04 Apr 2010 @ 7:18 PM 

Graham James pardoned 3 years ago, nobody was told — TSN

I want to know why this bastard was pardoned. I want to know what was going through the heads of the National Parole Board when they approved this fuck’s pardon request. I want answers. We all want–we all deserve–answers. And we deserve them NOW.

When DaveG sent me the text about this at work, I wanted to kill somebody. I still want to kill somebody, but I’ll be quite content with Graham James being trapped in a universe of pain for the rest of his life. I am not kidding. People who prey on children do not deserve any mercy. They do not deserve any “understanding” or pity or forgiveness. They deserve to suffer like their victims did, and to have that suffering last as long as possible.

Whenever this bastard’s location is discovered, it needs to be broadcast far and wide. There needs to be no rest given to Graham James, not now and not ever. He needs to be mercilessly hounded to all the four corners of the earth for the rest of his life. Pierre Dion, the man who signed off on this pardon, needs to have his licence revoked. Anyone who has ever protected, sheltered, or given any sort of aid and comfort to Graham James needs to be publicly shamed.

Don’t talk to me about forgiveness or understanding. Don’t anyone dare drop the “how would you feel if he was your relative?” line on me. I’ve already covered this. Don’t you dare lecture me. I have a right to my anger. I have a right to my wrath. I and every other survivor of sexual abuse has that right.

I hope that piece of shit suffers for a good long time.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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