23 Sep 2011 @ 11:53 AM 

Gann Matsuda posted a very powerful commentary on racism in America, in light of a disgusting incident that marred a preseason shootout.

To sum up: A “fan” chucked banana peels at Philadelphia Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds during a preseason game between the Flyers and the Focus of Evil in the Hockey World Detroit Red Wings. One peel hit the ice, the other one didn’t make it to the ice. The miscreant was never caught, and it’s unconfirmed which fanbase he represented–but it’s a pretty sure bet that the peel-tosser is a complete and total coward and a piece of dog mess on the sole of society’s shoe.

If you think the incident was “no big deal” and nothing worthy of outrage, then you’re either stupid or delusional or both. And if you’re a Hurricanes fan and think that this incident is just a laugh and a half, then I cordially invite you to GTFO the fanbase and go find another team to cheer for–because if I find you engaging in that kind of crap at the RBC Center, I swear to Tyr that I will quite gleefully catch a charge for beating your dumb ass down. I’ll even toss in a bonus dick-punch or ten, for forgetting the ugliness of 2002, when some Habs fans in MTL threw bananas (and death threats) at Kevin Weekes after Game 3 and during Game 4 of that year’s ECSF.

Incidents like this are horrible and ugly (no matter how “harmless” they seem), and they only serve to tarnish the image of hockey and its fans. We as fans need to come down hard on asstards like the ‘nanner-chucking clown in London, ON, and state as one that racism has no place in hockey–not because it’s “PC”, not because it’s “suddenly en vogue”, because it’s basic human decency and the right frickin’ thing to do.

Just sayin’.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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  1. Gann Matsuda says:

    Thanks for mentioning my story! Sadly, it's one that a TON of people need to read and think long and hard about.

    • acidqueen5426 says:

      I agree. I was also the target of racism growing up–I was perceived as Latino (even though I'm not), simply because I moved from Southern California and had dark skin and eyes. So I got a lot of anti-Latino bias tossed my way in my hometown in North Dakota. It's made me very sensitive to crap like this.

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