29 Feb 2008 @ 9:49 AM 

I knew it was going to be a rough day when I went to move a monitor at work and my back said “GUESS AGAIN KIDDO!”

So you can’t say that I wasn’t prepared for last night’s game–though I was hoping to actually be at the game, rather than flat on my back AGAIN praying that ibuprofen would be a suitable replacement for Flexeril. I’ll never snark about players with back issues again, I swear on my grandmother.

The game was a bit of a haze, and I admit that I got excited when my boy Malik saw the puck squirt out from under Hank’s pads and hauled it out the zone. I also winced and knew that things weren’t going to go well when I saw Sergei and the Bishop collide at the blue line. But I do remember enough through the endorphinic haze to be able to say that Cam singlehandedly kept the team in the game.

You heard me. It’s become fashionable for some of the less-intelligent citizens of the Caniac Nation to blame the goalie every time this team loses, but really. Cam played just as well as he’s played the last several games. The defence, on the other hand, decided to get an attack of the stupids–and the aliens brought back Atlanta Frankie too, which pissed me off–and I’m sure that the talking heads today will be all up in the “See, we told you they’re going to choke cos they lost their captain!” nonsense. Yeah, cos ONE GAME is really a representative sample.

But Saturday, the ‘Canes have a chance to redeem themselves by administering a world-class beatdown to the Lightning–which will start another nice win streak

Just sayin’.

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  1. Eric says:

    Carolina delivered your much desired beatdown last night.. what a game.. TB scores the first goal on a “lets hit cams glove hand 5 or 6 times until he lets go of it” goal, and Carolina responds by scoring 5 unanswered and Cam stands on his head and says No More! The way Carolina has been playing in thier last 10 games I feel like they deserve to be in playoffs instead backing into 3rd without looking. They know what is at stake now and are ready to leave it all on the ice. I love how last night all the new guys chipped in, Corvo, Ruutu, Samsanov along with regulars Staal Cole and Walker. I hate to say good bye to Commodore, Stillman and Ladd, but Rutherford once again seems to has figured out how to trade a really good player for an even better player. I was waiting for the Canes to get tossed in round one of the playoffs, since 3 vs 6 the 6 would actually be the better team, but now I think they might have a chance to go deep, especially with some of the top teams, like ottawa and pittsburgh struggling here late. As of right now, we would play Boston in the first round, who we manhandled all season long. I can be excited for the playoffs now!

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