01 Jul 2008 @ 11:43 AM 

So as I said earlier, I knew about the trade the minute it was announced on NHL Live. My head hit the desk, because really–I know that Snatch (who is an RFA) is going to want stupid money that he’s not worth, which means that when JR signs him so that he can save face, we’ll effectively be done looking for defencemen.

We are so fux0red. Not as fux0red as Tampa or Washington, but we’re still fux0red.

So, Cole. Not the same since he got Orpiked, but still–he was one of our better forwards and he was getting back into form. Dudeman was also our only tradeable asset, thanks to the 23987234724 NTCs that JimR handed out like Halloween candy–and with John-Michael LiLOLs out of the picture, JimR kinda had to trade for what he could trade for.

He better not be done.

More of a breakdown from Luke, who was at the Presser (and who takes a nice potshot at Perez Eklund).

We better damn not be done.

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  1. Jim says:

    Idiots. They didn’t need a second offensive defenseman as much as they needed an impact player, emotional and clubhouse leader, and great member of the community like Cole. I hope we make it back to the Cup finals and lose to the Oilers this time.

    Glad to see they ivited Mr./ Attitude Babchuck back with a raise, too.

    Cole will score 40 goals and be an all star with the Oilers.

  2. mntineer says:

    Hopefully the ‘Canes aren’t going down the same road as the LA Kings… “Hey! We have great players – let’s trade them!”

  3. Eric says:

    It’s sad to see Cole go, no doubt about it. The problem is we were severely lacking on defense, and you can’t get a Pitkanen for a Hamilton. We had an excess of good forwards. Cole didn’t have a no-trade clause. We don’t really have the money to spend for a good free-agent d-man. Yes, we’re thinking more about potential than immediate star power with this trade. I’m glad you’re an Erik Cole fan. I am, too. I have a #26 jersey. But it’s a little ridiculous to say that you’ll cheer against the Canes for trading him.

    Just curious, what would you do to fix the defense with no real money to spend on free agents?

  4. eh? D00d, I never said I’d cheer against the Hurricanes for trading a dude. I didn’t cheer against them when they traded my boy Malik away, and I won’t cheer against them now–it would take something seriously heinous to drive me away from this team, like signing a serial axe murderer or something.

  5. Eric says:

    I was responding to Jim a few comments above. I agree with everything you wrote, AQ :)

  6. John says:

    “like signing a serial axe murderer or something.”

    Well that won’t happen, since Chris Simon signed with a team in Russia. ;)

    This trade is a bummer, but the things people are saying about Pitkanen could also describe Samsonov and/or Ruutu before they came here: great potential but doesn’t always show up, hasn’t been the same since injuries. But both players have experienced a rebirth in Carolina. At least Cole was traded to the Western Conference, so we don’t have to see him blow by our defensemen every other night.

  7. Whoa, I see that line now.

    Dude, Jim, WTF? If I could still cheer for the Hurricanes against the Canucks and the Rangers when my favourite player played for them, then you can cheer for the Hurricanes against the Oilers.

  8. Kate says:

    Imo- Cole could use a change of scenery and well- you have to trade something in order to really get something so to speak. I’m happy that our D is getting an upgrade.

  9. Swabbubba says:

    Yo AQ, I think this is pretty good deal for Carolina. Cole has not signed a long term deal so maybe u guys get him back next year. Will see how this goes. Joni is a very good Dman he can light it up

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