24 Jan 2012 @ 10:57 AM 

Can’t I leave you kids alone for five weeks (while I melt my brains playing Star Wars: The Old Republic)?!

I go off on a gamer’s holiday, and when I come back the whole gods-damned Internet is up in arms because Tim Thomas decided to not go visit the President.

What. Ever.

I try not to mix politics with my hockey, but for reals–Thomas exercised his rights as a free man to not be seen as endorsing a government that he feels is too big for its britches. Is this like Muhammad Ali refusing to report for service in the 60s? Well no–Thomas isn’t risking prison (thank the gods). But even so, despite the best efforts of ALEC the Koch Brothers and their lackeys the banksters and their lackeys certain groups that have bought both major parties and are taking a big healthy dump on the middle and lower classes, this is still a free country.

Do I think Tim Thomas is clue-free? Well yes. But he’s got the right to be clue-free, and I support him even though I don’t care for his politics.

(and shame on the morons that are calling him a racist just because he’s a Teabagger–he may keep very poor company IMO, but unless he says something racially-charged then y’all need to keep a lid on that kind of talk)

Fire away.

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 06 Jan 2012 @ 8:56 AM 

I apologize for being so quiet, friends, but I took an arrow to the knee.

Oh wait, wrong game. I’ve been deep in the embrace of Star Wars: The Old Republic since mid-December. Will be back as soon as I get to 50 with my Imperial Agent. ;)

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 12 Dec 2011 @ 9:36 PM 

Andy Sutton gets 8 games for his flagrant charge on Alexei Ponikarovsky

And, in a move that came as no surprise to me, the Hurricanes said about a day or two later that Jeff Skinner was out with “the flu”–but almost immediately reversed themselves and said that he had an undisclosed upper-body injury.

Gee, I dunno–Sutton checks him in open ice, follows through what WAS a clean hit with a Scott Stevens-style stealth-elbow, and…nothing happens.

If I said I wasn’t irate, I’d be lying out my ass. Officially, no concussion is involved, but I have my suspicions about it. Don’t be surprised if Skinner comes back on Thursday, after a week has passed (the required “concussion minimum”.

But in Shanahan’s defence, the penalty that was levied was levied specifically for the incident involving Ponikarovsky and only that incident–so I can’t be too irritated, I guess.

(as an aside: I apologize for the slim pickings on the blog of late. Fibro Fog ftl)

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 08 Dec 2011 @ 7:59 AM 

Muller wins his first as Canes line-dance on Oilers’ bitch asses — N&O

Woohoo! That game was about the same level of effort as Tuesday night, but with a much better result. Shots finally went in, everything finally started clicking, and the frustration pretty much melted away.

Yes, it was bound to happen. And it happened despite the best efforts of Theo Peckham (who had a lovely little two-handed chop on Jeff Skinner) and serial recidivist Andy Sutton, who is looking at a suspension for his flying elbow on Alexei Ponikarovsky and a questionable hit on Jeff Skinner.

Come ON, you can’t tell me that Sutton wasn’t looking to cause injury with that hit on Skinner–did you see how his elbow went flying out IMMEDIATELY after Skinner started moving back down toward the ice? Sutton is a punk! He was a punk in Atlanta, he was a punk on the Island, he was a punk in Ottawa, and he’s STILL a bitch-ass little punk. His last suspension was five games–any bets on whether he’ll get more for that flying elbow on Ponikarovsky and his questionable hit on Skinner?

Anyone? Bueller?

On to Friday vs. the Thrashers. Hopefully the Hurricanes can get on a very nice little roll.

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 06 Dec 2011 @ 11:39 PM 

As I write this, the Falmes are schooling the Hurricanes 6-4. It was 6-3 when I started, but The Chosen One just scored. I’m frustrated and upset, and I can only imagine how the players feel.

So, let’s look at where the team is going wrong:

Effort is there. But frustration is setting in, and it will take an herculean effort at this point to overcome it.

Great Leader Peter Karmanos refuses to spend the amount needed to bring in veteran leadership to help this team along–he looks at the barest minimum he can spend, tops it up by a couple bills, and then JR goes and blows it on bad signings like Tomas Kaberle. It’s like the season was written off before training camp even started, and Great Leader doesn’t even care because he’s got a Cup Ring. That’s what pisses me off so much–this nickel-and-dime bullshit has GOT. TO. STOP. It’s become even more important now, with a realignment in the cards for next season that will put the Hurricanes in with teams that actually spend money. This shit’s gotta change, kids. And it’s gotta change at the top of the food chain.

I’m seriously giving thought to buying lotto tickets four times a week in the hopes that I hit the jackpot so I can invest in the team and actually have some frelling input. Here, here’s an extra few million dollars–GET A DECENT VETERAN OR TWO TO HELP THE CHOSEN ONE, YOU JACKWAGONS! Either that, or I’ll just go picket the SAS Institute in an attempt to get local billionaire Jim Goodnight to buy the damn team. #OccupySAS!

But, let’s look at the good that Admiral Kirk has done–he’s gotten the team to WANT to show up again. It’s clear that there’s a definite change in attitude on the team, and a definite upgrade in the effort level. Admiral Kirk doesn’t make excuses, and he’s very up-front with the players about what he wants and gives clear direction. They certainly didn’t have any of that with Chairman Mo. The team doesn’t quit now. They have the equivalent of duct tape and kukris left to them, and with 5:00 left in the third period they’re still fighting.


What is being shown is the lack of veteran leadership on the team–The Chosen One is being expected to carry the forward corps with the help of only one Sutter. Our defence is Tim Gleason, Joni Pitkanen, a bunch of kids, one of those “DO NOT BACK UP, SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE” speedbumps, and a Krispy Kreme donut. That’s not going to win a lot of games. Let’s be honest. They’ll make it exciting, but wins will be few and far between for the rest of the season IMO.

Can’t wait to see what happens in Edmonchuk tomorrow.

(and as I finish this post, the game is over and it’s 7-6 Falmes. The Chosen One scored twice.)

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 05 Dec 2011 @ 5:34 AM 

And gods did this team need it.

After a frustrating-as-hell nailbiter on Saturday night, the Hurricanes are in Calgary getting ready to take on the Falmes. In the postgame on Saturday, Jeff Skinner was visibly upset and really trying hard not to let things like missing on a wide-open net get to him.

Shit happens–but I think enough shit has happened to the Hurricanes, ok?

Admiral Kirk is still upbeat, and gods love him for it. Jim Rutherford has officially called out Tomas Kaberle, which begs the question:

What the frell do we do with him? The Hurricanes are about $3Million (generously speaking) above the salary floor–if they send Krispy Kreme 2.0 down to Charlotte, they drop below the floor and get fined out the ass per the CBA. But who in the wide world of sports are the Hurricanes going to trade him for, especially given how he showed up to training camp out of condition?

For that matter, what GM in his right mind is going to trade for the guy?


EDIT: Luke DeCock posted this editorial a couple hours after I’d originally written my post. As you can see, he keeps it real as always and sums up WHY Admiral Kirk is having a harder time in his first few games than Lavi did in his. Like I’ve said before, it’s going to be ugly for a while yet. :(

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 01 Dec 2011 @ 11:14 PM 

New category for Admiral Kirk.

So, it’s been four days since Mo went for the second time, and Kirk Muller was brought in as his replacement. John Maclean was added as another assistant coach (holy crap this team has a shitload of assistant coaches).

What do I think so far? WELL NOW.


There is a definite bump in the energy level. The players are definitely displaying what can best be described as optimism–which of course is a plus–and it’s very apparent that Eric Staal feels a fuck of a lot less pressure now (isn’t it amazing what can happen when the coach actually talks to you?) I also like that players are allowed to stick up for each other–when Jeff Skinner was run into the boards during the third period, Anthony Stewart immediately stepped to Brian Boyle in an attempt to exact some rough justice. Under Mo? That never would have happened.

The most important change, however, is that the team is not giving up. Under Mo, if the team was down at the end of the second period that was pretty much it. Now, they keep fighting and slogging and trying to gut it out. But for the love of the gods, they show up for the game now.

The fans are slowly starting to trickle back in, which is very good, but it’ll take a win or three to really start to bring confidence back into the fanbase.


We’re going to have to slog through pry another month or two of annoying WTFery, friends. Passes that go nowhere, suspect defence, and scoring that’s reminiscent of the scene in John Carpenter’s version of “The Thing” where the genestealer is gleefully kicking the ass of all of Kurt Russell’s buddies while poor Kurt’s trying like hell to get his flamethrower restarted so he can roast the thing.

For those who aren’t down with 1980s alien movies, here’s the scene in question.


The Tomas Kaberle experiment needs to end, now. Buy him out, waive him and send his ass to Charlotte, call the aliens that swapped Cup Run Frankie out for Atlanta Frankie to come and get him, whatever. He just needs to freakin’ GO.

Alex Ponikarovsky needs to go too–or at least to be put on a VERY short leash. I see some potential in him, and he may yet have a place in this org. But for reals, it’s not looking too good right now. It’s pretty clear that dudeman was brought in here just for Chairman Mo, for whatever insane reason, but now he needs to prove himself. If Admiral Kirk can make something of him, great. Otherwise, it’s the door for him.

That said:

I’m looking forward to the next few games to get a better picture of what’s going on and whether the team is still going onward and upward.

Go Canes.

 28 Nov 2011 @ 10:14 AM 

Finally, after two years of begging pleading and anger from the fanbase, Chairman Mo has been deposed…again.

In his place comes Kirk Muller–who, unlike Chairman Mo, has a Cup ring and actual experience as a coach.

Like the first time, I’m thrilled about this. This org really needs to take a good long look at itself and really decide to make decisions that need to be made to bring it on a nightly basis–even if they don’t win a Cup or go super-deep in the playoffs every year, the fans in this area will reward a team that is actually TRYING to get shit done. They also appreciate accountability. Mo didn’t have it. Captain Kirk, OTOH, does.

Of course, given the “all of this has happened before, and it will happen again” nature of this organization, this does beg the question:

When will Chairman Mo come back like a chronic yeast infection?

I hope that question never gets answered.

Next game tomorrow at home against the Florida Panthers. Can’t wait to see how the team responds.

 27 Nov 2011 @ 12:28 PM 

I’m going to turn this into yet another liveblog tonight, from my husband’s computer, and this post is a placeholder for that.

Caniacs and others, feel free to hop on and participate. Festivities will start at 4:30 with pre-game. I’ll bring the Rumple Minze.

Open Liveblog in popup window

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 26 Nov 2011 @ 10:02 AM 

…when, no matter how asstacularly the Hurricanes were playing that season, they could always be counted on to beat the Thrashers.

What in the blue hell was that last night?? Tomas Kaberle, whiffing on AN OPEN FREAKING NET. Really? Really?

Anyone who thinks that anyone not named Jeff Skinner, Chad LaRose, Brandon Sutter, or Cam Ward actually showed up and “played awesome” last night is either delusional or just plain stupid. I tried to watch the game again on the DVR to see if I could find at least something entertaining, but no–I finally had to give up and go watch a marathon of “Rocket City Rednecks” (which is highly entertaining, I might add–Safety Third!)

It was either that, or slit my wrists. Watching this team play under Chairman Mo is like being trapped in an abusive relationship, sometimes: you love them, they keep treating you badly, you really want to leave, but you keep going back to them because you love them.

Either that, or Mo is just the Coach of Life-Draining. Under any other coach, this team could actually play with some verve and maybe make some noise despite the fact that they’re relatively little and can be easily knocked-around. But under Mo?? Fuhgeddaboudit. Even Skinner and LaRose are starting to feel it.

Hell, under any other coach Boychuk and Bowman would actually get more than 5 minutes of ice time, Pat Dwyer would be on the 4th line where he belongs, and Chad LaRose wouldn’t get any higher than the third line. I would really, seriously, honestly, like for a Mo-apologist who doesn’t work for the Hurricanes to please explain to me why they feel Paul Maurice is an NHL-quality coach, when the previous FOURTEEN YEARS OF HIS CAREER have shown that he just isn’t.

Bonus points if you can manage to refrain from claiming that I have no right to say anything because I’ve never coached or played in the NHL.

The floor is open.

 23 Nov 2011 @ 11:51 AM 

Now watch, I get like fifty million hits from people googling Monty Python.

ANYway. The Hurricanes are riding a two-game winning streak into the RBC Center, where they’ll be facing off against the Habs (who SUCK…I’m just sayin’!) and prodigal son Erik Cole.

Love you Colesy, but you’re the enemy now. No hard feelings.

So–despite that little win streak, which I hope will be extended to three games tonight, the Hurricanes are right at the bottom of the Division along with the usual suspects err Atlanta Thrashers. At the top of the division? ?Florida.

You heard me–the Florida bloody Panthers are at the top of the Southeast and tied with the Pflyers for third-on-points in the East. This is a team that was at third-from-the-bottom of the league last season (having been in roughly that position the whole time), and now they’re riding the wave and looking like a team that could do some damage in the playoffs (assuming, of course, that they make it in–it’s not even to the halfway mark of the season yet, and there is of course plenty of time for a collapse).

So…what changed? The coach. During the offseason, rather than keep Peter DeBoer on and just swap out pieces and parts, the Panthers also went out and hired The First One* (Kevin Dineen) as coach. The day that hiring was announced, I was at work AND on a call–so all I could do was flail in rage at my seat and cause my co-workers to look at me like I’d lost what’s left of my mind again. The Panthers go out and hire a guy that’s proven he’s got coaching chops and that can get his guys to play for him, and we’re stuck with Chairman Mo.

Really? ?Really? ?Oh wait, this is the org that showed their gratitude to Deener (who kept the team together as best he could during the tumultuous Greensboro years) by not making him an offer during the offseason. Of all the guys that had moved down with the team from Hartford, Kevin Dineen should have been allowed to come to Raleigh with the team. It was absolutely criminal that the org wouldn’t even give him that, and it was just as criminal that this nickel-and-dime outfit wouldn’t even consider bringing him back into the fold as coach.

Anyway, the game is tonight at 7:00. I’ll have the schnapps bottle at the ready, just in case everything goes pear-shaped. Regardless of result, Mo Must Go Again.


Posted By: The Acid Queen
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Categories: Game Night

 21 Nov 2011 @ 9:15 PM 

I’m sitting here watching the Hurricanes try not to collapse?after going up 3-1?(hubby’s computer has a TV tuner card in it, so I can watch and blog at the same time tonight, and it’s now 4-2). They get three goals, and immediately go into a defensive shell. Watching?the Hurricanes?reminds me of a tactic that noob Magic: The Gathering players use:

The Glass Box.

This strategy involves playing Circles of Protection, cards that block damage from certain sources. You throw down CoPs for all sources of damage–the five colours, and artifacts. So you’re in a little glass box, and in theory you can cast all the offensive spells and creatures that you want, thus easily winning. Yeah yeah, more info than you needed–but this strategy?is outdated, because there are far better protective cards to play.

It’s also easily defeated by various means, with stuff like Tranquility and other anti-enchantment cards that are cheap as chips to play.

If I’m being a little too subtle with my point, allow me to put it another way:

The?defensive shell sucks, and is the oldest trick in the hockey book. It’s easily shattered, it’s like the Nickel D–everybody’s wise to it, few people use it anymore, and it’s only effective against teams that are not overly offensive. Scoring is rare, and a savvy coach can easily overcome it 9 times out of 10. It drives me insane to see something like this still being used in the NHL, especially with a team that’s supposedly as talented as the Hurricanes are supposed to be.

Is it any wonder that poor Cam gets hung out to dry on a regular basis?



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Categories: Canes-specific

 21 Nov 2011 @ 6:31 PM 

I had a big long polemic written, taking potshots at the Sunshine and Unicorns Brigade in the Caniac Nation–but I deleted it.

Really, it’s not worth it ranting about those stupid-ass people that think that you’re not a “real” fan or that you shouldn’t be allowed to be a fan if you don’t blindly support everything the team does.

Of course, one could also argue it’s not worth it ranting about how Paul Maurice fails as a coach and needs to be fired again–but of course I’ll still do it, because I’m a fan and that’s what I do.




And on that note, I and the Rumple Minze bottle are off to watch The Mighty Forslund and Fearless Leader call a game.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
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 18 Nov 2011 @ 7:22 PM 

I’m trying out an Android-based blog client tonight, since my computer doesn’t have good LOS to my TV. Any typos amp;c. will get corrected at intermissions and post-game.

So far, the Hurricanes are doing okay. Not great, but okay. Skinner of course showed up, everyone else seems to be going through the motions. Again.

Will update randomly. Mo must go, again!


12:40 gg Juice, way to go with a bad slashing penalty. Hubby playing Maroon 5 in his computer room. Terrence bugging me for playtiemz, had to pause dvr. Pp looking, as usual, like ass.

13:04 BIG SHOCKER, A SLUGS GOAL. Let the pwnage begin, now taking bets on number of Slugfans arrested tonight.

14:03 Husband now playing Average White Band and KC and The Sunshine Band. Terrence distracted by automated laser toy parked on my ve. Sun Tzu joining in. Slugs pwning neutral zone.

16:45 We have a Boychuk sighting! Aaaaand there he goes, back on the bench. gg Mo…putz.


Nice tour of the players’ lounge by The Chosen One. I’ve only had one Alpine, but my face is red already–rosacea for the lose. I skipped over Bob Harwood’s chat with Jay Harrison, because eh–same old same old. “We’re working on the power play.” /SlapShot

Retreating to couch for second period with another Alpine.


3:00 Was that actual offensive pressure from the Canes? No, couldn’t have been.

4:56 Oh gods, can we just decline this penalty?

5:50 Nice try Eric, but…no.

6:15 Ehrhoff has been ausgezeichnet for the Slugs tonight. Very nice play.

Aaaaaand another power play wasted.

8:00 Ponikarovsky in locker room. No great loss, but hope he isn’t hurt.

9:05 Boychuk makes token appearance for the period, and makes a lovely pass that nobody could be arsed to get and…oh I dunno…SCORE A FRELLING GOAL with. Seeya next period, bubba.

10:00 Time for more schnapps? Nah, gotta finish this Alpine first. Mmmmm….Alpines. Terrence now snoozing next to me. Sun Tzu watching you-mans on TV intently.

13:48 The Mighty Forslund flogging tickets. Yeeeeeah, okay.

16:30 Slugs aren’t even trying hard, and they are pwning us. Only Canes who showed tonight are Boosh, Boychuk, Rosie, and of course Skins. Sheesh.


Intermission will be spent playing Angry Birds.


:45 Aaaand the Canes are making Enroth look like a Vezina winner. Staal is snakebit.

OK, no more schnapps. Face feels like I ate a bhut golokia chile.

2:15 Defensive shell and…GO!

5:08 Sheesh…Sun Tzu losing interest, and schnapps hitting me hard. I am a sleepy lightweight.

6:00 Sutter looks like he needs to drive a seedy van and offer candy to random kids, with that stache. #movember

7:00 Tripp and The Mighty Forslund talking about GM meetings and ignoring game for a bit. I dunna blame them one bit.

Wonder if I can make my cranberry dressing for Thanksgiving now, rather than waiting until Monday? Hmmmm…..

90125 err 9:25 Boucher is saving our collective asses. Would be nice if more than like three dudes showed some gratitude by trying to frelling score.

15:00 Mo must go, again.


16:21 Sheeeesh.

17:00 Wonder how many Slugfans got arrested tonight?

18:22 Good job Rosie. :(

19:00 Pack it up, the Canes have left the building. Except for Jay Harrison, who is still there.

20:00 Slugs 1, Pod People 0. And I am wanting bacon for some reason.

 15 Nov 2011 @ 8:06 AM 

This will be kind of a quick-and-dirty post.

Another day, another crap game. Last night at the RBC Center, Peter Laviolette showed once again why he is a better coach than Chairman Mo.

The team looked like crap, like they forgot everything that worked during the Pittsburgh game…and Chairman Mo only stood behind the bench cracking his Big Red. Yet again, he showed why he’s an AHL (at best) coach.

Let’s be real here: the team kinda sucks right now. Tripp calling us Toronto South was, sadly correct–we’ve got Leafs retreads on the roster, and it shows.

Mo Must Go, Again.

Posted By: The Acid Queen
Last Edit: 15 Nov 2011 @ 08:06 AM

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 10 Nov 2011 @ 1:32 AM 

I can’t think of a better title for this post, really.

We all know what’s happened: Jerry Sandusky, former assistant coach at Penn State, was popped for raping children. Now it comes out that legendary coach Joe Paterno AND Penn State AD Tim Curley AND, apparently, half the rest of the freaking University, knew about it. It was reported. People even went to the campus police.

And nothing was done until a mother finally went to her local police and swore out a complaint against Sandusky.

Paterno–who was given an eyewitness account by a grad assistant (that we now know was PSU receivers coach Mike McQueary) who walked in on Sandusky raping a 10-year old boy–knew, but did nothing except tell his superiors. He had a chance to do the right thing, to stop the assault and call the police or to just immediately go to the police. But instead, he called his father–who told him to tell Paterno about it. Didn’t tell him to go to the cops and then to Paterno, didn’t tell him to do the right thing.

He told him to go to JoePa. And Paterno effectively did nothing. McQueary–WHO SAW THAT PIECE OF SHIT SANDUSKY RAPING A CHILD–did nothing. Curley–the godsdamned Athletic Director–did nothing. Gary Schultz, PSU’s VP of Business and Finance, University President Graham Spanier did nothing.

None of these people did anything to protect the victims, because they were all more concerned with Penn State’s reputation and with protecting their freaking jobs rather than being concerned with doing the right gods-damned thing.

Joe Paterno was fired last night by Penn State’s Board of Trustees, after refusing to take early retirement. With him went Graham Spanier. The sheer arrogance of Paterno’s refusal to immediately step down and admit his wrongdoing is galling. The excusemaking by Penn State fans and others is galling–that Paterno is somehow untouchable because of his high graduation rate, or because he was only doing his job by passing it up the chain of command.

FUCK. THAT. Those men had a moral obligation to alert the authorities and see to it that Sandusky’s predations were halted IMMEDIATELY, and they decided that instead of doing the right thing they’d do the easy thing and sweep it all under the rug.

I’ve talked about stuff like this before. There was a moral–indeed, a wholly criminal–failing on the part of Penn State University to not only NOT pursue the matter once it was first brought to their attention in 1998 when Sandusky was caught in the showers with young boys, but to cover it up and effectively tell Sandusky “If you want to rape kids, don’t do it on campus.”

Words cannot describe the rage I feel toward these people and toward the people of poor moral character that are defending them. Seeing PSU students rioting over the Paterno firing is making me sick to my stomach–the man protected a child-rapist. He doesn’t deserve anything except excoriation for his part in what happened. McQueary needs to be fired. The DoJ needs to nail that school’s ass to the freaking wall.

Justice needs, at long last, to finally be done–especially if that justice involves Jerry Sandusky being put into Gen Pop at a Maximum Security prison with a sign around his neck saying “I RAPE KIDS”.

The axe is sharp, and I’m ready for war. Let the Day of Rage begin.

 06 Nov 2011 @ 11:24 AM 

Every time I see the Hurricanes’ facebook page, especially after a loss, I weep for humanity.

Well OK, I really just want to put a paper bag over my head and deny any association with some of the morons that post there. Let me give you an example of some of the scintillating intellects over yonder, after Friday night’s beatdown at the hands of the Capitals:

(names omitted to protect the stupid)

“Holy cow! Last year the Boston Bruins were beat 6-1, 5-2, 4-1 twice- and by teams like Atlanta and Pheonix. Chill- its just one game”

In response to a poster who made very cogent and intelligent comments about how the Hurricanes are lacking in the talent department:

“I really don’t think there is that much of a talent gap outside of a top line winger. That’s an excuse, either way”

Yes, because a nickel-and-dimed team that’s at the salary floor is really uber-talented.

And then there’s this gem, from somebody who obviously feels that spelling and punctuation aren’t that important:

“I had the game dvr’d and have watched 2 periods….don’t understand at all some comments i saw earlier about this team quiting in 2 and 3…..some of you are just plain SORE losers. This is a better more competitive team than we have had since the cup year, much better defensively than last year, and more dangerous offensively…..Don’t understand how a win and well played games and you are nowhere to be found, yet a loss and the same old blame game…..If something made me THAT miserable, I’d find something else to do with my time….pull for your team if they are your team, and evaluate critically when they play less than capable of, but the continued this guy that guy, coaching sucks, every time there is a loss, says far more about you than it says about the Carolina Hurricanes….BTW, there are other teams to compete against on the ice, and some of them are pretty darn good…..”

I’m sorry, I don’t speak Idiot. Could you please rephrase that in a language more closely approximating English? Thanks.

And then we have this scintillating conversationalist:

“good god is most of the people posting on here sun shine fans or what, so what we lost because of the refs so stop finding reason to blame one person or persons”

Because, of course, if the Hurricanes have only one penalty called on them the whole night, and get FOUR POWER PLAYS and can’t convert on a single one, it’s CLEARLY the referees’ fault that they lost. And we can’t dare complain about it, because the team is OMGPERFECT!!!!1

But the Post of the Year comes from this moron:

“I truly believe some of you like it when the Canes lose it gives you some kind of cheap satisfaction to post “your” Mo must go”, “Cam was terrible”, “Staal sucks”, “Larose belongs on the 3 line”,comments , i never see half of your names when we win, until you make coach of the N H L , keep your negative comments to yourself ,alot of us are tired of them.”

Yes, because if you’re not all Sunshine and Happiness and Unicorns Farting Rainbows, then you’re just a Bad Fan(tm) who hates the team. HOW DARE YOU SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THE TEAM, YOU HORRIBLE PEOPLE?! IF YOU WANT TO BE A REAL FAN YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM AND ONLY SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT THEM!

Please, give me a break. Fans like this come with the territory, sure–but it drives me freaking mad when actually trying to make a cogent point (for example: Chad LaRose is a great guy and I like him, and he’s the Chuck Norris of Hockey, but he’s a 4th-line energy guy and doesn’t belong anywhere near a Top 6) winds up getting the commenter bombarded with out and out stupidity from people that can’t handle one simple concept:

Just because you’re a fan of a team, that doesn’t mean that you have to believe they can do no wrong.

Really, people. It’s OK to be critical of your favourite team. Nobody’s going to take away your tickets or ban you from the venue for the high crime and misdemeanour of pointing out where you feel the team is falling down on the job. Just try it sometime. Try living in reality for once. I promise, it won’t kill you.

And maybe, just maybe, you may actually sound intelligent for once.

Of course, there are the motards on the opposite end of the spectrum who are just as unintelligent in vocalizing criticisms–but that’s another post.

(p.s. the Hurricanes are going to lose today, because I posted in the blog. Just an FYI.)

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