05 Feb 2010 @ 8:52 PM 

Sorry I couldn’t do the live blogging at the WJCs as planned. Some asshole from Nigeria obviously had different thoughts and rather effectively ruined my chances of bringing the equipment I would need… Hey I barely escaped without it going full body cavity search on me.

Anyway, as we have seen over the past 2 months, this team isn’t looking quite as craptastic as we were looking earlier in the season. But the worst cast scenario has happened on the trade front. The dreaded NTC has struck, hard.

First Ray indicated that he wanted to talk extension with any team that could be interested in picking him up. Oh he talked extension alright. There was a deal on the table that would have had the Hurricanes picking up another very high quality prospect from the 08 draft in defenseman Colton Teubert, who went 1 slot before Boychuk, and the Kings second round pick this year. Not a Kings ransom (ok, my only horrible pun tonight, I promise) but definitely a significant enough return that would have immediately boosted our lineup heading into the 2010-11 season and given us a rather nice asset to use to either trade up for another first or to select a good prospect.

What happened you ask? Ray went nuts. Bob McKenzie, who I trust more then anyone else in the biz, says that Ray wanted a 3 year extension with the Kings. http://tsn.ca/columnists/bob_mckenzie/?id=308689 3 years, for a guy that is going to be 38 at the start of said new contract. Sure thing Ray, how about the keys to the Taj Mahal while we’re at it. Bob speculates that he was simply trying to call his shot, but for the love of god, why do it like this? Instead of just outright not waiving his NTC for the offer he sets off red lights all around the league and a few teams that were interested no longer are. That may change now that Kovy is off the market, but COME ON RAY.

Now Wallin, it’s more of the same. While the return for Wallin is speculated to be a pretty nice package in its own right, if not outright comparable to the Kings package (Dman Derek Josslin and a 2nd) the problem that Nic ran into was in negotiating an extension with Sharks GM Doug Wilson. They were close to reaching a compromise, real close, but it didn’t happen. But I don’t put as much blame on the guy to be perfectly honest. Does it hurt? Yes. Do I expect some backlash at Wallin? Absolutely. But it’s misguided. He didn’t kill any chance of being traded. His demands were far more in line with reality.

And oh yes, we should look at the NTCs too. This isn’t the first time Jimmy has been burnt by NTCs. I’m sure some people will remember Sean Hill in 2003. He rejected a trade to New Jersey at the deadline that would have seen the Canes getting a fairly nice package back there as well. There was also a little something about a trade that would have seen Nic going elsewhere two years back. It wasn’t Philly as speculated though, it was San Jose (sounds familiar) and the reported return at the time was Christian Ehrhoff. The same Ehrhoff that’s currently the #1 defenseman in Vancouver. What is that old saying? Ah yes, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me”. I wonder what they would say about being fooled four times? Maybe it’s time the fans give a nice little chant at the arena next game to give Jimmy the sense that we’re watching and that we most definitely want and deserve answers.

Edit: Looks like we don’t have to blame the NTC either, at least on this one. The trade was approved just this afternoon, Nic and our 5th this year for the Buffalo 2nd round pick from San Jose, which they had acquired in the Rivet trade a while back.

These are the picks we currently have now:

CAR 1st, CAR 2nd, BUF 2nd, CAR 3rd, NSH 5th, CAR 6th, CAR 7th

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