16 May 2008 @ 2:33 PM 

Laviolette keeps job — LSB

After keeping us all on pins and needles for weeks after the end of the season, JimR has finally made it official–Peter Laviolette is staying on as coach of the Hurricanes.

I had gotten some juicy rumours dropped on me regarding possible replacements (Chairman Mo was NOT one of those possible replacements), as well as a possible destination for our beloved coach (conjecture was that ATL would have had him on their payroll inside of 36 hours). But since I couldn’t substantiate them I didn’t feel comfortable posting them–after all, I’m not charging all y’all $texas for the “privilege” of reading complete and total codswallop and made-up “CONFIRMED TRADE IN THE WORKS” stories that are cribbed from message boards.

So, yeah. The Samsonov signing should have been a sign, but of course it wasn’t. Great Leader wanted to rap with the coach, and word around the campfire is that PK told Lavi that the ball is rather firmly lodged in his court–so Lavi was the master of his own fate. He loves it here, his family loves it here, and he wanted to stay–and so Great Leader let him stay.

I just hope that we can avoid a “three months of suck” this time around, because…well…that sucked.

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  1. captainslack says:

    I still think Lavi’s gonna be on a short leash next year. Another “three months of suck” and he’ll be out of here.

  2. mntineer says:

    I don’t think so — or at least I think it would be foolish to let go of a coach that has already helped produce a Cup because of a couple down seasons.

    The real change should be with the players. I think the ‘Canes need some younger, faster and proven blood. Also, I think JR needs to make better choices on talent. Grahame and Tanabe were two that simply didn’t produce. Also, don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of that ’06 season, but I think Hedican and Wesley need to hang it up. Too old, too injury prone, and a drag on the salary cap.

    Laviolette can only work with talent he has at hand. JR needs to pony up.

    OK, I’ve probably talked myself into a hole, but that’s my thought for the day.

  3. captainslack says:

    I agree this team needs to get younger. Hedi’s body can’t keep up with the pace anymore and I hope for his long term health he retires. Wes is still producing, so if he wants to come back more power to him!. According what a poster on LGC said, Grahame is playing in Russia next year. Good thing, too! Hell Mike Leighton!

    JR & PK have to upgrade this team’s defense. This is what killed his this year.

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