22 Aug 2006 @ 1:04 PM 

OK, so I got this formletter-esque spam in the mail from some outfit, asking me to join his “sports library”. I filed it in the trash, along with all the Penis Enlargement spams and Nigerian Wire Fraud scam-spams and eBay account phishing spams that I get–because it’s spam, and I loathe spam and the people who send it.

I got a second e-mail today from this outfit:


I previously invited you to have your blog included in Spammer Site‘s sports blog library. Since I have not heard back from you, your site has not been included. The site is more fully developed and will officially be launching on Labor day (in a little less than two weeks). I am inviting you one more time to be part of the sports blog library. In order to entice you to become part of the library, I am providing the URL to show you what it looks like and how it works. Check out URL deleted because I refuse to give a spammer a link. You will see that as a member of the library, people that may be interested in reading your blog, will have a place where they can more easily find it. Be advised that although the rest of the site is operational, most images and articles are space holders at this point. I do hope you contact me and allow me to include your blog in the library.

So I go and check it out–and I see that I’m the only hockey blogger not named Mirtle, Golbez, Kukla, or Cason that hasn’t replied to the guy’s form-spam. Are you people kidding me? Do y’all know something I don’t?

I replied with the following:


I don’t care for impersonal formletter-spam (which is how your initial e-mail and this one have been presented to me). That’s why I didn’t respond. Thanks for the “invitation”, but I’d rather not be seen as condoning unsolicited commercial e-mail.

Have a great day,


If there’s one thing I hate more than a certain Central Conference team from Michigan, it’s UCE/UBE (i.e. spam). I could have been a lot snarkier with the guy (like, for example, telling him that the Nigerians do a better job of trying to disguise a spam as a personal e-mail than he did), but I decided to be polite.

Stop laughing. I can be very polite when I want to be.

Soanyway, he replied with this:

No problem. I will note that you’re not interested. I know that the emails are very impersonal, but unfortunately, unsolicited email is the only way I can create such a community. I respect your choice and your conviction.


Like Hel it’s the only way. Whatever happened to dropping a line to somebody like (for example) Paul Kukla and saying “Hey Paul, I’m trying to get this site set up, can you pass the word along to bloggers that you think would be a good fit?” That’s certainly better and (dare I say it) more ethical than sending out unsolicited bulk e-mail. “Everyone else does it” is no excuse, either–and don’t tell me I’m making too much of this either, because dammit wrong is wrong…and bulk-mailing, no matter how “noble” the motivation, is W to the R to the O-N-G.

Or, as I’ve said about other things that are wrong: “It’s legal to stick a knife down your pants and lop your own nards off in public, but that doesn’t make it right.”

Just sayin’.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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  1. You are correct. I think I got a mail from this guy too, and I just instantly sent it to the trash.

    Where are the Vorlons and their planet killer when you need them huh? ;)

  2. acidqueen says:

    No kidding.

    Spam is for lazy douchebags. There are always better ways of promoting a site–it’s just too bad that chicken-boner didn’t bother to try exploring those avenues.

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