23 Sep 2006 @ 1:44 PM 

Man, let me tell you. There were some highs and lows from last night’s preseason game between the Preds and the ‘Canes.

In a nutshell:

Cale Hulse didn’t impress me at all–and paired with Oleg Tverdovskii, he scared the piss out of me. Wooley, though, I think I could warm up to. I didn’t notice him at all, which is a good thing for a defenseman. Rookie Harrison Reed (for whom I shall have to devise a clever nickname) was fairly impressive, and it warmed my heart to see Shane Willis in the Sightless Eye again (the other fans thought so too–when he scored you’d have thought the place was sold out to the doors, the roar was so loud).

Got some nasty looks when I applauded Joe, Lord of Evil’s two goals (one the game-winner, the other the shootout-winner), and I wanted to throttle this one toolbag who sat in front of me during first period and yelled all kinds of idiotic stuff at Cam Ward when he wasn’t staring at the spandex-clad booties of the Storm Squad members in front of him (and I wanted to slap his wife, who snapped at me “we have to listen to you, so you have to listen to us!” when I said “you DO realize this is only preseason right? Relax already”.

One VERY funny thing I noticed on the jumbotron: an appeal to the fans to not heckle the opponent. Excuse me? Don’t heckle opposing players?

I realize where they’re coming from with this–they don’t want people climbing the glass to rain trash and/or obscenities down into the penalty box or bench area (as one woman did during the 2002 SCF run–the only time I have ever applauded Brendan Shanahan was when he gave the shit right back to that woman during Game 3); but really, the way they worded it was kinda bogus and….well, anti-fun.

Just some quick impressions and observations from last night.

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  1. predsguy37 says:

    Hulse will continue to scare the crap out of you as long as he is there. He always makes perfect tape to tape passes . . . to the opposing team right in front of his own net. He is awful. I was never so happy to see a player leave town.

  2. Doogie2K says:

    Heckling is a time-honoured tradition in virtually every major sport. They do realize that this is a game where people have been known to, on occasion, beat each other up, right? Not frickin’ croquet?

    How very After School Special.

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