25 Jul 2007 @ 12:50 AM 

OK, so I got tagged by The Chief. Topic: My Five Favorite Songs

Man…I don’t think any song after 1991 or so is on this list.

5) Waiting For The Great Leap Forward, by Billy Bragg. Yes, I like Billy Bragg. Yes, I know he sometimes sounds like a braying donkey when he sings. I don’t care–he can still put together a good ‘un, and this song has been one of my favorites since I first saw the video for it in high school (though the “updated” lyrics that BB uses now just don’t flow for me). What will you do when the war is over, tender comrade?

4)  Walking In Your Footsteps, by The Police. I’ve always been a huge fan of this group, and for some reason every time I make a mix CD for my car this song winds up on it (along with a random selection of its mate from Synchronicity).

3)  In A Big Country, by Big Country. Maybe it’s the way that Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson made their guitars skirl like bagpipes. Maybe it’s because the video was cool in its very 80′s British Invasion way. Who knows?  All I know is that it’s my third-favorite song. Rest easy, Stuart.

2) For What It’s Worth, by Buffalo Springfield. A very young Stephen Stills and Neil Young sportin’ sideburns that The Mighty Forslund would kill for. Gotta love the 60s.

1)  Marry The Sea, by New Model Army. I’d comment about why I love this song so much, but it’d be sad and mopey and nobody needs to see what’s left of my dignity roont like that.

Man, who to tag?

Golbez (whenever he comes back from vacation)



Mike Sundheim,  (note: I don’t expect him to really do this, for reasons which when you click the link must be all too obvious–but he’s more than welcome to comment here)

Eric McErlain

Tag!  See you guys in a week when the boss comes back from vacation and I can go back to having some free time again.

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  1. dlee says:

    Dear G*d! I haven't thought about New Model Army since 1990. Excellent.

    I'll work on my list.

    Next time you see me on line, holla.

  2. Jes Golbez says:

    It’s very hard to quantify my top 5 songs as my tastes tend to fluctuate and I never really go and rank them. Of course, most of my favourite songs aren’t in English, so you’d understand none of it ;)

    In terms of an English Top 5 … hmmm…

    Madonna – Live to Tell
    Tommy Seebach – Apache
    DOA – You Spin Me Right Round (original version)
    The Jets – Make it Real
    Nightwish – Gethsemene

  3. CapsChick says:

    Mine will probably be embarrassing, so I’ll refrain from besmirching the great name of Acid Queen with my songs and post on my own blog :D

  4. Thanks for the invite. Here are mine, w/o commentary.

    5. Troubled Times, Fountains of Wayne

    4. Blue Rondo a la Turk, Dave Brubeck

    3. 2541, Marshall Crenshaw (covering Grant Hart)

    2. Human, The Pretenders

    1. London Calling, The Clash

  5. acidqueen says:

    Another Dave Brubeck fan, I see. Excellent choice!

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