15 Nov 2006 @ 9:16 PM 

I am, however, apparently blonder than Ziggy Palffy (and that is some kinda blonde, yo). I totally forgot that I had gotten my ticket for the game last Friday night, so I sat in the lobby getting all upset for most of the first period–until I got hold of my friend Brian, who sits in 332.

“Hey Brian,” I said. “Look–you’re the only person in 332 whose cell phone number I know. Can you look down in the handicapped section (two rows down) and see if there’s a skinny white d00d with glasses and a mustache and a hat on sitting where I usually sit when I’m up thataway?”

“Yeah, he’s there.”

“Can you ask him if he e-mailed that ticket to me? I’m stuck out here in the lobby.”

“Sure–call me back at the next media timeout.”

So I call him back at the next media timeout. He’s down with my friend Nate.

“Would you like to talk to him?” Brian asks.

“Please.” Brian gives phone to Nate. I ask Nate, “Dude, did you e-mail that ticket to me?”

“I gave it to you last Friday at Chad and Ami’s.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. Don’t you have it?”

And then I looked in my coat pocket, and sure enough there it was–a little crumply, but intact and scannable. “Oh for….I’ll be right up.”

So I got in the door and made the trek around to the Locker Room (the little bar outside 111), because it was close to the end of first period and I was going to meet with friends during intermission (Dave, sorry I missed yer). I totally missed seeing the Serene Master put Erik Cole in a headlock and wind up in the box, but I did see Hands of Feet score that nice goal at the start of the game (thanks to the TVs in the lobby outside the box office).

Got back to my seat shortly after second period started, and IMMEDIATELY joined in with my buddy Tim, who was hailing on that virulently festering pustule on the ass-end of humanity known as Brendan Shanahan. Ripping on him will never, ever get old. I hate him so much more for the way he shit all over Hartford than I do for 2002–isn’t that something?

Anyway. I saw the Serene Master’s second penalty and the exchange that followed:

Master: “Republic Credits will be fine.”
Ref: “No, they won’t.”
Master: “Republic Credits will be fine.”
Ref: “No, they won’t. What do you think you are, some kind of a Jedi waving your hands at me? I’m a referee, mind tricks don’t work on me! Only an eye chart.”
Master: (as he goes to the box) ….

There was one pretty flagrant boarding of…..Whitney? I want to say it was little Ray-Ray, but I’m gapping. But it was funny seeing His Serenity look at the ref and say “This isn’t the defenseman you’re looking for”–and the ref, of course, just said “You can go on about your business. Move along, move along.” I decided, at that point, that the wise course of action was to leave my coat on and remain “incognito”. The guys behind me were getting drunker and more irate, and I didn’t want to wind up having a beer shower (or worse).

Overall, the game was fun. My freaking right leg felt like it was having a blowtorch held to it while electrified needles were being jammed into my skin, but I still had a good time (even if I did feel monumentally stupid for forgetting that I had the damn ticket. Oops).

Request for Canesvision: After each goal, please play the following snippet from “Don’t Bogart That Joint” by Little Feat:

“Rrrrrrrroll me another one,
Juuust liiiike the other one…..”

Because really, that would be very cool.

edit: Since I don’t have a big neon sign for benefit of The Chief, here’s a link to the blog’s concordance: http://acidqueen.projectremains.com/glossary/

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  1. hockeygirl says:

    Um, I wish I could go to games with you all the time. You are a funny one. See, I have the misfortune of being a Flames fan in Toronto. 1. The Flames played here already. 2. No one can afford tickets to the ACC. 3. Would I want to go to a Leafs game? No.

    So I will get my live game experiences from people like you. Thanks. :)

  2. JoshC says:

    The first game I ever saw the Canes win in person was the 8-6 game over Philly last year. Before then, I’d driven from Blacksburg or Richmond at least once each season since the move save 99-00, and done roadies to Washington and Montreal, but the best they’d ever managed with me in the building was a 3-3 tie with Boston in 03-04.

    So I can echo your “WOOHOO!” on a cancelled jinx.

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