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 The Red Wings aren’t selling out and are having trouble keeping their bandwagon STHs. I have two words to say to that:

Boo. Hoo.

You heard me: Boo hoo, the poor Red Wings are having attendance issues. My heart really bleeds for them–not.

What kills me is that there are excuses being made by one of the Deep Diggers: It’s the economy. The economy!  The old double-standard is hard at work in Wings Nation, kids: It’s OK for a northern team like Detoilet to make excuses for falling attendance, but heaven forfend a southern team doesn’t sell out every game!  Oh noez, we have to contract all those southern teams because they don’t sell out–but it’s OK for Detroit to have issues, because they’re Detroit.

Fuck Detroit, and fuck their excusemaking fans. All through Ragnarok, I had to put up with ar-tards like “Josh from MI” heaping scorn on the Hurricanes and calling for their contraction (along with the contraction of every other team south of Chicago and not named St. Louis or Washington) because they didn’t sell out every game–and the local economy taking a hit because of the dot-bomb bust just wasn’t acceptable, because those teams were down South where we clearly don’t know shit about shit that doesn’t involve constant high-speed left turns…and therefore we just don’t deserve to have the NHL.

If the Red Wings can’t sell out every game, then contract them. If it’s a good enough argument to be used on the Southerners, then it’s damn sure good enough to be used on the Yanquis and to hell with them and their excuses.

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  1. T.J. says:

    Ignorance and elitism is something that Northerners are born and bred to display. It stands to reason that it would manifest itself in bullshit hockey snobbery as well.

    The fun thing is that the economy has nothing to do with the Wings’ attendance problems. Just like in presidential elections, the soccer/hockey moms are the ones who decide things. Soccer moms in Detroit are Pistons and Tigers fans now, so the Wings aren’t selling out like they did.

    A Wings fan in Detroit is like someone who quotes Napoleon Dynamite or makes a Borat voice. It’s not in style anymore.

  2. Mer says:

    Wow. Talk about fairweather fans.

  3. IwoCPO says:

    Fairweather fans because a ten year run of sellouts stopped last year? We’d be bandwagoners, fairweather fans or whatever if we stopped attending/watching/caring for a team that suddenly starts losing.

    That’s not the case, as we all know. Despite AQ’s claims to the contrary, it is economic where Detroit is concerned. I don’t live there but I know for a fact that there’s no way my wife would let me open up the wallet if the tickets cost 200 bucks apiece.

    And, as I pointed out over at my blog earlier today, we’ve never had a problem with hockey in Raleigh. Nashville? Now that’s a different story.

  4. ColBerdan says:

    I love this whole “because some jackass wrote stupid comments on a blog (imagine that!) we won’t except economics as a good reason” argument. So you have an entire season of sell outs. The playoffs roll around and ticket prices shoot up and you don’t sell as many tickets (though if the Joe was as small as the RBC Center, you would have sold out every playoff game but one). But people don’t buy less of something just because it became more expensive. That’s crazy talk! So it clearly can’t be economics.

  5. T.J. says:

    Hmh, let’s see… Wings sell tickets for the regular season just fine…November to April…attendance isn’t anywhere near capacity, but a lot of tickets are “sold.” The only competition is the sad-sack Lions (who play at 1pm, which the Wings do not) and the Pistons (who sell out their building as well).

    Playoff time rolls around. Let’s see, Pistons look ripe to make a run at the NBA title, Tigers baseball is getting into full swing and the weather is still nice.

    Yeah, it’s the economy and not the Pistons in the playoffs and the Tigers’ opening games that kept people away.

    *rolls eyes*

    And this moron has the nerve to make snide remarks about OTHERS’ intelligence? Oh, the irony.

  6. Tapeleg says:

    If the excuse is the economy, then why did the Wings management jack ticket prices so high during the playoffs? People weren’t buying, and still, if the economy was in the toilet, was it just bad business sense? Seriously, I don’t buy the economy part either. The economy has been pathetic in Detroit for a long time, but pricing tickets out of the range of what the market can bear is not good business sense. And in a gate receipt league like the NHL (who still don’t have a worthwhile TV contract), that is the only business sense you have to possess.

    But, I don’t buy Bill’s Nashville argument either. As the recent ticket drive for the Preds proved, the audience is there. Years of not going after them has been the problem.

    Everyone seems to think that hockey teams run themselves. As though they are going to magnetically draw money to them. Hockey teams are just like any business, you can run them well, or you can run them poorly. It seems like the Wings may be leaning to the latter for the moment.

  7. acidqueen says:

    I love this whole “because some jackass wrote stupid comments on a blog (imagine that!) we won’t except economics as a good reason” argument.

    Yes, because clearly you only find asshole fans online. They never live in your town and come up to you to be an ass to your face.

    Right. Might I suggest Remedial Reading Comprehension 101?

  8. ColBerdan says:

    Sure, as long as it’s not the one you took. Not really seeing where I said you only encounter asshole fans online. I definitely implied you should expect them online, but I don’t think I said that was their only known location…

  9. acidqueen says:

    Let’s cue up the Wayback Machine, shall we?

    I love this whole “because some jackass wrote stupid comments on a blog (imagine that!) we won’t except economics as a good reason” argument.

    And, of course, your comments on the Chief’s post. I dunno, sport–the implication that you think I only encounter assery online is pretty plain, there.

    While you’re at it, learn the difference between “except” and “accept”. It’ll make you look a little smarter.

  10. ColBerdan says:

    There’s a tiny but important difference between “there are morons online” and “the only place you’ll find morons is online”. If you can’t see it, ask your reading comp prof, I’m sure he/she will be happy to explain.

    Oh crap. I misspelled something in a comment on a blog? Oh no. Oh noez even! I am going to lose so much sleep over this…

  11. IwoCPO says:

    “Oh noez even!”

    Nice. That’s A2Y reader wit right there AQ. Oddly, I think you and the Colonel are actuallly on the same page. I’ll mediate if you’d like.


    T.J. or Thomas. Thomas or T.J. Just stick with Darren.

  12. acidqueen says:

    That’s A2Y reader wit right there AQ.

    Please, I can find more wit in a room full of Sabres trolls.

    Not that that’s saying much, of course.

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