06 Oct 2005 @ 2:40 PM 

I was reading a Hurricanes board yesterday, and saw this little gem:

Let me share a story. Back in the summer during the wild free agency and all, I was checking Eklund’s site as often as anyone. I was led to believe that he knew what he was talking about. Until one day back in August that I did something to see how fast it spread and to see where it got. I started a rumor. You may have heard it, I do not know. But it was on Sportsnet Forums (Where I started it) HF Boards, Eklund and Hockey Trade Rumors.com

The Rumor I started was Tampa Bay forward Brad Richards to Montreal for Ryder, Hainsey and a 2nd round draft pick.

Guess where my rumor got to? Say no more than… the famous “Eklund” he had it rated at (E3) as he calls it. The number beside the (E) is always the number of strong sources he has to support the rumor.

As I went on Eklund, to my surprise (Because I thought this guy was for real) Had MY very own made up as fake as fake could be rumor on his front page with a (E3). He went on to say that he had 3 strong sources confirm this trade could and was very well in the works.

I sat there and laughed. Because I knew I made that rumor up, and it was absolutly impossible for him to say “his sources” confirmed it.

From that day on, I have taken every word from Eklund as a grain of salt.

There’s my story.

So I PMed the poster (who goes by the handle Staal12) and asked him if he had links to the threads in question, and here’s what he replied:

(I do not normally post private messages, but I have a feeling he won’t mind)

I can try and find them for you, I’ll look them up now for the ones I can find. The only thing is, is that the Sportsnet Mods deleated my initial post on their forum, I questioned them about it and they said did it by accident. But I can give you the links to where it got to.

Here are some of the links.



As you will see in this link, it says is was posted on Sportsnet Forums and that is where this person got it. This was my actual very first and only thread I made about this rumor. This person obviously copied and pasted it before the Sportsnet Mods deleted it.


From hockeytraderumors.com


From Montreal Canadiens official fan forum:


Here is the main thread from The Montreal Canadiens official forum. Just scroll down, and you’ll see where it begins.


Here are a few from the Sportsnet Forums:




Pretty damning, no? And yet Eklund gave that rumor an “E3″ rating and had it up on his website until 28 August, when he posted:

I have removed the Richards trade rumor from the blog after much speculation to its validity. I was very slow to post this at all yesterday even thought many, many folks emailed me with the rumor throughout the day..I did not believe the rumor at all at first. It wasn’t until I got home from Atlantic City last night that I talked to two sources who verified there was something to it. They verified the fact that Tampa and Montreal had had discussions regarding Richards…However did not know the names. I am now going to spend a lot of time today seeing if the names are similar to the rumor that is out there..According to a source regarding this rumor, “This rumour got started on Hockeytraderumors.com, claiming CBC Radio 640 AM in Bonavista was reporting Michael Ryder’s brother was claiming this trade was about to go down. Two problems with this. First, CBC employees have been locked out by management across Canada for over two weeks now, leading to little news coverage, let alone sports news coverage. Second, CBC Radio isn’t heard on 640 AM in Bonavista, but 750 AM.”

This is an interesting case where someone may have invented a rumor from thin air, and stumbled on a player, Richards, and a team, Montreal, that is indeed being thrown around..I will get to the bottom of it…

What’s really funny is that if you do a blogspot search of his blog specifically for Richards trade, you WILL find a link to the removed post (it’s the second link)–but of course you can’t get to the post because Eklund the Fraud deleted it (as he states above–probably one of the only true things he’s ever posted in that blog).

EDIT: I have been given permission by my source to divulge his identity (or at least his carolinahurricanes.com board name), so I’ve edited my post accordingly.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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  1. Was it you who also started the urban legend about the Jamaican and the toothbrush? Naughty girl!

  2. No, but I did start a tech support urban legend involving an exorcism of a computer and a pair of salt-and-pepper shakers.

  3. CasonBlog says:

    Back when I was a blogging rook (2 months ago) I had a discussion with Eklund about writing for his new site. I thought the reason I hadn’t heard back was because I lacked pedigree. Maybe it’s because I’m hanging with you lot.

  4. You say that like it’s a bad thing. :D

  5. CasonBlog says:

    It’s all good. Start a rumor about JR going after Kovalchuk or Boynton, would ya? I’d like to see some pygmalion at work here.

  6. Paul says:

    The Acid Queen should go undercover more often, wonder what else she could prove wrong.

  7. What surprises me is that people still take Eklund as the gospel truth (or close to it) because he’s been right a couple of times and because he’s shelled out a truckload of dosh to have some J. Random Bignames writing for his site, even after all the times that he’s been shown to be flat-out wrong or (in this case) given to plagiarizing somebody else’s material. I mean, during the lockout he was publishing stuff that was pretty flagrantly apocryphal, and yet there were people that still ate it up like it was the bread of life itself.

    It just makes me shake my head, really.

  8. Brushback says:

    Really interesting stuff!

  9. mmvtan says:

    nice post. Acid queen just choked a bitch (e4)

  10. hoopsjunky says:

    good work AQ. should forward this to the folks at sportsnet who hired him as a *shudder* columnist.

  11. Anonymous says:

    FYI: “Eklund” = Dwayne Klessel

  12. I call bullshit on that.

  13. Now that the NHL is back, I don’t see anymore reasons for hockey fans to be paranoid. However, I don’t see the usual success it has been getting before. Ratings are down and it seems that people for one year are used to life woth hockey.

  14. Matt (Staal12) says:

    This is great, I am Matt (Staal12) just to inform you all. I find it great that this story is being shared for everyone to see!

    Great job & thank You Acid Queen

  15. acidqueen says:

    Always happy to keep it alive, as a public service.

  16. LOTL says:


    Where the heck is the Score Boards forum? Did they blow up or forget to pay a light bill?

    I’m starting to think I got banned for life.

    Hope all is well! Great Eklund story, hope to hear you on Rome again. You go girl!!

  17. LadyJaye says:

    What DOESN’T our Queen know?! :D

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