02 Jul 2007 @ 7:27 AM 

So yesterday’s highlight–for me–was getting a text message telling me that Buffalo lost both their captains to free agency.

Well that and fending off Paco the Burrito Bandito’s latest attempt to clean out the store’s sandwich cooler without paying for anything. And trying not to fall asleep behind the wheel on the way home from work.

Now that I’ve had some sleep (and a chance to take a look at everything), I find myself laughing at the stupid money that’s being thrown around yet AGAIN this season. Tom Poti to the Crapitals for 3.5 bills per? Wow, thanks a lot for buggering the market for mid-to-low-end defensemen, GMGM. This time next year I’m sure somebody will be able to sign Marek Malik for 6Million per (and as much as I adore the cat, he’s no 6 Million Dollar Man). And now they’re thinking of signing Alexei Yashin? What? This is a joke, right?

And the Rangers, of course, are reverting back to their old ways by throwing idiotic money at every free agent that they think they can get their hands on. The more things change….

The ‘Canes, meanwhile, are content to hang back and let the dust clear–their only signing being Yet Another Midget. I am okay with this, since he should help us on shootouts, but of course half the folks at TheScoreBoards and the Hurricanes’ official site are whining and crying over the signing. Yeah, maybe we should have offered Scott Gomez $12Million per year for the next five years or something–that would have made a lot of sense, huh?


As for that Pitkanen trade that was blowing around the ‘Canes boards for a while….huh. Turns out Cooch went to Edmonton after all–and Philly, IMO, went almost as stupid as the Caps and Rangers.

(We interrupt this post for an important announcement: CONGRATULATIONS, TSN, ON SCHEDULING ONLY A SHORT DAY OF COVERAGE OF UFA DAY 1 TO SHOW NASCAR.** After that and Sportsnet getting the NHL to shove back the start time of a Leafs-Canes game so they could show a race in Toronto, I don’t ever EVER want to hear another NASCAR crack from anyone north of 49 again. EVER. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled thread, already in progress.)

Briere for 8 years at 6.5Million per? 10Million per for Timonen and 5.2Million per for Hartnell? Homer, have you fallen off the wagon again? Was Bobby the Brainless in the room with you holding a gun to your dog’s head or something, to make you sign those completely asinine deals? Seriously mang, I’m worried about you.

I dunno, kids–I don’t think anyone was smart with their signings yesterday. The smart folks, IMO, are the Carolinas and Ottawas and Tampas that are hanging back and letting the “big spenders” get themselves in cap trouble so that they can capitalize later.

The more things change….

**: This very belated edit is to amend a misunderstanding on my part–TSN only scheduled 3 hours of coverage to show Neckcar. Apparently that’s supposed to make it still OK for Canadians to crack Neckcar jokes about hockey teams south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but this blogger ain’t havin’ it.

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  1. Mer says:

    I told my Hub to go find his pal the Buffalo fan at work today and see how he’s doing. I told him “Look for the guy in sackcloth and ashes, wailing and gnashing his teeth.”

    Seriously sick money being thrown around. I worry that the fans will end up paying for it, one way or another.

  2. Heather B. says:

    “Wailing and gnashing of teeth” is right. You’d think Buffalo was in danger of not being able to ice a team next year with the way everyone is reacting. There’ll be a drop-off most likely, but I’m not even convinced we’ll be that bad. Geez, people, get a grip.

    While I’ll miss Briere and Drury, neither guy is worth what he was signed for particularly Briere who I think is going to be in for a rude awakening when he finds himself in a system not specifically built around his personal strengths.

  3. ColBerdan says:

    Not sure how much “cap trouble” there’s going to be in the future. At this rate the cap should be around $70 million in three or four years. Only the Rangers and a few other teams were even pushing that before the lockout, so when you get to a point where the cap doesn’t really affect 85% of the teams, is cap trouble really that big of a bugaboo?

  4. Doogie2K says:

    $70M? Where the hell’s all that extra dough gonna come from? The only reason the cap’s gone up so much is (1) it was set low the first two years, and the PA decided to get full value this year, and (2) the Canadian dollar has shot up like a rocket (30 cents against the American dollar over the last four years), disproportionately increasing the Canadian team revenues. Even if you get every building in the NHL full every night, I can’t see the cap going much past $52M for the life of the agreement without some significant new source of revenue, such as a “big”-money American TV contract, or say, a $1.25 Canadian dollar.

  5. CapsChick says:

    Ouch – the first “Crapitals” sighting of the year! :) I think GMGM overpaid a bit for Poti, but please don’t lump him in with the Rags and Flyers on this one. He paid what he had to in order to get a d-man…no way was he going to dish out $6 mil for Rafalski of all people.

    …and yes, the Yashin thing was scaring the shit out of me, too. Thank god Nylander screwed over the Oilers to come to DC.

    Just you wait, Caniacs – Caps won’t roll over as easily this season! (They’ll still lose, of course, don’t get me wrong – that’s what they do best.)

  6. Smith says:

    TSN cut short their coverage ?

    Not where I was watching from…

    11-2pm EST Free Agency coverage followed by NASCAR from 2pm onwards, as advertised…

  7. CanesRallyCry says:

    TSN cuts something short? Apparently they’ve been hanging out with VS. I was watching game one of the Dallas v. Vancouver series (the one that went to 4 OT’s) and, at 3 am, after watching for 5 hours, VS cut to an infomercial and I missed the end of the game.

    Hockey coverage gets pre-empted for grass growing.

  8. acidqueen says:

    Edit made–my bad for the wrong information.

    You lot have still forfeited all rights to crack NASCAR jokes about us, however.

  9. Smith says:

    Nope, they ran the show 11am to 2pm, as announced.

    No idea what AQ is talking about unless she was watching a picked up feed on some other channel.

  10. Smith says:

    Not a problem – I lived in Winnipeg for 8 years so I know a thing or two about being unfairly shat upon by clueless outsiders…

    I’ve a professional interest in the channel and so appreciate the edit.

  11. Raskolnikov says:

    The midget can’t see straight ahead out of one eye. Enjoy NHL’s David Eckstein!

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