04 Jun 2008 @ 10:07 PM 

(Note: I wrote this as Game 5 was winding down. I present it now, with minor changes.)

And the Malik Effect claims another victim. Congratulations, Red Wings.

As much as I hate that team, as much as I think that their fans are (with a few exceptions–three of whom are bloggers) a bunch of drooling moronic n00blets with no class who know exactly dick-all about hockey, as much as I was hoping for them to get pwned a la 1995, I must speak truth here:

They–the Red Wings–are consummate professionals, and in these Finals they gave a clinic in how to completely and totally dismantle a team that had become–and let us be honest here–a disorganized gang that at times in this series could barely find their own nutsacks with a flashlight and a sat-nav unit. I must applaud that.

Anyone who is a fan of the sport must, in my opinion, rise above their hatred and applaud the skill and professionalism shown by the Red Wings. Valour of course doesn’t enter into this equation, not this time–they didn’t have a captain who willed himself to play on one functional leg. They didn’t have to overcome any great adversity or even have to battle back from being on the ropes. They were simply given a task, and like the band of trained assassins that they are the Red Wings terminated their target with extreme prejudice.

I must raise a glass to that. As a fan of hockey, as an admirer of individual skill, I must salute that. I must admire that.

I never said I had to like it, of course. But I must–and I do–respect it.

I must also raise a glass to the Pittsburgh Penguins, who could have rolled over and died. No lie kids, they really looked like they were going to shrivel on the vine much as the Senators did last season. But they didn’t. And do not let my satirical e-mail to NHL Live earlier today fool you–I was cheering for the Pens, and foolishly thought that I’d be able to make a “prediction” and have it fall flat to force a seventh game. I was hoping that that triple-overtime deflation would take the wind out of the Red Wings’ sails and propel the Penguins on to an eventual win.

Sadly, I was the one disappointed. Congratulations, Red Wings.

Thank you, and good night.

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  1. Rio says:

    You know I love you, girl! Excellent write-up as usual.

    And go D-MAC, eh what what!! ;)

  2. dougie says:

    Wow…..I came over here today , not to comment, but to see a heaping helping of Red Wings hatred, AQ style. That was a nice post. Anyone who hates the Wings as much as you do, but is still capable
    of seeing the bigger picture of what took place is indeed a true fan of the game. And at the end of the day, that’s what is really important. I salute you!

    McCarty’s name on the Cup again, it’s a good thing!

    borderline rascist, fuckhead dougie the Wings fan.

  3. acidqueen says:

    Yeah see, Mac and I are kindred spirits. If I had to pick a player to be happy for, it’s definitely him.

  4. I would just like to thank you- thank you for not being a Wing’s hater just because the team of your choice didn’t win the Stanley Cup. I am sickened to death to read so many blogs showing nothing but disgusting hatred because they simply don’t like the Red Wings or because their team lost. As a huge Red Wings fan (a fan for more than 20 years), I can honestly say I have never talked so nasty about other teams when they have won, and have given credit where credit was due. It is a shame that people call themselves true fans when they don’t support the sport in its entirety. I will say this- I enjoyed the Playoffs this year because it was intense, I give credit to all the teams that made it to the playoffs, and I am very proud of my team as a whole. Thank you again for showing true fan spirit for the sport of hockey! I wish other readers would take your thoughts to heart.

  5. acidqueen says:

    Well, I do hate the Red Wings and have firmly believed for ~28 years that they are The Focus of Evil in the Hockey World–but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect their ‘leet skillz or that I can’t admire the work that Ken Holland has done to build that team.

  6. Just out of curiosity, could you explain your hatred for the Red Wings, including Ken Holland (wikipedia: He is generally considered one of the best general managers in the NHL today). I find it very interesting when anyone says they hate anything, usually the hate someone has could be for biased reasons, so I was wondering if you would care to explain yours.

    There isn’t many team owners that take excellent care of their players, or go above and beyond the norm for their players and families. For instance- Mike Illitch spent the money to fly all the players wives and children out to Pittsburgh so that if they won, they could celebrate with their families. Most owners would never do that.

    Here is an informative article- http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-elliott27-2008may27,1,3592931.column

    I think Ken Holland does what it takes to build a great team- he does exactly what he is paid to do, and most all other managers could learn from that. Just like you go to work and get paid to do your job and do it well, how is what Ken does any different?

  7. acidqueen says:

    I have just always either disliked or flat-out hated Detroit, ever since I was a child (I turn 28 in August). The best comparison I guess would be to say that I hate the Red Wings like a Yankees fan hates the Red Sox, except that there’s not a division rivalry involved to fan the flames.

    Am I jealous? Not at all–that implies that I begrudge them their successes, which to me is disrespectful…and though some Wings fans may gleefully disrespect me or my team in order to show off their own personal feelings of inadequacy, or accuse me of being jealous or of simply being bitter over 2002 in some kind of pitiful attempt to puff up their own egos, I try *not* to let it keep me from showing the Wings the respect that they’ve earned.

    Do I think that Ken Holland is a bad GM? Of course not. Do I hate him personally? Of course not. Same with Mike Ilitch. I really don’t give a tinker’s damn about his rivalry with the owner of my team anyway–I cheer for (or hate) the team, not the person whose name is on the ownership papers.

    Hope that explains it.

  8. Everything makes sense except why you hate them. Typically when a person hates something, it can be explained as to why it is hated. I guess what I don’t get is your comment “The Focus of Evil in the Hockey World”.

    As a Red Wing’s fan, I can honestly say that I am true and loyal to my team as I would expect you are to yours, but I don’t go hating other teams for no reason. I just wonder what your reasons are since you make it clear you do hate them, but not clear why.

    Are there things you are privy to that the rest of us are not? What makes them deserving of hate? I guess that is my question.

    I know personally there are some teams out there in the league I find less desirable because of their players tactics on the ice or what not.

    Hopefully that makes sense. No disrespected intended by any of my comments, I still appreciate the good post you made, just wanted to see if you could clear it up so that maybe other readers didn’t misinterpret your hate as anything else.

  9. acidqueen says:

    No worries, no disrespect taken.

    From the first time I saw the Red Wings as a child, I’ve just flat never liked them, and that non-specific dislike/hatred has been inflamed over the years by various things.

    For example, when Derian Hatcher (who I think is a cheap thug and who I have gleefully loathed for years because he’s a cheap thug) was on the team, that inflamed the hatred. Whenever I’ve had to deal with some of the more class-free members of the fanbase at the RBC Center, that’s inflamed the hatred. Seeing Chris Chelios show poor sportsmanship by refusing to shake hands at the end of various playoff series has inflamed it. Kirk Maltby gunning one of my favourite players (Marek Zidlicky) from behind and injuring him in the first round of the ’04 playoffs has inflamed it. And so on.

    2002 inflamed it also, but winning a Cup of our own helped soothe that a bit. Doesn’t mean I don’t hunger for vengeance, of course–but it went a long way toward dulling the pain.

    As for the “Focus of Evil” thing–don’t take it too seriously. :)

  10. Makes sense, I know for me I was very irate when members of the Penguins were constantly gunning for Franzen after he just returned from a concussion, it was apparent they wanted him out of the game because he had all ready made 9 playoff goals. But I don’t feel hatred for that team, I see it as desperation and despair, understandably so.

    Thanks for clarifying, I do understand it is personal for you. I am almost 34 years old, I have watched the game since I was a tiny tot, but became a serious fan over 20 years ago. It is always interesting to see what others feel/think/believe about the game as a while regardless who they cheer on.

    As in any sport- may the best team win, thankfully for every fan, it can be a new team every year. Best wishes!!

  11. acidqueen says:

    Likewise. Thank you for coming around. :)

  12. [...] write a post congratulating the Red Wings on winning the Cup. I was–so I thought, anyway–quite complimentary, laudatory even. I went out of my way [...]

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