10 Nov 2011 @ 1:32 AM 

I can’t think of a better title for this post, really.

We all know what’s happened: Jerry Sandusky, former assistant coach at Penn State, was popped for raping children. Now it comes out that legendary coach Joe Paterno AND Penn State AD Tim Curley AND, apparently, half the rest of the freaking University, knew about it. It was reported. People even went to the campus police.

And nothing was done until a mother finally went to her local police and swore out a complaint against Sandusky.

Paterno–who was given an eyewitness account by a grad assistant (that we now know was PSU receivers coach Mike McQueary) who walked in on Sandusky raping a 10-year old boy–knew, but did nothing except tell his superiors. He had a chance to do the right thing, to stop the assault and call the police or to just immediately go to the police. But instead, he called his father–who told him to tell Paterno about it. Didn’t tell him to go to the cops and then to Paterno, didn’t tell him to do the right thing.

He told him to go to JoePa. And Paterno effectively did nothing. McQueary–WHO SAW THAT PIECE OF SHIT SANDUSKY RAPING A CHILD–did nothing. Curley–the godsdamned Athletic Director–did nothing. Gary Schultz, PSU’s VP of Business and Finance, University President Graham Spanier did nothing.

None of these people did anything to protect the victims, because they were all more concerned with Penn State’s reputation and with protecting their freaking jobs rather than being concerned with doing the right gods-damned thing.

Joe Paterno was fired last night by Penn State’s Board of Trustees, after refusing to take early retirement. With him went Graham Spanier. The sheer arrogance of Paterno’s refusal to immediately step down and admit his wrongdoing is galling. The excusemaking by Penn State fans and others is galling–that Paterno is somehow untouchable because of his high graduation rate, or because he was only doing his job by passing it up the chain of command.

FUCK. THAT. Those men had a moral obligation to alert the authorities and see to it that Sandusky’s predations were halted IMMEDIATELY, and they decided that instead of doing the right thing they’d do the easy thing and sweep it all under the rug.

I’ve talked about stuff like this before. There was a moral–indeed, a wholly criminal–failing on the part of Penn State University to not only NOT pursue the matter once it was first brought to their attention in 1998 when Sandusky was caught in the showers with young boys, but to cover it up and effectively tell Sandusky “If you want to rape kids, don’t do it on campus.”

Words cannot describe the rage I feel toward these people and toward the people of poor moral character that are defending them. Seeing PSU students rioting over the Paterno firing is making me sick to my stomach–the man protected a child-rapist. He doesn’t deserve anything except excoriation for his part in what happened. McQueary needs to be fired. The DoJ needs to nail that school’s ass to the freaking wall.

Justice needs, at long last, to finally be done–especially if that justice involves Jerry Sandusky being put into Gen Pop at a Maximum Security prison with a sign around his neck saying “I RAPE KIDS”.

The axe is sharp, and I’m ready for war. Let the Day of Rage begin.

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  1. Ivy says:

    Appalling indeed. I think McQueary is a prosecution witness and I don't think he will be fired. Should he, probably.

    This case has everyone talking and stating "OMG, why didn't they go to the police!" Yet, we know by all the evidence that people/adults DO NOT report eye-witnessed acts or even suspected acts. If this case FINALLY teaches the public about the immediate need to go directly to the police and the reporting doesn't not pass judgement (that's the job of the police and child protective agencies), then hallelujah!

    This case also shows what a fucking scam campus police is.

    • It just kills me, it really does. JoePa should have immediately gone to the cops rather than pass the buck–to me that makes him just as culpable as Sandusky.

  2. East of Here says:

    McQueary claims that he went to the campus Police. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out -true or not.

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