be nice if more than like three dudes showed some gratitude by trying to frelling score.

15:00 Mo must go, again.


16:21 Sheeeesh.

17:00 Wonder how many Slugfans got arrested tonight?

18:22 Good job Rosie. :(

19:00 Pack it up, the Canes have left the building. Except for Jay Harrison, who is still there.

20:00 Slugs 1, Pod People 0. And I am wanting bacon for some reason.

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  1. jane says:

    And then Jokinen showed up in his regular form and started the penalty train.

  2. jane says:

    We've been wishing for the ability to decline penalties up in section 316. Damn shame these aren't football rules.

  3. jane says:

    Bacon? It's because they kept showing Stormy. Makes me want to bust out the pig cooker….now, where'd I put that gallon of apple cider vinegar?

  4. East of Here says:

    I only saw 3 Slug-thugs in custody tonight. But then, I was only on one side of the arena. So by extrapolation, I#039;d hazard to guess that the total number was no more than 10 or 12. If it was no more than that, then this may be the best behaved Buffalo crowd ever.

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