29 Jan 2007 @ 8:24 PM 

A little less than a year ago, I posted in the old blogspace about IM conversations with Eklund–and yes, I am still completely convinced that it was him.

I said my piece, I then declared a moratorium, and I let Eklund and his fanbois (including TSN’s Bob McKenzie) take their snide little potshots at me with impunity. I said nothing and allowed them to effectively call me a bald-faced liar, because I had said that I was done discussing Dwayne Klessel and would discuss him no further–and I am nothing if not a woman of my word.

I realize now that I made a serious mistake in allowing those indignities to go unchallenged, because in so doing I allowed Mr. Klessel’s twisted and warped perception to become a twisted and warped reality for far too many people–one individual even went so far as to make completely baseless comments about my mental stability…and deliberately told a bald-faced lie in the course of making those comments. I say that he deliberately told a lie, because even after I corrected him he refused to retcon his post or acknowledge that he was incorrect.

As for me? I am many things, but I am neither a liar nor am I “mentally disturbed”.

So why, you may ask, am I finally breaking my long silence with a post about Dwayne K. Klessel?

Read on.

In this thread on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s website, Mr. Klessel attempts to play himself off as an innocent party (with the help of an anonymous fanboi who winds up inadvertently putting the pre-emptive lie to one of Eklund’s later statements) and act as if he’s Bragi’s gift to hockey bloggers. Eric McErlain, Paul Kukla, and Da Chief all take their turns commenting–and Eklund dodges each and every last one of them.

As usual, Dwayne-o refuses to answer any questions, continues to insist that he’s “anonymous” even though his real identity has been uncovered more than a few times, and makes continued futile attempts to paint himself as the King of All New Hockey Media rather than a man who can’t keep a story straight if you put a gun to his head. He is grossly misleading the public, and that is something that I cannot abide.

I have returned, friends. I have returned.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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  1. hockeygirl says:

    *claps* Yeah! She’s back! Every day I waited for the walkabout to end and ta-da! It has. I hope that your time away was everything you needed it to be. Is it time for some butt-kicking?

  2. George Malik says:

    AQ–Most often, those who question another person’s mental competency are the borderline sociopaths of the world.

  3. Mer says:

    Yay! Welcome back, AQ

  4. Collin Loyer says:

    Just curious to your motivation to start an old war. Is it because you know controversy will create more traffic to your site?

    I think you should just let it go. Eklund has done a fantastic job promoting hockey, rumors, and bloggers. His site is now one of the best in the business and this child like behavior directed towards him and his site should be stopped. I’d rather read about your thoughts on the Canes than a he-said she said pissing match.

  5. Doogie2K says:

    Somehow, I doubt any of this Eklund business would be a big deal if (a) he didn’t claim to have teh inside biz, and (b) he didn’t demand payment for his rumours that almost always go nowhere. You’ll notice that Rogers Sportsnet briefly hosted his column…then dropped him like a hot potato after three weeks. This is a network that employs Nick Kypreos as an analyst, FFS!

    WB AQ. We missed you.

  6. acidqueen says:

    Is it because you know controversy will create more traffic to your site?

    I don’t care about traffic. People will read or not read my site, as they will. I blog because it is what I like to do, not because I want attention.

    If all I cared about was people reading what I write, then I wouldn’t blog and I would stick with The Scoreboards, LetsGoCanes, and other high-traffic message boards.

    And I do believe that I already stated my motivation. If you can’t see that, then there’s really nothing I can do for you now is there?

  7. Bryant says:

    Your post made me consider creating a spreadsheet or database or something to track Eklund’s rumors just to see what his success rate was. I abandoned that idea very quickly when I realized that I would have to read his crap to collect the information.

    Glad to see you back AQ!

  8. CasonBlog says:

    And folks actually pay for that EkPap. Good you have you back in the fray.

  9. Mer says:

    Now that you’re back, AQ, wouldst thou please get teh Hel over to the HLOG so we can read about something other than Buffalo? Thanks ever so.

  10. Sherry says:

    Welcome back hun, we’ve missed ya.
    I’d contest the whole ‘best in the business’ notion since I think it’s been proven before that his supposed inside info were anything but. I’m glad you brought it up again because people should know.

  11. PPP says:

    Nice to see you back! I was worried that you had gotten lost on that walkabout.

    I think it’s hilarious to read about the conflicts that Kessel has had with other bloggers while his partners in crime tout his pre-eminence among bloggers and all that he does for them.

  12. mntineer says:

    My hockey days (or “daze” speaking of this year) have become a little bit brighter. :-)

    Eklund is a tool ‘s tool.

    Welcome back!!

  13. Jordi says:

    Glad to see you back.

    And dude, you don’t need any traffic. I know it’s cheesy but you really do speak you mind. And that is pretty awesome in itself.

  14. Brian says:

    Yes, it is a fact, his name is Dwayne Klessel. I know this for certain because I write for INSIDE HOCKEY and PROHOCKEYNEWS.COM and I met him this past Saturday at the flyers/blues game. I myself have never been a fan of his as well, but unfortunately he does have media credentials and he does have contacts from around the NHL.

    The problem with Ek is the fact that he is passing himself off as being anonymous and that is a major mistake on his part. Is he a nice guy? yes. That being said, just because you have contacts doesn’t mean they are 100% reliable. When you make a mistake the public will blame you, not your sources.

    What “Ek” fails to understand is that very fact. There is something called accountability and hiding your face behind a silhouette and not telling people who you are and how you were able to obtain your contacts only adds to the problem.

    OH, by the way, I’ve seen EK and maybe having no pic on his website might be a good thing. To say he’s not man pretty is a classic understatement.

    The other part where EK is not helping his cause by constantly trying to make himself \sound like a poor, picked on child, making himself out to be some kind of martyr. If you become public, expect to get criticism, especially when a respected beat writer like Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal just did, calling him on the carpet for a bad rumor.

    For his sake, he needs to come clean. As long as he hides like a coward he will never gain respect from the public, even if he has it from XM RADIO or any other news source he appears on.

    Its not funny and its not cute to hide who you are. Its time for him to be a man and for hid credibility to be open and honest. He will gain more respect in one act than for any trade rumor he gets right. For him to say that he’s trying to not tell people who he is because his sources might cut him off is a cop out.

    It doesn’t seem to effect Bob McKenzie or Al Morganti or E.J. Hradek for people to know who they are, and it definitely doesn’t seem to effect THE SPECTRE for people to know who he is either. all your doing is inviting criticism. maybe since he’s a flyers fan and he’s only happy when it rains is his nature but I for one don’t get it.

    Respect is earned not given. Its time to earn it EKLUND, and no trade rumor in the world you get right will do that for you. Ever.

    Brian Jennings

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