04 Sep 2007 @ 8:16 PM 

I’m filing this one under “GM Insanity”.

Jeremy Roenick, The Mouth That Bored, has signed an “until I score #500″ deal with the San Jose Sharks.

Officially, the deal is for one year–but anyone with a clue knows that he’s just doing this to get to 500 goals scored, at which point he’ll say “Seeya!” and retire for good. We hope.

Well, I hope anyway. At one time, the guy was amusing–now he’s just annoying. And his brains are just this side of mush.

Training camp starts in 10 days. Woot!

Posted By: The Acid Queen
Last Edit: 04 Sep 2007 @ 08:16 PM

Categories: GM Insanity


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  1. Nicky Robinson says:

    I’d agree with you if I didn’t know that a) Doug Wilson is NOT insane and b) He called JR. Of course, JR ALSO claimed that “It’s going to be a quiet year in terms of the verbal side for me.”

    Of course, if he’s too much of a pain, MArchment can fly to San Jose and hit him a couple times…

  2. Beth says:

    If he’ll just dance again …

  3. Kate says:

    Has Donna seen your remarks yet? LOL

  4. acidqueen says:

    Well she hasn’t come to my house and hit me with a stick, so I’m guessing she hasn’t seen ‘em yet. ;)

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